About the above two questions, It's obvious that iCloud is very important to back up files, like photos. 2Click "Restore from iCloud Backup", log in iCloud ID, and choose the backup file you want to restore. As for the second question above, how to access iCloud on PC or Mac, there are three ways to make it. Click the "Select" button to choose the photos, then click "Download" to save the photos to your PC or Mac.
2 Sign in your iCloud with your Apple ID, and you can access your iCloud photos data information.
Then the pop-up window will tell you the location where you store your photos from "My Photo Streaming" and "Photo Sharing". On the popup interface, tick "Photo Library", "Camera Roll" and "App Photos"or any other files you want to download from iCloud to your computer, and then click "Next".
Excepting for backing up iPhone Photos on iCloud, you can make a backup of your photos to PC. One of the more interesting side effects of constantly taking photos of your phone, especially during such a high profile week, is everyone is curious as to what app that is or where’d I get the background. I should mention, the wallpaper was created by the fantabulous app PolyScreen, which we detailed in our little guide dubbed ‘How to get beautiful Start backgrounds for Windows Phone 8.1’.

Hello, my name is Christine, and actually, I am a seniority on the android and ios data recovery. Download and install the Phone to Phone Transfer to the computer or Macbook and then transfer data between iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.
Permanently erase all deleted files or existing data on old Android smart phone,if you want to selling the old phone,in order to avoiding your personal data be stolen. Note: Before getting started, you should Install iTunes to your computer to guarantee that Phone to Phone Transfer program works perfectly. In this step,please connect your iPhone and Galaxy S7 to computer by two cables,when the two phones are detected connecting successfully by the program,you can see the status like the second screenshot as below. Tips: If you don't have two cables, you can follow the second method to transfer data to new Galaxy S7 from backups.
2) Data erasure before copying is also available by checking the box in the lower right corner. If you want to access your other photos in Photo Library or Camera Roll, you may feel disappointed.
However, if you want to download photos and back up them on the local disc of your computer, you will find they are not perfect to meet your demands.
They’re all fine inquiries, the challenge for me is trying to respond to every tweet, email, DM or comment here to satisfy everyone!

I did detail most of my apps I use on my Start screen in this article, though that is something constantly changing.
What’s more,the iPhone to Android Transfer can help you backup and restore Samsung Galaxy S7 on computer,for the other words,you can back up contacts, messages, photos, videos and other files from Galaxy S7 to computer,then restore them back to your Galaxy S7 if you need. During this process,It will take you some time, please be patient,when scan finishing,all the contents will be discovered and display the total number beside each item on the center,scan results including contacts, text messages, photos, videos, music,ect. So we introduce another way to access iCloud photos for solving this problem with iCloud Photo Extractor.
If you need to download other files such as contacts, messages which you have backed up on iCloud, you can put this article as a reference. If you want to do that, you may need to get another way to access and download your messages. If you want to download these photos to PC, you can tick the photos list selectively and click "Recover" on the right bottom corner.

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