My Cloud is a value-added mobile virtual storage service that allows you to easily upload, download and access photos, videos, music and other digital files from smartphones, tablets, iPhones and PCs automatically and wirelessly, via the cloud.
When customers sign up for a LIME postpaid mobile data plan they automatically get free, 3GB of Cloud storage.
Existing customers simply need to visit any LIME store, to activate My Cloud on their accounts. This media house does not correct any spelling or grammatical error within press releases and commentaries. INTERNATIONAL: The 400-year-old Greenland shark is now the oldest vertebrate on Earth NEW YORK DAILY NEWS - A mouth full of dentures is all that's left in this shark's bite.
BBC - A suicide bomb attack has killed 63 people at a hospital in Quetta, in south-west Pakistan, officials say. If you would prefer your treasured photos, documents and media under your own control and not located on a remote cloud storage service managed by another company. The box has been specifically designed to provide users with a powerful mini server and personal cloud storage box that comes complete with embedded media management software. The box system allows you to safely store your files and photographs and provides faster methods of locating that required image or document.
The box project is currently over on the Indiegogo crowd funding website looking to raise $25,000 in pledges and still has 18 days to run on its campaign.
Using you will always find the photos and files you are looking for, right when you need them. Using you can share your photos with customers, colleagues and friends – quickly and securely. Among the most recent versions of information media upkeep includes the use of Cloud Storage ideas.
The business that offer cloud storage devices for their clients supply various degrees of storage capacities. The signed up client is provided the opportunity to rent space on a web server which will certainly be set up and identified as the storage space property for the business and all of its networked computer systems. Becoming the latest and greatest option for a plethora of electronic media keeping situations.
Much more and more socially interactive website are converting to this kind of storage space remedy as it makes it easier for the company operating the internet site to shop shared information connected with accessing and making use of the site. Cloud Computer has actually quickly changed the method we keep delicate information, both individual and expert.
Cloud-based storage is made via huge web server farms located throughout the world, which are either owned by committed cloud-based firms or rent out area to numerous cloud solutions.
While some businesses have accepted this brand-new storage space platform, others are holding back for an assortment of reasons. If your company is taking into consideration making the switch to shadow storage, you might not know the many perks of this technology. Cloud-based storage space carriers generally bill a reduced month-to-month charge that provides you all the area you might ever before require, without needing to buy hardware or spend for upkeep.
With cloud storage space, you pay just for the server area you really use, instead of the area you could at some point require. Furthermore, cloud storage utilizes multiple servers to support and safe data, so there is no single point-of-failure.
One more excellent benefit of cloud storage is the capability to access your data from anywhere with a Net hookup. Cloud storage enables you to sign into your account from any sort of device-your home desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet computer.
Those of you that are little concerned with storing your files, documents and email in the cloud, might be interested in a new personal cloud storage device called the WEDG.
The WEDG has been created by a company based in Manchester in the UK, to provide users with a secure personal cloud storage solution that has been built from the ground up with privacy and security at its core.
The WEDG is equipped with a patent pending self hosted, on-site, secure email and file storage solution with advanced synchronisation and privacy controls for users to control.

The WEDG combines the power of Gmail and Dropbox with specially developed security, encryption and privacy features built into its core.
The WEDG project is currently over on the Kickstarter crowd funding website looking to raise enough pledges to make the jump from concept to production.
Lucia News OnlineThe aim of St.Lucia News Online is to bring breaking news, professional and reliable daily news, photos, videos , audio and commentary to every St. LIME’s mobile data plans are the most competitively priced and affordable in the market, ranging from 500MB to 5GB packages. With their important documents, photos, videos and music collections backed up online and synced with all their favourite devices, they can rest easy knowing they’re protected against data loss. Provider have developed and established a distinct suggestion which enables registered members to utilize a storage device for collecting and keeping their information in a style where they are actually using their computing devices. The info the client selects to hold on systems of this nature can be protected with enough protection procedures utilized with using the system, thus removing the demand for the customer to be worried about information thieves or destruction of private and personal property.
The customers that choose to implement this style of storage space system do not need to acquire and preserve the web servers that will certainly hold their data. Entrepreneur of all sizes and shapes are additionally discovering this approach of information media upkeep to be inexpensive. Security problems originally added to reservations, however professional cloud storage business have shown that the risks are no greater for cloud-based storage than with any other form of Internet purchase.
Here are just a few of the benefits of Cloud storage space that I’ve viewed in the IT sector. If your business has and maintains its very own servers, you’re paying for the cost of the equipment. The convenience and mobility of cloud storage lets you and your personnel job outside the office, improving both efficiency and employee satisfaction.
The WEDG has no monthly fees and doesn’t limit or monitor your usage, nor will it ever share any data with advertisers or government agencies.
So if you think the personal cloud storage solution is something you could benefit from, visit the Kickstarter website now to make a pledge and help WEDG become a reality. After completing the data plan subscription, customers will be sent an activation link to their My Cloud service.
Additionally, you can filter your media by date, GPS coordinates, size, orientation and many further characteristics. It’s a data server on the internet. Large companies own these servers offering different services to us users – mostly data storage and sharing directly on and from the internet. This kind of storage space is new to the details and innovation sector and remains to view fast development as does everything involving the use of vital details and the maintenance.
The servers that are developed for usage with a service provider are possessed, run and maintained by the employees and certified personnel associated with the company providing the solution. My Cloud is the ideal cloud storage solution and basically does all the hard work for you,” Ms. Whether you are a hobby snapper, a professional photographer, or working as a marketing & communications manager in a SME.
When managing or editing your data, you can use the batch bulk processing function of
Furthermore you need just one click to integrate a watermark in all the pictures, no matter if you are sharing five or 500 files.
It has received acknowledgment as being straightforward and easy to use design of system and needs very little on the part of the customer.
While there could be a fee associated with registering and developing this sort of service it will be minimal in contrast to owning and operating the web servers directly. And in case that you make use of much much less area than you initially expected, you could constantly lessen your data package deal. Starting from music files to images or confidential documents, a cloud storage service backs up all your important data on the web.This alleviates the need for physical hard drives. The basic process involves you uploading your data on a cloud server and then downloading it whenever you want.

Now some cloud services have desktop clients for uploading and downloading this data.Some cloud services offer web portals so you can access your data and modify them as you wish, directly from your browser.
Nearly all these cloud services allow data sharing with your friends and family and most of the services have mobile applications allowing you to access and modify data on the go. For using a cloud service, you need to have an account on that server and you’ll have to pay for the premium plans, if the freemium ones do not serve your purpose.In this article, I have portrayed the basic methods for backing up your precious data on the cloud using some of our most preferred cloud storage services. These are some of the points you would want to consider.Appropriate Security StandardsDo some research on the security standards of the cloud service you’re opting for.
When you’re using a cloud service for backing up your personal or confidential data, the last thing you would want is a security breach!Storage SpaceMake sure that you know how much space you would need for backing up your data. Always remember that depending on your requirement, you will be charged!Data EncryptionOnce you’re data has been uploaded in the cloud, is it encrypted? In most cases, the cloud data is not encrypted meaning that anyone can check out your files of he has high level access to the data server.
Unless the data server is encrypted from external users, it’s wise not to use that particular cloud service. Will your personal information be shared along with those files too?Options In Case Of Data LossWhat if the cloud provider has been hacked somehow and you lose all your data?
The cloud storage service providers usually make you sign a terms and conditions page before you start using the service. Be sure of what you’re signing up for.Tips For A Safe BackupEven after finding the best cloud service for you, it’s extremely important to keep your data absolutely safe.
These are some general tips that might be very helpful:Use A Strong PasswordMake sure that you’re using a very strong password and not something like your pet name or a birth date. Short passwords are easier to hack, although if the hacker is a good one, it won’t really matter in the end!Avoid Reusing PasswordsIt’s not a wise idea to reuse your passwords.
It’s a good idea to use a password which is completely different from the passwords you use for your email or Facebook. That’s scary!Never Share Your PasswordsEven if it’s your most trusted friend, it’s a really bad idea to keep them informed of your password. Keep it safe!Backup Your BackupYou’re already using a cloud service for your backups, then why would you need to have a backup for that again? And so it’s for your own good that you keep a backup of your backup on some local hard drive or even on some other cloud service. Long live your cloud data!Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.
And for now, it’s already the time we started relying more on cloud storage services.How Does Cloud Storage Work?How much do you know about cloud storage system?
With the development of technology, the traditional data storage is walking on a completely new road opening a wide range of possibilities. Check out this article on how a cloud storage works and blend in with the crowd!Top 10 Cloud Storage Providers ComparisonWondering which are the top 10 cloud storage providers? Stick along and find out!Cloud Storage vs External Hard DriveOkay, so you have a huge dump of files and you’re looking for an external hard drive to store them.
Now you’re weighing your options whether it would be a good idea to go for an external hard drive or a cloud storage. Why don't you check out this article comparing the best of the two before settling on a decision?What Is Cloud Storage?We hear about it all the time, but what is cloud storage exactly? We warmly invite you to our Top 10 Chart that we've crafted carefully for our friends and we thought: hey, why not publish our finding on the web!ComparisonStop looking for the right cloud storage service - Use our comparison chart!

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