Popping over again just to say hi and hope you are feeling more rested and settled these days after your scare with your dad. According to one contributor in Galaxy S4 Forums, third-party equalizers are usually the culprit. If the problem is due to an OS version update, wait for another OTA update that contains a fix from your unit’s carrier or manufacturer. Support Us If you have enjoyed our free help please support us by liking us on Facebook and signup for our weekly newsletter.
Disclaimer Disclaimer: we are not affiliated with the device manufacturers or phone carriers we mention in any way, all suggestions are based on our own experience and research, you may use our advice at your own discretion. Simply add your own title information, a photo or graphic image on the templates or backgrounds.
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Open the Inspector, go to the second tab (Slide inspector), then click the Appearance sub tab.
From there, I have to open the music player of the phone to restart the song I am listening to.
When there are no updates or updates fail to fix the issue, you can root and flash your phone, then, install a custom ROM that will remove the issue. You also can use them for school projects, or as sermon and music worship background for your church services. On the Design tab, in the Background group, click Background Styles, then click Format Background. One particular app that he identified to be causing the automatic adjustment of his music player is Equalizer by Smart Android Apps. However, if the problem is still there, it might be the Android software itself triggering the issue or a hardware-related fault.
It will completely wipe all your stored files though, so remember to backup your data prior to this.

This is very risky though, so do your research about the process first or seek help from a technician. All backgrounds and graphics are optimized for popular digital projectors using PowerPoint, Keynote, EasyWorship, and others. What could be causing this, and how can I fix this?” This was the message sent to us by one of our readers.
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