Restoring your device from an iCloud backup is convenient, but can be an extremely tedious process on a slow internet connection, especially if you’ve backed up a lot of media and applications. The Storage & Backup option under iCloud settings gives an overview of available and used storage, as well as an option to buy additional storage.
If you have multiple devices linked to the same Apple ID, you can only modify the apps that you would like to back up, from the device you are accessing the iCloud settings from. I hope Apple adds the option for people that want it, but man, that is one specific complaint.I don't think I've ever wanted the feature. That's all well and good if you're home alone, your phone rings, you aren't available, you find out when you return.
I am in medical school and I can personally vouch against doctors wanting to be within earshot. You should be able to move through the following instructions for backing up using iCloud in about five minutes. You should back up apps that contain important information or files, as well as apps that you have taken a lot of time to customize. Apps, books, music, and TV shows that have been subsequently removed from the App Store, iTunes Store, and iBookstore since you downloaded or purchased them. Learn More About Backing Up If you don't have a lot of time to learn much more about backing up, consider backing up only the files that are most important to you, such as photos or work files. You might think it is no big deal to transfer data from Android to iOS devices, probably you already did it a thousand times, but the situation might be totally different if you do it other way round. Whether you're new to Free Online Auction or a veteran user, we have just the right tools to start! If you just got a new iPhone and you want to transfer all of your data including pictures music contacts and text messages to a new iPhone. This is by far the easiest method and it doesnot require a PC or Mac, but it relies on having iCloud set up on the original device.
When finished, your new iPhone will have everything from the old iPhone and you’re ready to go!
If you are too eager to jump to your new iPhone before restoring it with your previous data, all you need to do is restore it to factory settings and then it will reboot back into the initial setup screen, letting you follow the two guides outlined above.
To start backing up your device data, make a connection to Wi-Fi and plugged in and locked. The time taken by back up process to complete depends upon the amount of data that you have chosen to be backed up. Restoring process will take some time depending upon the amount of data and on completion of restoration process; your iDevice will restart automatically. Before initializing the backup and restore process, make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes as well as of iOS installed.
Using iTunes, backup the data stored on your current device and transfer it to your computer.
Switch on your new device, select your preferred language and your country and choose Wi-FI network when asked to choose your preferred network services. Establish a connection to iTunes installed on your computer (on which backup was taken) and when prompted to choose from backup, Select the Back up your old device.
Funktion: Der Dienst dient primar dazu, Ihre Daten und Einstellungen zwischen Ihren Geraten zu synchronisieren.
Welche Funktionen Ihnen nun zur Verfugung stehen und was Sie dabei beachten sollten, lesen Sie in den nachsten Absatzen. Hier erklaren wir Ihnen, was sich hinter den einzelnen Funktionen verbirgt und was genau passiert, wenn Sie die Synchronisation fur diese aktivieren.
Kontakte, Kalender, Erinnerungen, Notizen: Ist die Synchronisierung eingeschaltet, werden Anderungen in einer dieser Apps sofort an die anderen Gerate ubermittelt, wenn diese mit dem Internet verbunden sind.
Safari: Die Synchronisierung von Safari empfiehlt sich deshalb, weil nicht nur Ihre Einstellungen ubernommen werden, sondern unter anderem auch eventuell gesetzte Lesezeichen.
Fotostream: Uber den Fotostream konnen Sie nicht nur die Fotos zwischen Ihren Geraten synchronisieren, sondern auch freigegebene Fotos von Freunden in Ihr Foto-Album laden. Reichen Ihnen die 5 GB kostenloser Speicher nicht aus, kosten allein 10 GB weiterer Speicher 16 Euro pro Jahr.
Sollten Sie also die 5 GB uberschreiten, raten wir Ihnen zu einem kostenlosen Dienst wie Dropbox, bei welchem Sie kostenlos bis zu 20 GB Speicherplatz erhalten. Mehr Wissenswertes und jede Menge Tricks fur iOS-Devices gibt es im CHIP Kiosk in unserem umfangreichem Sonderheft.
Im CHIP Kiosk finden Sie den iPhone Guide entweder als Heft oder als PDF zum sofortigen Herunterladen und schnellen Loslegen. Before upgrading to iCloud Drive, bear in mind that it will migrate your file system to a new structure.
By a quick look at the comments below, I quickly realized that there was some confusion going on in terms of what iCloud Drive is, and what it isn't. When you upgrade to iOS initially, you should be prompted on whether or not you'd like to upgrade to iCloud Drive.

You may receive a popup warning if you have other iOS and OS X devices that aren't currently using iCloud Drive.
One of the best features of iCloud Drive is how it works in conjunction with OS X and Windows. It may take some time for developers to hook iCloud Drive support into their apps, so watch for updates that offer it. One great feature in iOS 5 is that devices can now be set up and activated out of the box without having to connect them to iTunes. The process itself is completed in two stages, where your data is downloaded first, and your apps are installed later upon restarting the device (this requires a wi-fi connection). Once a device is selected, you’re presented with a new screen that lists information on about the size and date of the last backup, and the ability to choose the apps you want backed up.
However, I do recall back in the day, being in a public place, someone's phone rings in their purse or jacket, they're off in the bathroom or in a meeting or something. I mean, there are actual laws about car alarms that go off repeatedly because they are so amazingly annoying.
If we aren't on call (you would have a pager for this) then there is no reason to constantly check the phone. Different people use their phones in different ways, and I'd appreciate a more aggressive reminding of missed calls.A similar problem (which I reported as a bug a year ago, but which is still not fixed) is audible notification of text messages.
These instructions were verified for iOS 7, but they are nearly identical to the instructions for iOS 6. At this stage, you can consider yourself finished with the backup if don't want to back up anything else on your phone.
I personally wouldn't back up most apps that use a cloud service because all the app data you care about is already being hosted by the provider—not locally on your phone.
Connect your iPhone or iPad to a Wi-Fi signal, plug it into a power source (like an outlet), and leave the screen locked (in other words, don't use the device). To do a very quick backup job with your PC or Mac, see Get Organized: Backup Your Most Important Data. When you try to transfer data from iOS to Android, you will realize this is not easy at all.
If you don’t have iCloud set up or you have a slower internet connection, jump to the iTunes method instead. If you don’t have iCloud or your internet connection is slower, the iTunes method is also quite easy.
The backup data may include your email accounts, settings, videos, photos, music files, application programs (apps) and much more. To backup manually, tap on Back Up Now (it is important if you are migrating to a new device). Itunes is Soo Complicated that i couldnt find a Way to tranfer my Pics from Iphone to IPAd.. Wir verraten Ihnen, wie der Dienst funktioniert, worauf Sie achten sollten und geben Ihnen hilfreiche Tipps. So gleichen Sie beispielsweise die Kontakte auf Ihrem iPhone standig mit dem auf dem iPad ab. Andern Sie also eine Notiz auf Ihrem iPhone, wird diese automatisch auf Ihrem iPad aktualisiert. Uber diese konnen Sie im Falle des Verlustes Ihr iPhone orten, sperren und loschen, sofern dies mit dem Internet verbunden ist. Sobald Ihr Gerat mit dem Internet verbunden ist, werden etwaige Anderungen in den Einstellungen oder neu geschossene Fotos direkt in die iCloud fur ein Backup ubertragen.
Hier konnen Sie zwar von Ihrem mobilen Gerat nur Fotos hochladen, diese machen jedoch den Gro?teil des belegten Speichers aus. Dazu mussen Sie iCloud nun auch auf einem anderen mobilen Gerat oder auf Ihrem Mac oder Windows-PC einrichten.
Any devices running unsupported versions of iOS and OS X will not allow you to access anything stored in Drive.
If you said yes, you don't need to do anything further and can continue to the next section. Dump any documents you want into iCloud Drive and they'll instantly be available to any app that supports them on iOS, and vice versa. And as always, if you find any that do support it already, be sure to let us know in the comments! The initial setup is quite straightforward; just choose your region, preferred language and configure Wi-Fi. However, if you’re accessing them from your iPhone, you cannot modify the list of apps being backed up on your iPad and vice versa.
Something my Treo 650 used to do just fine.As great as new phones are, it is amazing how some of them have taken steps backwards in many little ways.
Not only do you have to listen to their phone ringing, but then you have to listen to the audible beep every so often and that can get quite annoying.

There are instances where I can see it being necessary.That said, I leave my phone completely silenced all day, every day and just check it periodically to see if anyone has tried to contact me. Suppose you have your phone connected to a BT headset or headphones, and a call comes through. But what would happen to your files, photos, and everything else if your iOS device were lost, stolen, or severely damaged? Below the step-by-step instructions, you'll also find a quick overview of how to restore your device using iCloud, should you need to, as well as a list of things that do and do not get backed up using this method.
Under the heading Backup Options, you'll see a list of the top five storage-using apps, plus another button reading "Show All Apps." Press Show All Apps, and you can now choose which items you want to back up.
Of course, if you want to back up more, you can pay Apple for extra storage space, starting at $20 a year for an additional 10GB. Your iPhone or iPad will automatically backup once a day when it meets these three conditions.
Enter passwords when prompted, and don't mess with your phone while that progress bar is still doing its thing. Somit erhalten Sie nicht nur eine neue, kostenlose und werbefreie E-Mail-Adresse, sondern auch einen E-Mail-Dienst, der sich ohne weitere Einstellungen auf all Ihren Geraten synchronisiert.
Subscriptions range from free all the way to $19.99 a month, depending on your storage needs. As long as you're signed into your iCloud Drive account, any apps that support iCloud Drive will give you options to open and save documents to it. You can then proceed to set up your device as a new device, restore it from an old backup (connection to iTunes required), or restore it from an existing iCloud backup.
This has been the cause of quite some confusion, as you cannot directly use your existing MobileMe account with iCloud without first migrating your account. Apple also offers refunds within 15 days of an upgrade or with 45 days after a yearly payment. The feature itself though is incredibly useful as it tells you exactly how much storage space is being used by each of your device backups from one central location. Convenient for you, not always convenient for those around you.Honestly, get into the habit of checking the phone when you've been away and out of earshot. The phone is smart enough to realize that it should still ring the phone speaker because you may not actually have the headset or headphones plugged in.
If you do want to back up more of your non-Apple apps, continue through the rest of the steps. If you aren't sure where to start, we can walk you through the set up process and how to start using iCloud Drive! So if you depend on cross-platform file sharing between iOS and your Mac and you haven't updated to Yosemite yet, iCloud Drive may not be for you. Or if you already are paying for an iCloud subscription, you can change it to best fit your current needs.
In the example above, you can see that not only can you choose to save documents and files to iCloud Drive from Scanner Pro, you can also navigate through folders and choose where you'd like to save them. In fact, I’ve manually had to keep a list of my purchase history to prevent buying the same app or song on two accounts. Morons won't even care to enable the cornerstone feature of any mobile device, but those who care - they will.You probably don't realize how retarded the 'quick tap' concept is, how extremely inconvinient for the user.
It isn't worth breaking your concentration to be completely on top of things (insert link to any number of articles suggesting the human brain is horrible at multitasking here).
But it does not extend that same level of intelligence to other notifications, most obviously text messages --- but I think also Skype or Viber calls. At this point, there’s absolutely no other cloud service that integrates a bundle of services as diversified and well thought out as iCloud. Otherwise yours is the phone people are going to want to smash with a sledgehammer because it's beeping every few seconds.
This should be enough to attract hordes of users that can leverage the advantage of having one ID across devices and stores and truly reap the benefits of an integrated ecosystem. Whether it is a commercial success for Apple, or a debacle like MobileMe is what remains to be seen. After that, you should click iCloud button, there will be a small dialogue box pop up for you to login your iCloud account. Not a small matter by any means and surely not 'niche', since every freaking user suffers from this.If iPhones were really that good, they'd have a dedicated LED indicator for missed events and sufficient options to customize alerts, but they would be off by default so idiots wouldn't complain that their iPhone is bugging them.
No need to worry if this software will get access to your personal data, MobileTrans can do lot things, but never will it steal its usera€™s private information.
Leave it disabled by default, that's fine, might even add a warning before activating alerts, but this feature just needs to be there, man.

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