Honestly, Google must be planning something -big- for Chrome, because right now you could be having Android run on the same hardware but offer so much more functionality on top of having Chrome available as an app. The army of grandparents who want to use facebook and want a real keyboard, screen, and mouse (I have two parents that fit that label) will also find this an ideal fit. For all the schools that are deploying chromebooks, this would be a nice addition to drive a big screen for the classroom. The downside of an Intel NUC is that when you get the mandatory components to get it up and running, its cost inflates to a point where it isn’t reasonable anymore. The ever-increasing number of applications that run under Chrome OS means that this rather flippant dismissal is premature.
Fun…reformatting might have been fun…the 19 hours of installing MS updates and reboots not so much! My parents are looking for something like this ($180 is probably too much) to just watch church on Sundays when they are out of town at their cabin. A 15W TDP would require either a larger heatsink case, or a sizable CPU cooler inside a mesh case (check out the aluminium coolers size on 10W Bay Trail motherboards).
If Google were to implement the Dalvik VM as a part of chrome and allow Android marketplace access, I feel like Chrome OS would be a more viable operating system, perhaps allowing the apps to be loaded from a server every time they are needed or even run remotely and streamed to the Chromebox. The funny thing about this however, is that the target demographic for these cheap disposable PC’s is old women, and and pretty much anyone who is computer illiterate. I think the target demo is a bit broader: anyone who wants an easy to use, minimal upkeep, safe from infection, low resource consumption, flexible device.
When you have to deploy, manage & maintain 6000 computers in the hands of K12 students you gain a new perspective on everything about this topic.
I agree on the ChromeOS’s strengths in a school environment and for non-power users, but you might want to hold off and wait for the LG Chromebase.
PS3 would have been more of an option except the web browser hasn’t been updated in ages, and the flash support is hit-or-miss. This is fine for users who only use a computer for email, word processing and web surfing if the OS and applications are intuitive.

One simple way to combat the measly 16GB of storage would be to purchase a 128GB M.2 42mm SSD. Looking at some of the applications in the Chrome Web Store I’ve pointed this out to my sysadmin friend. Have to admit that it’s tempting to get one of these for the TV so that I can read email, write documents and remote desktop my work PC without getting up. It’s not going to replace a gaming PC but it might just be what is required to make the TV PC happen for the average user. If you're interested in different sizes, please let me know and I will make a custom listing for you. VVoce recebe os arquivos por e-mail, em formato pdf A4, personalizado com seus dados, em alta resolucao, com varias pecas da mesma por folha e pronto para imprimir quantas vezes quiser e precisar. Also, ChromeOS, while not optimized for media in the sense that you can’t have a bunch of junk on your computer, I actually really appreciate that there is no room for excess. You can have your powerful Steam machine in your bedroom for example, and have this hooked up to your tv in the living room.
You usually telnet into it or operate it with a remote desktop application rather than by attaching a screen, keyboard and mouse. On my desk I have two 24″ monitors, one attached to 16 gig, Core i7 Windows machine, the other attached to a Samsung Chromebox. So a Chromebox is useless because you need to plug it into a display which you need to purchase separately? To those points, it shows this author is not the target audience, and he should have known better before slamming it.
His current laptop is runs XP and is simply plugged into an external monitor with a keyboard and a mouse. The Asus Chromebox is a very small fanless, headless box that will go on sale in March for just $180 — half the price of the (ever so slightly smaller) Intel NUC. Not only that, but you can install Ubuntu alongside it, giving you full access to the terminal, which in it of itself is already a massive step over ANY windows machine (don’t tell me about Cygwin or other terminal emulators, they are crap).

Using the same argument I guess a $499 Xbox One or $399 PS4 is useless as well; no mention either of the power consumption difference compared to a Chromebox. This will emulate that, but for less money than upgrading to a new laptop and without the XP.
The first is security, I do a lot of stock trading, banking and shopping and I feel much more secure doing them on my Chromebox. A Chrome OS-device does not aspire to be a HTPC but the writer does not appear to know that. This is great in that it’s less than twice the price of upgrading to Windows 8, and half that of buying him a Windows desktop or laptop.
The lack of internal storage is always going to be a bit of an issue with Chromebooks and boxes, but Google’s free-100GB-of-cloud-storage-for-two-years does ameliorate some of the pain.
I’m tired of spending most of my time doing defrag, virus scanning, updates, backup etc. Until that point a sub $200 computer that simply accesses the internet is all a lot of people need. Before you can use the Asus Chromebox, you have to plug it into something — a TV, a desktop monitor, both of which will cost you money. I use my Windows machine, mostly off-line for software development, photo and video editing etc. If you’re using it as a home theater, why not just get a Chromecast, or an Xbox or PlayStation?
Every day I find more things I can do with my Chromebox and am using my Windows machine less and less.
You could put Linux on it [read our Linux-on-a-Chromebox guide], but it’s still a pretty wimpy piece of hardware.

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