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Google has announced the acquisition of Orbitera, a cloud commerce platform, to help boost its multi-cloud efforts with one eye on rivals Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft. The move is particularly interesting given Orbitera’s links with the other leading cloud providers. Google says that it is not looking to change Orbitera’s proposition with the acquisition.
James is editor of CloudTech, with a passion for how technology influences business and several Mobile World Congress events under his belt.
Cloud Tech promotes industry thought leadership content from industry brands, businesses and analysts, partnering with writers and bloggers to deliver insight and advice on cloud IT strategy to our extensive audience of CIOs and IT managers. An environmentally friendly approach to sharing and storing your computer generated documents and other communications, cloud computing can also help you and your business save money and operate much more efficiently and effectively. Moving to a cloud-computing arrangement helps reduce negative environmental consequences directly attributed to your company but it does not merely move the environmental effect elsewhere. The mining and manufacture of materials used to construct a server also impact the environment.
The radiant heat issues of large data center servers can be addressed by specially designed and applied venting and cooling systems. Another clever and environmentally savvy way cloud severs can minimize cost and impact on the biosphere is by locating the cloud servers in an area where temperatures generally are lower. Make sure that the cloud server and your own hardware is the most energy efficient available. Using cloud-based servers means your work and the work of your staff can in many cases be completed away from your main place of business. Andrew MarriottOwner & Founder at AJR SolutionsI am a technical & creative guy who loves technology. With notions of cloud computing being a major part of the advancement of computer technology in the future, it would behoove us to understand what cloud computing is. Just about every person that does business online has had some interaction with “the Cloud”.
Cloud computing is essentially the usage of networks (including the Internet) to perform computing tasks. There are several advantages to cloud computing over traditional computing methods of decades gone by. Location independence also makes It easy to collaborate with coworkers and partners from all over the world. So, now that we know what it is and have gone over the pros and cons, can we expect cloud computing to take over in the future?
With the advent of affordable devices with low storage capacities and their continued applications, the answer is a resounding yes. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Cloud computing is the overarching trend, and SDS is the precise container needed to unleash the full potential of computing in the cloud. Gartner predicts that the all-flash market will maintain a 37% compound annual growth rate, growing the overall scale from 1.43 billion in 2014 to 7 billion in 2019.
The price per gigabyte of flash storage is coming closer to HDD price point at the same capacity in the general market, far ahead of the anticipated time.
Although SDS has become the preference, it must be noted that there is no generally accepted or standardized definition, leading to many different understandings in the industry. Distributed storage comes in many forms and product varieties, including hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), Hypervisor-based SDS and Server SAN, distributed file-based storage, and distributed object storage. Different design intents, different product uses and applications, Although the methods used may vary, storage systems are designed to satisfy application requirements.
Many SDS products and solutions exist in the market to satisfy the various storage requirements on structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.
Zhejiang Telecom constructed the first in-country petabyte-scale SDS resource pool built on Huawei FusionStorage.
Huawei started using the FusionStorage for its own usage back in 2013 on the three large cloud resource pools at the company. The sheer complexity entailed in cloud applications places much higher demands on the flexibility, efficiency, and ease of storage system use in the future.
In the age of cloud computing, rapid data growth causes varying data types and explosive increase in data volumes, making data throughput become harder to estimate.
Performance of a single SSD has broken through 10,000 IOPS and latency is stable at the 100 microsecond level.
As for all-flash arrays, software optimizations and improved rewrite performance will help overcome the lingering issues in write amplification in HDD media while maintaining the needed system performance and ensuring better space utilization and the security and liability of data with data parity, wear-leveling utilities, and inline deduplication and compression.
Looking forward to your participation as we welcome in the new glorious developments in storage!
The post Cloud Computing unleashes the Full Potential of Storage appeared first on Huawei Enterprise Blog. Companies will be utilizing every type of system as they find the multi-cloud approach that works for them. The traditional advantages, including the cost aspect, do remain but are joined by a range of reasons to go cloud that are ever more about the speed and changing reality of business.
There is a lot of research indicating how the use of multiple clouds within an organization is growing. A few vendors we spoke with expect that within a few years 90 percent of organizations will have a de facto multi-cloud environment. Vendor Equinix also released research end 2014 (conducted by Dimensional Research), finding that 77 percent of responding IT decision makers were planning to implement a multi-cloud architecture as you can see in the infographic from the Equinix blog below. At the bottom of this post is an infographic, summarizing some key takeaways from the report and tackling the move to a hybrid multi-cloud environment and some challenges to tackle. Regardless of all this data, in 2016 we effectively see a de facto rapid growth of multi-cloud environments. As mentioned, the growing role of business in the whole equation and the changes in who buys solutions (decreasingly IT, increasingly business unitis), affects the role of enterprise IT and the CIO.
ABOUT USi-SCOOP provides publications, educational resources, training and hands-on consulting regarding integrated marketing, digital business, transformation and organizational processes. Six years ago, Rackspace founded the open-source OpenStack project in collaboration with NASA. Rackspace helps businesses across the globe leverage the potential of cloud computing without them having to deal with the costs and complexities of managing it by themselves. Sneha comes with six years of experience in inside sales, where she was responsible for driving demand gen campaigns of technology products in the APAC and EMEA regions. Rackspace, a leading provider of managed cloud, has announced to extend the scope of its service for OpenStack®. Rackspace has announced the latest OnMetal™ Cloud Servers, which are powered by OpenStack®. Rackspace® (NYSE: RAX) announced that it has promoted Carla Pineyro Sublett to senior vice president and chief marketing officer (CMO). You will sit alongside your instructor as they guide you to full understanding and mastery of the topics. Orbitera has a long-standing partnership with AWS, with six products available on the AWS Marketplace.
James has interviewed a variety of leading figures in his career, from former Mafia boss Michael Franzese, to Steve Wozniak, and Jean Michel Jarre. Every computing need from servers to hardware to software to paper can be adapted by using cloud-based solutions, using less energy, resources and cash while keeping the productivity up and the information flowing. They contribute to an enormous energy load and they also throw off a tremendous amount of heat.
Using cloud-computing services means sharing server capacity among a number of other subscribers. When accessed only by a limited number of computers, a server is often underused, meaning the damage to the environment caused by its very existence is doubly wasteful.

Consolidating the server needs of a large number of computing consumers permits these cooling and venting strategies to cover the computing of many users, lowering the cost and the ill effects per customer. Locating these multi-use servers in an area where cooling is rarely or never needed because of the ambient temperature is a great idea, reducing the need for both heating and air conditioning. Review your work stations, laptops, tablets and other electronics to make sure you are not negating the positive impact you are achieving with cloud servers by depending on poorly performing equipment that requires excessive amounts of energy. The flexibility of the cloud server allows your employees and management to minimize commuting, reducing the environmental impact of getting the work of your company completed. In fact, cloud computing has become so popular in discussion, that even laymen have probably heard of the term at some point.
Storing files online, using Web-based tools, and using the power of multiple computers in tandem to solve problems are all examples of cloud computing in action. Version control components make it easy for all members of a project to keep their files up to date, with updates instantly applied to files in the Cloud. Whatever is used is needed, and resources that are not needed are allocated towards other solutions. Although physical storage media can be lost or stolen, information that is stored online is more vulnerable to security leaks. Businesses that need the latest, greatest software are better off subscribing, but those that do not mind using old or outdated software to accomplish their goals are better off just buying the physical software and keeping it for years. While some companies offer great technical support, flexibility, and security, others are lacking in one or more of these arenas. It’s for the reader who is interested in technology, but doesn’t necessarily live and breathe it.
The cloud brings agility and scalability to business procedures, mobilizes solutions and optimizes resources to the core. Evolvement to Software-defined Storage (SDS) and solid state disk (SSD) are among two of the most pervasive trends in flash media applications. Gartner reports that 70% of storage array products will be available as software-only versions and that 70-80% of unstructured data will be managed in SDS environments as the price tag becomes more affordable. With the application of the 3D NAND flash technology, yet another breakthrough in pricing for flash products is highly possible. Using traditional hard disks as an example, decoupling of software systems from the hardware systems was the direction the industry endorsed. Using hyper-converged storage as an example, the emphasis is on placing computing and storage into one container able to carry both types of services. The solution has also been widely applied at many organizations deploying cloud applications, including Guangxi Telecom, Liaoning Mobile, Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica, and Infocast to name just a handful. The combined size of the pools carrying critical services for R&D, production, operation, and other activities exceeds 600 PB.
Fitting SDS with the capabilities to deliver increased data agility across varying format types and improve data retrieval in cloud environments is precisely the role FusionStorage is born to fulfill.
The next-gen SDS storage product, about to be released, will offer flexibility, efficiency, and openness under the cloud infrastructure design, helping enterprises better address challenges from cloud transformations while achieving business agility.
However, enterprise-class applications are an exceptional breed requiring high levels of reliability from the flash products going into the systems. Unfortunately, configuring a small number of SSDs often leads to a bottleneck in processing capabilities, which means that conventional storage system architectures cannot fully tap the acceleration in performance SSD has to offer. Huawei has optimized the hardware, software, and the series of other elements going into its all-flash storage to yield the best possible levels of IOPS performance in storage services while keeping latency down to the lowest level. The new arrays feature improved design that goes far beyond just trying to fill up traditional arrays with SSDs.
In fact, if we take into account the de facto usage of cloud services by specific workers and business departments, outside of IT, a lot of companies are already multi-cloud. The paper focuses on a fundamental shift in cloud purchasing and mentions how more than 40 percent of European organizations enterprises expect to manage a hybrid multi-cloud environment within the next two years (since the research was conducted).
Again, this is partially logical and a consequence of, among others, growing experience with the cloud, business demands and the need for greater transparency and agility by several IT professionals which is being met with cloud management solutions whose function really is to enable transparency and the facilitation of the role of IT and the CIO, regardless of the multi-cloud reality, in a seamless way so they can focus on supporting business requirements and workloads. It also revealed a few milestones around its OpenStack private cloud service deployments. While the company has its own cloud and hosting services, their focus at the moment is on various associated services, including extending support for apps running on third-party clouds. Attached simple accessories and devices, it can be used to achieve many kinds of mechanical performances. Tempered glass build on the top of table ensure machine no fear liquid fall down or cups hit. The function of clearing trouble code greatly reduces the expensive maintenance costs and widely favored by users.
The heat generated at data centers can require cooling systems to keep the hardware from deteriorating.
The efficiency and economy of scale means that the amount of energy attributed to each user is much less than if every user had their own server.
When more businesses and individuals access storage and applications through the cloud, that server can perform closer to capacity and eliminate the need for duplication of hardware and other equipment. I work hard & play harder, I’m driven and full of enthusiasm with a passion to help others. Social media sites, webmail, and software downloads are all examples of cloud computing in action. For instance, subscribing to use software as a service is less expensive than buying the latest software suite each year when a new version is released.
This means that work can get done at any time and place, and emergency issues can be quickly resolved without having to clock in at the office or keeping a physical copy of important files at all times. This is much more efficient than passing storage media around the office, or worse yet, mailing disks to remote locations for collaborators to add their input.
Whether the central server of a cloud computing service is down, or our Internet connection is giving us problems, the inability to access information can lead to unproductivity. Although security measures are in place, careless employees can open breaches that hackers can exploit. Business owners would be wise to do their research in order to find a reputable company that suits their needs. The Cloud has been with us since the beginnings of the Internet and we use it almost every day, whether we know it or not.
Looking at the amazing benefits offered by the cloud, every industry is aggressively trying to capitalize on this trend.
At the same time, improvements in NVMe and other software protocol stacks have opened up flash performance. Server SAN places the emphasis on distributed block storage while object storage purposes to provide the massive amount of resources needed to support Big Data applications. Newer forms of cloud applications place huge emphasis on resource sharing, flexibility, and on-demand Scale-outs and Scale-ins. Huawei FusionStorage deployed in Server SAN systems perfectly gears into the high scalability, performance, and compatibility requirements of cloud environments.
Deployment on such a large scale helped demonstrate the superior performance and reliability of the FusionStorage offering that has been able to continuously satisfy mushrooming demands on capacity and performance. In measuring the performance and cost tradeoff, the ability to combine and leverage the capabilities of currently available products and technologies to combat the weak links is critical to how fast flash technology will advance.
On the flip side, simply configuring SSDs may not yield the expected increase in IOPS or the consistent and predictable level of latency. The new Dorado series is sure to completely revolutionize enterprise IT, delivering the all important efficiency improvements to operations while gearing into true needs of enterprise-class storage applications. And of course and last but not least there is the awareness that without the cloud there simply is no digital transformation. But just as many cloud brokers are moving from a cloud services providers and or cloud brokerage function to a cloud integration services model, expect IT to become more than a broker too.
Rackspace also handholds its clients to better respond to incoming security threats, while also assisting them in remediating security pitfalls. There were reports that surfaced about Rackspace being likely to get acquired, however, this latest development might nullify such reports.
Matthew Leonard, hired as vice president of product in January this year, has previous experience in leadership roles for both AWS and Microsoft cloud commerce. If your business houses its own servers, the cost to operate and cool the equipment fall directly upon you. Technology, digital design, web development & creative photography are areas I am really passionate about.
That software subscription that your company uses instead of physical disks is an example of cloud computing.

In terms of web hosting, cloud hosting plans have flexible costs where webmasters only pay for the resources that their sites use. Entrepreneurs seeking financial freedom and the ability to work as they travel will find a friend in the Cloud.
It is advisable to look into cloud computing plans to make sure that you only pay for what you use, however. For this reason I is still a good idea to have physical backups of important files, even if the Cloud makes things more convenient. Still, using cloud computing can offer greater security since it is in the hands of big corporations rather than small startups with limited resources. Analyst firm Gartner reports that the cloud adoption is seeing high rates of growth, reflecting a shift from legacy IT to cloud-based services.While the cloud offers several benefits to enterprises and SMBs, every organization needs to evaluate certain aspects to understand when and how to implement the cloud technology as well as identify the services that can be moved to the cloud. In the consumer product market, SSD is far superior to HDD in terms of performance, weight, and power consumption. Therefore, product designs must be optimized to suit SSD media requirements, which in turn means that different strategies must be set and the appropriate data protections adopted.
The requirements of the typical first mover in cloud-based environments, marketing, are not the same as those of other departments. Given that no single cloud fits all purposes in digital business requirements it’s obvious that the multiple clouds reality continues to grow. Downloading games and movies from services such as Steam is another prime example of cloud computing. This article is an organizational audit for implementation of cloud computing for startups as well as large enterprises from the ground level.Identify the main business actors or stakeholdersThe first step is to identity the stakeholders of your business. The common view is that SDS is limited to Scale-out distributed storage that primarily uses x86 servers with an independent storage software suite. They are de facto having a multi-cloud reality whereby they have a range of clouds for various purposes.
In the enterprise market, prestigious firms like IDC and Gartner have repeatedly raised their predictions on all-flash market scales as sales continue to exceed expectations.
Using the local storage available on the servers helps build resource pools that are easy to share.
They either affect your business or get affected by your business and sometimes in bothways. It is important to define the flow of information so that proper procedures can be implemented. For instance, an ecommerce organization has a different flow of information when compared to a courier service.In the ecommerce business, the customer visits the online website, browses various products and makes a purchase. When the customer purchases the product, they are directed to the payment gateway where they login to their bank account using a debit or a credit card and make an online payment. The bank checks the available balance, authenticates the user and transfers the money to the ecommerce account. After receiving the amount, the purchased product is sent to the dispatch section.The courier service of the ecommerce company collects the details of the purchase, checks the inventory and packs the products. The company should keep track of all the details of the parcel right from the starting point to the destination point. Internally, every visit of the customer, the products purchased and the purchase history is documented to study the behavioral patterns of the customers. When the cloud is implemented, this flow has to be implemented.Put a shadow on unnecessary or unwanted dataWhile you define the flow of information, you need to identify components that are part of this processbut not important. If you consider the example of the ecommerce business service, the company has to keep track of the parcel as it moves from the starting point to the destination point. While the logistics personnel are involved in this process, you don’t need the payroll details of these personnel as it is handled by another entity outside the organization.Full cloud or partial cloud combined with on-premiseAfter identifying all flows that goes in and out of business, you should define which processes stay on-premise and which ones move to the cloud. In the ecommerce business instance, the front end web application that displays all the products and services would require access from customers across the globe. There are other procedures such as big data analytics that collect customer information and mine that data. However, the insights delivered from analytics can be used in the central applications wherein the company can offer customized pricing structure for end-users based on their purchase history. Organizations should also consider the efforts required to move data from legacy applications to the cloud.
Organizations that move small portions of infrastructure should consider the fact that moving small portions of the environment to the cloud might not yield you the full resource-optimization and cost savings that you expect.With multiple types of cloud configurations available for organizations, you can choose which applications should move to the cloud and what will stay on-premise. For the applications moving to the cloud, identifying the right type of cloud configuration is important.Firstly, check out the legacy and fragile applications that have been around for years. You should calculate the change in the licensing costs when these applications are moved to the cloud.
If you are limited by number of servers of licenses, it is good to run them on-premise.Cloud ConfigurationPROSCONSA public cloud is a type of cloud offering wherein cloud resources are shared between multiple customers. Data security and integrity is a concern for businesses.In a Private cloud, dedicated cloud resources are offered to each customer. It is also called a single-tenant model.Highest data security is offered as resources are not shared. While the right software can effectively manage the cash flow, analyze sales and improve efficiencies, the wrong software can keep you out of the business.The first step is to identify all the challenges that the software should address. For the ecommerce business, the software should manage the inventory, cash flow, securely process payments and ship the product to the end-users. In addition, there are several other processes such as analyzing customer data and delivering insights etc. At the primary level, the software should perform the basic functionalities of the business.
Consider the initial investment as well as the recurring costs and maintenance options.Based on the primary requirements and budget, you can eliminate several products and narrow down your selection to a few finalists.
As most companies offer a demo version, download the software and check how it processes your business procedures.
Take feedback from internal users about the performance, limitations and ease of use of the products. The processes that are identified as cloud-ready can move to the cloud while the applications best suited for on-premise would stay in-house…As you have already identified the flow of information for each procedure within the organization, the next step is to connect different entities in the infrastructure for a proper integration of data across all applications; cloud and on-premise. Forinstance, shipping applications such as FedEx and UPS should be integrated with other applications so that items purchased by the customer are automatically processed for shipping. You should make sure that data quickly loads from the on-premise database to the cloud applications and run in a timely manner.
Proper integration of networks for a quick and agile transportation of data across geographical and heterogeneous environments is the key. Critical data should be accessible for end-users on both sides.Testing the EnvironmentTo mitigate potential risks, it is always recommended to perform pilot testing after implementing the cloud technology. By testing the infrastructure, organizations can ensure that applications migrated to the cloud still meet business requirements while not creating any technical issues. It involves data verification, integration between various entities and interaction of applications on different platforms. By verifying the migration process, organizations can make sure that the production phase is better executed.Put into ProductionAfter the pilot testing is successfully done, organizations can start the actual migration process for a full-scale commissioning of the cloud technology. Even after full scale commissioning of the cloud, it is important to closely monitor the data movement across the infrastructure and the performance of the network.A smooth transition to the cloud is only possible with a reliable and experience cloud provider. The organization is a system and we need to listen to the system to understand the requirements. CenterServ is a specialized cloud provider that listens to your voice.We know all the best standards and solutions in the cloud and this makes us the ultimate option in developing and suggesting the best solution for your company.
If u know the system well (Cloud and On-premise), you are well positioned to offer best alternatives with pros and cons.
At the end, you get a beneficial and advantageous system.CenterServ has a wide network of nodes located in more than 150countries.
The company is not affiliated or obliged to any product, service or solution which means your organization is entitled for the best available alternative for any specific purpose or need. Contact us now and benefit from the cloud!Organizational Audit and Implementation was last modified: August 5th, 2016 by CenterServ Want to know more?

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