Choosing a type of chart depends first and foremost on what kind of data you have and what you want to express. Word clouds are an interesting way to visualize the frequency distribution of words with textual data. If you have a few extra minutes, here’s an incredible video of Hans Rosling showing charts in motion, demonstrating both relationships and trends all at once. I hope this article was informative and that you have a better understanding of the types of charts and graphs out there in the world.
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Sphagnum moss is used in the floral industry to line wire baskets and make wreaths, and peat moss is harvested and used as a soil amendment by gardeners.
It is worth noting that moss from Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are in better quality than those from China and Taiwan. Sandy, I’m from Taipei and am sourcing for Sphagnum peat moss for industrial oil spill absorbent use, can you help? The researchers at 2 A I developed three lenses for the medical profession for clearer views of veins, blood oxygen level, bruising, flushing, and other blood physiology. The Ishihara test is the standard test for colorblindness – circles with packed blobs that form numbers that are visible to people with normal vision.
I put on the glasses for the first time in front of the computer and immediately scored 8 out of 8 on the test.
Since then I’ve been walking outside – the glasses are better in bright light – and seeing a different world. It took me a while to realize that an even more profound change was happening to the greens. The glasses aren’t designed for full-time use but I’ve found them comfortable to wear for several hours, with no distortion or tiring. This article by one of the lens developers has a wealth of information about the science of the lenses and the strengths and limitations of the color correction. This Popular Science article has more background information, and is typical of the enthusiastic coverage that the lenses got earlier this year when the word got out.
If those two photos look the same to you, start doing some research on the Oxy-Iso glasses! I can’t see Brown color ,you emphasize only on red and green ,But i need to know about the brown color . I am in high school and I can’t read a lot of the teachers projects, or the black board, etc. There’s no way for me to know that, because the range of vision problems is so broad. Has your color blindness been an obstacle for your career in the military, law enforcement, coast guard or other field?
Safety standards in these fields require that applicants must be able to pass the Ishihara Color Plate Test.

Brain Mapping System of Colour Correction: The Memory Guru of India offers the Brain Mapping System, a combination of unique tests and Brain mapping that can assist in reading Ishihara plates. Colorblindness can have a major impact on a person’s life, but thankfully, there is treatment available!
Memory Guru of India website can help you determine if you have colorblindness and whether you need the Brain Mapping System of Ishihara test.
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Bruceb News provides daily computer tips, shopping suggestions, support information, security updates, and much more - written in plain English. Bruceb Favorites is a simple directory of obvious places, with links to five hundred web sites and online services. Charts that show Trends – While the chart categories mentioned above can certainly show trends, I think it is deserving to identify this as a category of its own. Location Charts (Maps) – Geographical maps and data overlays on maps cannot be left off this list.
This is extraordinary technology and might be as important for some of you as it is for me.
When I wear my pair of Oxy-Iso glasses, I can see the colors in your world for the first time in my life. The company does not promise results, and there are some variations of red-green colorblindness that do not respond to the glasses. Reds are completely different than I thought, lighter and brighter, not the dark brownish tint that I normally see. See the difference in the color of the grass and bushes in the background of the above picture?
Greens and reds are richer, yes, but they’re also shifting hues in ways that make them more varied and more interesting, bringing out contrasts that I had no idea were there. The purple tinting is a bit noticeable in low light or under artificial lights and disappears in bright light. Now the company is reportedly talking to Oakley and Ray-Ban to put the technology into sunglasses and designer frames.
Your first stop is an optometrist to see if there are more conventional reasons that you’re having trouble. I am not color blind, but I’m curious to know how these glasses would affect someone with normal vision? As near as I can tell, it enhances reds and greens but in a way that is not at all natural for people with normal color perception.
For example, electrical wiring is often color-coded, and the aviation field uses color-coded lights for various functions. Other careers that do not require color vision for safety purposes may still not be available to those who are colorblind. The Brain Mapping System of Colour Correction uses individually designed Brain Mapping recognition system to read Ishihara Book.

The benefits of the Brain Mapping System for Ishihara Test allow anyone who is colorblind to choose a career without worrying about vision testing. Something as seemingly simple as a stoplight requires a colorblind person to pay much closer attention than the average driver, because the familiar red and green lights are indistinguishable to a person with colorblindness.
A free colorblind test will allow you to determine if you are in fact colorblind and if so, what type of colorblindness you have.
If you have any questions, you can contact the Memory Guru of India online through this secure form. It’s a genetic thing.) It’s hard to describe, because my world has a full spectrum of colors – “colorblind” does not mean the world is grey. Words can’t express how it feels to look at trees, put the glasses on, see the leaves change to a completely different color, barely resembling the uncorrected view – while other colors are unchanged! When I put on the glasses, the trees are suddenly covered with apples, a whole hillside of trees loaded with fruit that I can’t see unaided.
In a sense, the Oxy-Iso spreads the color confusion more evenly around the color-wheel, rather than having it concentrated only on red-green.” Personally I haven’t noticed any diminution of yellows and blues. The Memory Guru of India has created the Brain Mapping System™ to help you pursue your passion and dreams.
People who are colorblind may find their employment options limited if they are seeking a career in a field such as the military, law enforcement, or Coast Guard services. Employers need not turn down a well-qualified candidate, as Brain Mapping System of Brain Mapping can resolve the problem of colorblindness. Inherited colorblindness is more likely to affect men, as it is a sex-linked characteristic.
In addition to the more familiar red and green colorblindness, some people have trouble distinguishing between blue and yellow, a condition called Tritanopia.
I may not wear them all the time forever but I’m learning lessons that will help me understand my unaided vision. I wouldn’t expect them to make so much of a difference that it would affect reading blackboards and school materials.
Other professions that may not be available to colorblind individuals are firefighting, engineering, pilots, or becoming a railroad engineer. Designers must be able not just to distinguish colors but to distinguish specific shades of colors as well. Eye diseases, trauma to the brain, and medication side-effects may also cause colorblindness. I can see everything clearly without the glasses; what they do is change the color spectrum so things are more interesting and more accurate. The health care industry uses color coding on many medications and medical devices, as well as machinery that has visual alert systems.

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