The WD My Cloud Mirror is a personal dual-drive (2-bay) NAS designed specifically for mainstream consumers looking for data protection with the ability to access content anywhere from computers, tablets, and smartphones. As the product name indicates, its mirrored data protection (Mirror Mode, RAID1) is the default setting.
The My Cloud Mirror works concurrently with all kinds of platforms including Mac OS, Windows, iOS and Android with mobile apps.
The WD My Cloud Mirror looks virtually identical to its single bay My Cloud (and My Book) brethren, the only difference being that it is about twice as thick. The RAID Profile shows the health of the RAID and allows for some administrative functions. Third party apps can be downloaded and managed, with the option to access FTP and P2P apps via torrenting. In aggregate, the web-based tools and applications for mobile devices make it extremely easy to configure the Mirror as well as consume or load content on the go. We tested both SMB and iSCSI performance using a RAID1 configuration across the included two WD Red 2TB HDDs. Our standard StorageReview Enterprise Test Lab regimen runs the device through its paces with a battery of varying performance levels and throughput activity workloads. Our final testing benchmark looks at our 128K transfer test, which demonstrates the highest sequential transfer speed available. The WD My Cloud Mirror is an easy-to-use NAS designed specifically for mainstream consumers looking for data protection as well as the ability to access this data from anywhere, on any device with an Internet connection. The WD My Cloud Mirror is competitively priced, going for roughly $350 with x2 WD 2TB drives under the hood. It won't break records for performance, but the My Cloud Mirror's strong features, good looks and great value combines to make a compelling package for families seeking their first NAS. As you’d expect from a package designed to woo Mum and Dads from the retail store shelves, the My Cloud Mirror is attractively packaged with its storage, sharing and protection features shouting loudly on the box. The device itself looks pretty on the outside, but in NAS terms is very simple and actually feels pretty cheap – a glossy, plastic, white chassis with a plastic silver back and a reasonably flimsy drive lid at the top of the device.
While the My Cloud Mirror ships with drives already installed (twin 2 TB WD Red NAS hard drives in our review model) they are upgradable should you wish to extend capacity in the future. The front face of the My Cloud Mirror is also very simple – three LEDs indicate power and disk activity for the two hard drives.
El dispositivo de almacenamiento en red de Western Digital cuenta con un formato con dos discos duros. Ademas, el dispositivo de la compania estadounidense esta configurado por defecto a traves de RAID 1 o espejo. Otra de las grandes ventajas de contar con uno de estos dispositivos es la capacidad de guardar nuestros archivos mas pesados en el disco duro en red y despues acceder a ellos desde cualquier dispositivo que tengamos en casa, como por ejemplo smartphones o tablets que no tengan mucha capacidad para almacenamiento. Como deciamos al principio, Western Digital comercializara este equipo en tres versiones diferentes a finales de mes.

Utilizamos cookies propias y de terceros para medir nuestra audiencia, mejorar nuestros servicios y mostrarle publicidad sin recopilar datos personales en ningun momento. It is equipped with Gigabit Ethernet and a 1.2GHz processor to deliver file transfers and high-speed streaming to suit the needs of consumers with different use cases.
This means that its capacity is divided in half, with one half storing user data and the other half used as a duplicate copy for backup purposes in event that one drive fails. In addition, it allows users to transfer files between their personal Cloud, Dropbox, and virtually any other public cloud accounts with WD's free My Cloud mobile app. Like all WD storage products, the My Cloud Mirror is a very nice looking device with its sleek and shiny white plastic enclosure. Simply connect the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port located on the back of the device and connect the other end of the Ethernet cable directly into a router or network switch port. Administrators can manage under Network, Media, Utilities, Notifications, and Firmware Update tabs. WD has managed to make NAS setup the most fluid process for any NAS targeted to the home user. Since the Mirror default setting is RAID1 (or Mirror Mode), getting the Mirror up and running on your network only takes only a few minutes and requires no detailed configuration. The two-bay My Cloud EX2 goes for approximately $200 for the diskless model, while the 4TB unit is priced at $370. Previously, those families used to shopping in Best Buy for well-known brands like Seagate and Western Digital, would be faced with unfamiliar logos such as Synology, QNAP, ASUSTOR and others when considering their selection. It’s a two-bay NAS device (a single bay option, simply called My Cloud, is also available) shipping in predefined 4 TB, 6 TB and 8 TB capacities.
Nestling adjacent to a device like WD’s USB-connected My Book Duo, you could easily imagine a retail assistant in store, seamlessly guiding customers from that product into a first NAS device, such as the My Cloud Mirror. Flip the lid and you can see that the drives are held in place reasonably cheaply – there are no drive trays, but rather each drive is fitted with thumb screws which slide into notches on the inner chassis. Around the back, the device is fitted with a Gigabit Ethernet port, twin USB 3.0 ports and a Kensington lock. This locates the device, formats the drives (if necessary – a RAID 1 mirrored array is configured by default, but can be changed later) and allows you to install the WD My Cloud client application on your computer.
El WD My Cloud Mirror es un dispositivo de almacenamiento en red que crea una nube privada para poder almacenar los archivos importantes de nuestros equipos, acceder a ellos de forma remota o crear copias de seguridad automaticas. Esta configuracion divide los archivos de manera identica a traves de los dos discos, de forma que si uno de los discos duros sufre algun tipo de problema no se produce ningun tipo de perdida de los datos. Ademas, el WD My Cloud Mirror tambien permite el acceso remoto a los archivos a traves de cualquier lugar por medio de una app dedicada para iOS y Android. The My Cloud Mirror is very similar to the SOHO focused My Cloud EX2, the core differences come down to feature set. The My Cloud Mirror also allows users to attach a compatible USB 3.0 hard drive directly to one of the two USB ports to expand their storage capacity.

Not only does it look good, we also found it to be very quiet as well as sturdy; especially with the rubber padding on each of the bottom corners.
The top of the device can be opened to expose the two drives, although the drives cannot be easily removed.
Connect the power adapter, and it should automatically turn on and the blue LED on the front panel should eventually turn solid blue.
Other NAS units may be more powerful or have deeper libraries of third party tools, but from a pure usability standpoint, it goes no easier than My Cloud.
But now, with a considered push into network attached storage well under way, Western Digital has launched a number of NAS solutions to help the average family transition to this brave new world. The setup experience, and indeed, the dashboard used to manage the My Cloud Mirror is very similar to that we saw with the My Cloud EX4 earlier in the year – no bad thing, as we found it to be a cinch to use. Por su capacidad, esta pensado sobre todo para aquellos hogares y pequenas empresas que cuenten con mas de un dispositivo (para aquellos hogares con uno o dos equipos, uno de estos discos en red con una capacidad de 1 o 2 TB puede resultar suficiente). Eso si, hay que tener en cuenta que el espacio disponible para almacenar archivos se reduce a la mitad. Odiaba su primer movil pero con el tiempo se ha convertido en un apasionado de la tecnologia.
The EX2 includes SNMP, DFS, Active Directory, iSCSI and Volume Encryption for the business set, while the Mirror is more streamlined to appeal to the typical home user. The back panel includes two USB 3.0 ports, an Ethernet port, reset button, and a power port. Los usuarios tambien pueden descargar una aplicacion dedicada para smartphones y tablets para poder acceder a los archivos en cualquier lugar con conexion a la red.
La principal funcion de este equipo es la realizacion de copias de seguridad automaticas de los archivos importantes a traves de la herramienta de software que incorpora denominada WD SmartWare Pro. Sea como fuere, la apuesta por uno de estos dispositivos de almacenamiento en red es una opcion muy interesante para asegurar nuestros datos, ya que permaneceran en un entorno separado en el que nadie que no queramos tendra acceso a estos datos.
Finalmente, la configuracion mas avanzada del WD  My Cloud Mirror se situa en los 8 TB y un precio de 520 euros. El WD My Cloud Mirror llegara al mercado espanol a partir de un precio de 330 euros a partir de finales de este mes. Se trata de una aplicacion con una interfaz muy atractiva y manejable que resulta muy util para poder manejar la seguridad de nuestros datos.

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