I have installed owncloud in our server that time i didn’t aware of database selection (SQLite or MySQL).
Follow the below steps to migrate it but only one thing, you need to create all the existing user once again, while creating it will tell, the user home directory is already there but its not a problem.
Now, Again navigate the owncloud installed directory on your browser, it will ask you to create the admin username and password to manage your owncloud, here you need to Enter the database information below. Now, i’m going to create one of my existing user nuvvula and i will show the warning message because nuvvula folder is already exist in system.

I assume that encryption would break things badly, as the keys might be stored in the SQLite DB..
I followed the steps but it seems that mysql is not showing up on my setup screen, it keeps on showing sqlite will be used as database etc..
If the article is useful for you, then please spend less than a minute to share your valuable comments in our commenting section. After few days i came to know, it will not give better performance if the database is increased.

I had created a mysql db after creating the owncloud instance, and it wouldn’t let me convert to the mysql one from sqlite.

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