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Join the expanding numbers of Happy Customers who now benefit from Monster Cloud Online Backup.
The average computer user will likely tell you they’re afraid of a hard drive crash erasing all their important files, photos, music, videos and more. If your computer’s hard drive fails, you’ll have immediate access to your data from a modern web browser on another computer. Because your data is stored off-site, if your computer crashes, is destroyed or stolen, your data is still safe on the service’s secured servers. Because not all cloud storage providers are created equal, we looked at current offerings from Amazon Cloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, and SugarSync, pinpointing the services with the best attributes for accomplishing specific tasks. With so many new and improved online services vying to become your preferred online repository for documents, photos, music, and video files, why settle for just one? You have many options for sharing a single music collection among several different PCs, such as using the Home Sharing feature in iTunes or online services like iCloud or Google Music.
Of course, you can also follow this tip to sync any kind of media collection, such as photos, videos, or DRM-free ebooks. If you want to sync folders to the cloud without placing them inside your cloud folder, you can find several services ready to help.
Streaming your music from the cloud is a very different proposition than syncing it across multiple PCs, since some cloud services (such as Dropbox) don't offer comprehensive music streaming features.
Music on Google Play, formerly known as Google Music, offers free storage for 20,000 songs, and any tunes you purchase from the company's music store do not count against your limit.
Ubuntu One users can pay $4 per month or $40 per year to stream music from Canonical's cloud service. If you're a Windows user and you want all of your documents available in the cloud, you can turn a cloud storage folder into your Windows 'My Documents' folder. If you save your to-do list as a plain-text file, you can then sync your list across all your devices--including your PCs, smartphones, and tablets--by using cloud storage.
You can also turn your plain-text list into an interactive smartphone app, with help from Todo.txt Touch for Android and iOS. Since you carry your smartphone everywhere you go, you've probably filled it with snapshots you never want to lose. Why bother searching through many months' worth of email to find attachments when you can just save everything to the cloud?
Microsoft's SkyDrive offers remote access to all your Windows PCs, including attached external drives, that have the SkyDrive desktop client.
In the left column, you will see a 'Computers' section listing all the Windows PCs connected to your SkyDrive account. If SkyDrive doesn't interest you, SugarSync provides similar remote-sync capabilities for Windows and Mac. A beta service called URL Droplet lets you send documents (such as PDFs and spreadsheets) found on Web pages directly to your Dropbox, no manual download necessary. The free service Send To Dropbox lets you hand out a public email address so that people can send things directly to your Dropbox.
You've probably heard that Google Docs has a built-in version-control system so that you can go back and view past versions of a collaborative document, but did you know that Dropbox and SkyDrive offer similar services?
Dropbox keeps a snapshot of every saved file over the past 30 days; if you delete an all-important paragraph and want it back, you can recover it as long as you saved a version of that file to Dropbox in the past month. In SkyDrive, you can see version history by selecting a file from the Web interface and then going to File, Previous Versions. SugarSync also offers a version-control feature, but it is less robust since it keeps only your last five file saves. Cloud storage helps you access your files anywhere you can get an Internet connection--except when it comes to video. Google Drive let me view the entire video content on the Web, but streaming didn't work on any of the mobile devices I tried. If security is a big concern for you, consider encrypting your data before sending it to the cloud. Another option is to encrypt your data locally before storing it in Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, or any of the other cloud services. If you have files spread across a number of cloud storage accounts, such as at Amazon S3, Box, Dropbox, Picasa, SkyDrive, and SugarSync, look to Otixo. Various cloud storage services have different social networking capabilities for sharing images. Dropbox allows you to share a public link to photos, but in my tests this function didn't work particularly well with Facebook and Google+.
PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. Not that Dave Loggins music is going to warm up those of us suffering in the deep freeze and snow, but I did find the polar bear on a melting iceberg a little ironic thinking he should “Please Come to Boston” until the snow melts.
According to The Next Web, Google’s Dropbox competitor known as Drive, will launch next week on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. This and getting chrome os to support third party programs (emulators) is all thats keeping me and google apart.

Already use Insync (cheaper using Google Docs than Box or Dropbox) so after Drive I will just be more integrated into Google. I love DB and I think it will always be #1 to me but I always always jump on any free cloud storage offer. I currently have 6.75GB on my Dropbox account, I certainly wouldnt mind another 5GB with Google Drive, especially if it offers seamlessly integrated features, as I imagine it will.
I am a huge Picasa user and have all my music with Google now, so this is a huge plus for me.
Would be nice to integrate into Android’s OS to automatically backup and sync apps, txt msgs, phone call log, etc.
Sounds potentially cool, but Dropbox has great integration with desktop computers (just works like a regular folder) and a top notch Android app, and I’ve never had issues with either. 2012 seems like a huge year for Google, every service offered is tailor made for our tastes, this is just another service i will be using.
Dropbox handles all my needs, though it would be nice to have total intergration in the OS.
About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life.
The mission of Techaeris is to offer honest reporting, unique stories, news coverage, product information and reviews, as well as social interaction with our readers. However, many may also admit that they don’t regularly back up their data, even though they’re aware their priceless personal files and valuable multimedia collection could be gone in an instant. Several online data backup services offer a mobile app, allowing you to access your files from your mobile devices. There are several reasons for using an online data backup service, including not needing to burn CDs or DVDs of your data.
Some shine when it comes to streaming a cloud music collection from the Web, but stink at syncing desktop folders. Along the way we assembled tips and hints for performing advanced cloud storage tasks such as merging multiple free cloud services into one massive free megacloud. Another alternative is to drop your music collection into your cloud storage folder and have your desktop jukebox program (such as Windows Media Player) point to that folder as the default music location. Ubuntu One from Canonical, available for Windows and Ubuntu Linux desktops, includes the ability to add any folder to your cloud storage without moving it. Cloud Drive does not place a new folder on your desktop as Google Drive, Dropbox, SkyDrive, and Ubuntu One do. You can listen to songs via Google's Music app for Android 2.2 or later, or you can use the Web interface. With your yearly subscription, you also get an extra 20GB of online storage, which gives you room for another 5000 songs. Just drop your Todo.txt file into your Dropbox, Google Drive, or SkyDrive storage, and you can then access it anywhere you have an Internet connection and a text editor. Select the computer you want, and then SkyDrive may ask you to enter a six-digit code sent via email to authorize remote access.
Simply sign up for URL Droplet and authorize the service to access your Dropbox; URL Droplet uses the Dropbox API, which means the service never sees your account password. You can have the service automatically create folders and subfolders based on the email subject, the sender's email address, or the date the document was sent. Go to your Dropbox folder, select the file you want to see, and then right-click it and select View Previous Versions from the context menu.
Since streaming video takes up more bandwidth than downloading a document or streaming music, how much you can stream depends on your cloud provider. The easiest way to do this is to use Spideroak, an encrypted cloud-backup service that lets you back up specific files to the cloud and then sync them across multiple devices.
Mac users should read Macworld's tutorial on how to create an encrypted sparse image using OS X's built-in Disk Utility. Through this service, you can connect them all, and then drag and drop files between your various cloud providers, no file downloading necessary. If you want to share photos on Google+, then Google Drive is your easiest option (no surprise) since Google+ photo sharing is built in. Another option is to use Flickr to share photos via Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, and email; again, your buddies will have to visit Flickr to see the full-size version if you share on Facebook. When released, users will receive 5GB of free storage with the option to upgrade to more at various price levels. Dropbox and Box are both awesome cloud storage services with great Android apps, so why switch? I already have enough of my life in my google account that I’d be royally screwed if I lost it. We strive to remain objective and open minded about technology and label opinion pieces as such. Online data backup services are an excellent, easy and secure way to back up your data automatically at an off-site location. Other cloud services are great for sharing photos, but useless for reviewing a document's revision history.
Then, once you install your preferred cloud's desktop client on all your PCs, you'll instantly download your music to multiple computers. Instead, Windows users can right-click any folder and select Amazon Cloud Drive from the 'Send to' menu option to sync to Amazon.

Amazon, for example, offers Cloud Drive and Cloud Player, which let Android and iOS users stream stored music files. In addition, Ubuntu One offers music-streaming mobile apps for Android and iOS that include caching, so you can listen to your music without an Internet connection.
To get started, open Windows Explorer, go to Dropbox, and create a new folder called Documents. Navigate to the Dropbox\Documents folder you just created, and click the Select Folder button.
If you have an iPhone, you can use iCloud to back up your last 1000 photos and sync them across your devices.
Then, whenever you download an attachment, it will go to a single folder that you can access anywhere.
You can also tell Send To Dropbox to unzip archived files automatically and include copies of the email messages sent.
This action will take you to a Web page listing your latest file saves for that document, including the revision date and who changed the file.
During my testing with a 315MB, 77-minute M4V file, Dropbox streamed the entire content when I used the service's mobile apps.
You can also try the open-source program TrueCrypt for Linux, OS X, or Windows to encrypt personal files you want to send to the cloud; check out PCWorld's TrueCrypt tutorial to get started. After promising news of more live event streaming, and peppering in a few buyout rumors, $TWTR could really be off to the races (again). I already have 50GB on Box for free and another 30GB on Dropbox thanks to my HTC One X, so why would I want to migrate over to Google’s new service? If you can get hold of someone to talk to at Google about a problem you are having then please feel free to share that number.
You can already pay for extra storage at Google (which gets spread across all your Google services on top of the various free parts), and you can store whatever document you want on Google Docs. Recently, though, Engadget reports a rumor that OneDrive might be supporting music storage and playback.
Having an external hard drive is an essential part of any backup plan, but using an off-site data backup service will keep your files safe if disaster strikes your home. Depending on the size of your song collection, you may have to pay for extra storage to fit all of it in the cloud.
You get 5GB of free online storage from Amazon Cloud Drive, and any music purchases you make through the online retailer's MP3 store and save to Cloud Drive do not count against your storage limit.
To use this feature on a mobile device such as the iPad, you will have to enable the PC version of the site at the bottom of the Web page. Dropbox typically shows only ten changes per page, so click the Older> link to see more changes from the past 30 days. But I could not watch the video in a mobile browser, and on my PC I was able to stream only a 15-minute preview. Otixo is free for up to 250MB of bandwidth usage each month, or $10 for unlimited access to the service. Still the accumulation will be no where close to those digging their way out in the northeast like Boston. The rumor came from Windows Central, and says that all of us, not just Office 365, subscribers, might be getting an extra 20 gigs to store our tunes on for free. These services are easy to use, and you won’t feel like you need an advanced degree in computer science to schedule your backups. A window will appear, asking whether to move all your old files to the new Documents folder (click Yes). Google+ for Android has an Instant Upload feature that automatically sends your snaps to Google's social network; your photos will remain private until you choose to publish them in a post.
Dropbox recently added an automatic photo upload feature to its Android app, and Canonical's Ubuntu One offers automatic uploads for Android and iOS. This service is actually one of the more feature filled, probably because it’s not a lumbering corporation, but a smaller company that can make things happen quickly and easily. If you love stiff competition outside of the mega-companies, then this may ruffle your feathers.
SpiderOak just announced a killer 50% off deal on 200GB of storage, which will now cost you $99 for 1 year.
Their premium service has been $5 per month since their launch, but they have said that it is time for a price bump. Phil Libin, the CEO of Evernote, says they are just trying to find the right price and it may vary from country to country. Google is not taking chances and is working on their Chrome browser now (according to The Verge). I’m retiring my 9 year old Gateway notebook computer and forging ahead with a low powered and low cost Microsoft Window 10 notebook.

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