We’ve long been promised a paperless office, but most of us are still buried under piles of printed contracts, proposals, receipts, and business cards.
For years now, The Neat Company has promised time-saving simplicity courtesy of its NeatReceipts and NeatDesk scanners — but they essentially traded one set of hassles for another. Wireless connectivity gives the NeatConnect a huge edge over other scanners and the traditional two-step process of scanning to your PC, then uploading to a cloud service. In practice, however, the tiny onscreen keyboard makes for slow going when you need to enter your credentials for one of these services, and there was a problem syncing with Evernote when I tested the device. Sending a document to Google Drive results in a PDF that’s ready for viewing, sharing, or printing. Neat’s mobile apps let you view, share, and edit your scanned documents on the go, or even add new scans by snapping photos. Be prepared to kick down for NeatCloud every month as long as you own the scanner (Correction, Jan 13 2014: You can continue to scan to other cloud services even without a NeatCloud sub). Before you download the Neat cloud-powered Software, you should check to make sure you have an active Neat Cloud Account.
Before you download the Neat cloud-powered software, you should verify all your data is synced to the cloud. Alternatively, you can also keep your existing data in your existing Neat database and start fresh with a brand new database in the Neat Cloud-Powered software. View Neat's contact options and check out our NeatCare Priority Support package that provides extended support and hardware protection.
By providing your contact information, you consent to receiving telephone calls, mail, and email from Neat.
Before you download the Neat cloud-powered software, you should check to make sure you have an active Neat cloud account. After you have an active Neat cloud account and attempted to sync to the Neat cloud service, let’s verify that your information has synced to the cloud. Getting started on the NeatConnect is pretty simple and those who prefer to use cloud services exclusively simply needs to plug the device into a power outlet and follow the setup instructions on the integrated touchscreen. Speaking of cloud services, the primary cloud service designed for the NeatConnect is NeatCloud, which is a cloud storage solution hosted by Neat.

As far as issues go with the scanner itself, I did run into a couple feeding and detection issues with some extra thin receipts as well as some business cards printed on plastic, but overall it wasn’t a huge problem for the majority of the documents, receipts, or business cards I tested.
Overall the NeatConnect Cloud Scanner along with the NeatCloud service is probably one of the easiest, most integrated solutions out there for those looking to finally take the first step into a paperless future.
To stay sane, we want to file and organize these docs, but who’s got time to scan and organize all that pulp?
You had to fire up your PC, run the software, and process each scan, all using hardware tethered to a USB port.
It connects to the cloud via Wi-Fi, so the only cable you need is the one that plugs into an AC outlet.
You can send your scans to NeatCloud, an email address, an FTP server, or your cloud service of choice: Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, or SkyDrive.
I asked the company about this Evernote problem, and it tells me new firmware will arrive in early 2014 that should fix the issue. The scanner can also generate just about any kind of image file, from BMP to JPEG to TIFF, in color, grayscale, or monochrome. Given the fact that I now have close to probably 1000 business cards, boxes of documents, and years of receipts that I most likely won’t ever be needing, I naturally accepted.
Up top there are three loading slots, each slot designed for a different function – documents, receipts, and [business] cards.
Files scanned to alternative cloud services have the option of being scanned into various formats such as PDF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, etc. Unfortunately, my own business card was one of the problem cards as the left side was slightly cut off when scanned, but overall it did fairly well as long as the cards are printed on a more standard cardstock. Of course, you could opt out of using NeatCloud’s services altogether and just use the Neat software utility along with other cloud services such as DropBox, Google Drive, Evernote, etc. The control panel resembles a smartphone touchscreen, and the interface offers the same app-style simplicity.
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Once you have an active Neat Cloud account, please click on this link to learn how to sync your data to the cloud.

If that’s not enough, you can also remove the piece that houses the three slots and simply use the guide to choose a perfect paper size.
The NeatConnect also offers a SD card slot at the front of the device, which is useful for those who regularly carry around a SD card, but I think they should’ve probably swapped that out for a USB port instead since most people tend to carry around flash drives rather than SD cards. Your scans get delivered quickly and automatically to your NeatCloud account, where you can review and organize them at your convenience.
The NeatConnect specializes in document scanning — not photos — so if you need to digitize snapshots, look elsewhere. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Conde Nast.
Neat has implemented a number of options which can be selected directly via the touchscreen as well such as the option for single or double sided scanning, scanning quality (up to 600DPI), color or B&W, which cloud service to scan to, etc. Scan quality defaults to 300DPI, which I think is perfectly fine for those scanning documents and such. And thanks to cloud-based optical character recognition, some of the filing is done by the time you get there. Like I mentioned earlier, NeatCloud is pretty much a cloud version of the Neat desktop software, so you’ll be able to individually review all your scans, input any missing information from those scans, and file them via the filing system. While this pricepoint shouldn’t be a huge problem for business users who plan to scan regularly, $500 plus a monthly subscription for the typical home user who only scans a couple bills and receipts every month seems a bit excessive. Files can then be searched for, viewed, downloaded, or synced with the Neat desktop software making it probably the easiest digital cloud filing solution on the market. I think what Neat really needs to do is develop a free service tier for home users with limited scanning needs while also offering different paid service tiers for business users with heavy scanning needs.
Business users also have the option of generating expense reports, tax reports, as well as spending reports, which makes things easy for when tax season rolls around.

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