Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I'm a little confused about all the different memory cards that are available for digital cameras and video cams. If you're going on a week-long trip, you don't want to run out of memory and you probably won't be able to empty your memory card frequently, if at all.
Some cameras also incorporate file-compression technology; if that is enabled, a high-resolution photo will take up less space when stored in compressed (JPG) format than an uncompressed (RAW) photo. Enabling compression slows down the storage process, though, so you have to wait longer to snap the next photo. Memory card write speed is the critical factor; that is, how many bytes of data are transferred from the camera's RAM to the card's memory per second. If your memory card works fine in your camera, but your computer won't recognize the card, chances are it's one of the newer SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) cards. EDITOR'S NOTE: As long as your computer assigns a drive letter to the media card, it should work. I work in photography and have bought several digital cameras and have yet to see any that come with a memory card.
You forgot to mention that some cameras have an upper limit on what capacity card they will accept, e.g. You say that if your computer doesn't recognize your memory card, you have to use the camera to USB cord. I have some photographs in my memory card which i had clicked through my nikkon coolpix 3200.

However when i open the pics in my digital camera it opens up and all pics show only in that digital camera.. If you're photographing a special event, you will snap a lot of photos and you don't want to run out of memory right before the groom kisses the bride. Cameras generally let you specify low, medium, and high resolution for photos; the higher the resolution the bigger the photo file. That's no problem if you're photographing flowers but when snapping a tennis match or a fashion model, you want to snap-snap-snap very rapidly. Like optical media, memory card speed is noted in multiples of a base speed, which is 150 kilobytes per second for memory cards. Digital camera memory cards are essentially solid-state RAM chips, and quality control varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. I've always just put the card into a card reader and connected to my PC to transfer pics but today the PC just shows an empty folder. They are more secure, reliable and Free of course.Windows Live Sky DriveWindows Live Sky drive is the most popular cloud based data backup service provided by Microsoft.
If you transfer photos from the camera to your hard drive or other storage media every couple of days, you don't need more memory. Take a few photos at each of your camera's resolutions, upload to your computer, and note their file sizes.
Windows Live Sky Drive provides a unique web link to each folder so that you can mail that link to anyone you wish to.The files and folders can be accessed from any web connected device like a Home PC or a Smartphone.
You can avail this feature by creating an account in Windows Live Sky Drive.Did you read my Article on How to Get 25GB Storage for Free on SkyDrive?

Google DriveGoogle Drive is the latest entrant in this field and we must say that Google Drive is one competitor that is here to stay in Online data backup an storage services. The premium storage is quite cost-effective and should encourage the users to go for it.In fact, Google Docs now redirects to Google Drive as all those Google users who have already applied for Google Drive service have got their Docs section, transformed into Drive section. All their existing Google documents are now stored in Google Drive.DropboxDrop Box is another popular web service that has been in the business of online data storage and backup for quite some time now.
It also provides free remote data backups for users up to 2GB [Up to 18 GB if you refer new users to Dropbox, 500 MB extra per referral] and it also provides file syncing between your PC, Mac or Mobile. With the arrival of Google Drive, they are surely going to have to bump up their free storage quota up to 5GB.IDrive ClassicIDrive Classic is another web services that provides online backup solutions to end users. You can try this service by visiting the iDrive Classic website.HumyoHumyo is another online storage and backup service, tough less popular compared to its BIG rivals. Humyo divides the storage space into two partitions each of 5GB; one partition is for storing media files like pictures, music, videos and another partition for storing files of non-media types such as documents. To avail their services, visit Humyo website.BinfireBinfire also provides fast and secure online data backup facility.
It also provides the feature to create folders and share with their friends and family like Windows Live Sky Drive.Local Internet Service Providers (ISP)Many of the United States and United Kingdom internet service providers (ISP) are also providing a facility to have remote data backups, many of them offering free storage up to 2GB, as a part of internet package to their customers. Now am using Google Drive, Dropbox and will surely try out the other services.Reply Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.

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