The newly-emerging Internet of Things (IoT) enables a large amount of devices to transmit and exchange data to assist in the operations of the organizations involved.
In order to efficiently run the IoT devices in the cloud, the organization involved requires verification and security to ensure that the data which is being transferred over the devices is authenticated and protected against security threats and malware. Believe it or not but the ability of the cloud to control device deployments on large scale depends entirely on the efficiency and speed of the wireless networks supporting it. The industry-IoT cloud alliances can enable the cloud-based solutions for communication hardware specialists, data storage specialists, analytics software leaders and mobile operators. By this time, almost all of us know that Internet of Things (IoT) has made its entry into every sector. Automatic communication instigated between electronic devices and infrastructures can salvage a great amount of money and energy. Enmetrics, founded in 2008, provides Internet of Things (IoT ) solutions for commercial environments. Plying the stormy cloud sea toward reality has been a challenge for business and IT folks alike. In an attempt to cut through the hype and educate myself outside the vendor sales pitches, I attended the latest AITP meeting on Cloud Computing. The panel consisted of Chris Burroughs,VP IT Infrastructure Services at Mondial Assistance.
The panelists were queried as to why their respective companies first pursued their cloud strategy. Mark Eichenberger then stated that in consulting with clients for Microsoft’s cloud solution, ROI plays an important role.
I’ll break in here and mention that the recent Google Blogger fiasco adds a caveat to Mr. The next question was concerned with the difference between Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds. Chuck McBride stated that a large number of people already have experience with Public Clouds (Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo). I’ll stop here and in Part Two of the series I will cover information security, best practices, risk  and vendor management for Cloud Computing.
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Since the number of IoT devices have started increasing, there is a gradual increase in the requirement of data storage, analysis and distribution. A cloud-based management platform can easily control multiple IoT applications at a time and provide the necessary analytics to extract the most advantage from this data for the benefit of this organization.
They also need connectivity and device management to detect and monitor security threats across varied network operators.
This will enable the support of more sleek and cost-effective systems for the organizations. This will lead to an exponential raise in the amount of computing power required to manage all the transactional data coming in from various connected devices.
It can enable remote diagnostics, data storage, consumer insight, advertising and much more. McBride stated that ROI was a driving factor in Tredegar’s decision to pursue a cloud strategy. This year, IoT tops the list (See chart below).Gartner believes that most emerging technologies go through a natural process in which they are triggered by some innovation, then they rise to a peak of inflated expectations. Any price and availability information displayed on the merchant site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Moreover, IoT devices controlled in a cloud environment can manage the resources of the organizations more efficiently.
If you do have a good data analytics platform at the cloud management end, you should take advantage of the higher bandwidth networks. A specifically designed and reasonably priced cloud platform can provide a very cost-effective way to introduce new machine-machine applications in this slowly emerging IoT-cloud market. Moreover, it will also allow you to take the full advantage of IoT and all the benefits it has to offer.
Burroughs has worked with the cloud model since the Application Service Provider (ASP) days. Burroughs stated that Mondial did not pursue cloud for Return on Investment (ROI) purposes, but to meet growing demand for their services in an environment where the IT staff was overworked or lacked requisite expertise on certain technologies.
Also, organizations do not have to go through a full capital procurement process for a cloud service, which means quicker time to market for new customer solutions.
However for a True Cost of Ownership (TCO) organizations should factor in risk mitigation and cost avoidance savings. Currently the organization uses Cloud platforms for data backup, customer service applications and some managed security services. A cloud-based system can allow you more ease in configuring, updating and troubleshooting through your device.
That additional cost to was deemed prohibitive to Tredegar leadership, which lead to the embracing of the moving systems to the cloud. All three of those technologies are expected to be commonplace in the market within 5 to 10 years, Gartner predicts.Some buzzwords from years past are beginning to become mainstream, Gartner believes.
Hybrid Cloud Computing is headed that way, but is still more hyped than the cloud in general. Eichenberger provides a variety of cloud solutions (Private, Hybrid, Public) to his customers.
Both are expected to mature within two to five years.3D printing appears multiple times on the chart. The most mature of the emerging technologies are consumer telematics (such as in-car mapping systems) and speech recognition software.Gartner has a preview of the buzzwords of tomorrow too. Global Infrastructure Manager of Tredegar Film Products was on hand to discuss his firm’s early cloud adoption strategy.

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