From time to time Microsoft VP, Frank Shaw, likes to do a blog post that has some numbers to indicate the scope of what we do at Microsoft.
Gone are the on location racks and in are the cloud based servers and bandwidth provided by CSC, the Computer Sciences Corporation.
Although most data is stored on the cloud, sensitive application information is still kept in house. Applications Model - Developers can rapidly create highly available, secure cloud applications. These trends can offer dramatic improvements in business agility, operational efficiency and IT maturity with significant cost savings. Microsoft is committed to bring in learning's from building and running public cloud services (like Windows Azure) to the enterprise datacenter.
Invest in the entire cloud stack-infrastructure, platforms, applications-with a service centric focus. Ensure applications run consistently across on-premises (private cloud) and off-premises (public cloud).
Similar flexibility and agility across cloud environments whether you're using your own assets, working with service providers (hosting partners), or deploying into Microsoft's datacenters (e.g.
Only Microsoft has the spectrum of assets across developer tools, management, identity and security, server and cloud to achieve the above described consistency between private and public cloud solutions.
Microsoft will innovate and make advanced cloud capabilities available as part of its product roadmaps.
On this site, Microsoft executives, customers and partners provide insights, resources and guidance to information technology and business leaders about cloud computing.
Microsoft announces new solutions and offerings to help customers and partners realize the benefits of cloud computing.
Today customers can begin their journey to the private cloud by deploying the Microsoft products and technologies they know and trust.
The System Center Virtual Machine Manager Self-Service Portal 2.0 is a free, partner-extensible toolkit that will enable datacenters to dynamically pool, allocate, and manage virtualized resources to enable Infrastructure-as-a-Service.
Tested guidance and best practices to help configure and deploy private cloud infrastructures. Automated web portals and infrastructure provisioning engine that's integrated with System Center. Today, customers can also leverage Dynamic Datacenter Alliance (DDA) offerings from service providers (Microsoft hosting partners) to extend their on-premises private clouds in a secure manner. As organizations look to take advantage of the public cloud today through utilizing the services offered by hosters, it is important that those hosters are able to deliver that value rapidly. Microsoft enables the hosters to offer public cloud today through the existing Microsoft technologies and environments they know and trust. Microsoft is further enabling hosters to offer public cloud with the introduction of the Dynamic Datacenter Toolkit for Hosters.
Step-by-step instructions that you can use to build instantly scalable virtualized infrastructure.
Case Study: Asia's largest internet data center company, KIDC Korea, deploys Microsoft's Cloud Computing Infrastructure Solution and expects significant increase in net profit. Find in-person, upcoming, and recorded events, as well as roadshows and webcasts, that will help you learn more about Microsoft's Cloud Computing Infrastructure and its service offerings: Dynamic Datacenter Toolkits for Hosters and the Dynamic Datacenter Toolkit. Microsoft has a full range of software applications to help IT Pros and Developers reach a new levels of productivity with Cloud-Based IT solutions. Windows Live ID is the identity and authentication system provided by Windows Live that lets you create universal sign in credentials across diverse applications. Windows Intune simplifies how businesses manage and secure PCs using Windows cloud services and Windows 7-so your PCs and users can operate at peak performance, from virtually anywhere.

Microsoft Office Live Meeting provides real-time, Web-hosted conferencing so you can connect with colleagues and engage clients from almost anywhere - without the cost of travel. Microsoft Office Communications Online delivers robust messaging functionality for real-time communication via text, voice, and video. Microsoft Office Web Apps are online companions to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, giving you the freedom to access, edit, and share Microsoft Office documents from virtually anywhere. Microsoft Exchange Online is highly secure hosted e-mail with "anywhere access" for your employees, starting at just $5 per user per month. Microsoft Forefront Online Protection for Exchange helps protect businesses' inbound and outbound e-mail from spam, viruses, phishing scams, and e-mail policy violations.
Microsoft SharePoint Online gives your business a highly secure, central location where employees can collaborate and share documents. Microsoft SQL Azure provides a highly scalable, multi-tenant database that you don't have to install, setup, patch or manage. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online helps you find, keep, and grow business relationships by centralizing customer information and streamlining processes with a system that quickly adapts to new demands. We and our partners are committed to delivering a broad set of enterprise-ready products and business solutions that build on what you already know. Vom Fruhjahr dieses Jahres an wird Microsoft Non-Profit-Organisationen (NPOs) uber eine Laufzeit von drei Jahren Cloud-Services im Wert von einer Milliarde US-Dollar (entspricht rund 918 Millionen Euro) kostenlos zur Verfugung stellen. Das angekundigte Spendenprogramm basiert auf drei Saulen: Erstens bietet Microsoft NPOs nun neben Office 365 auch seine Cloud-Services Azure, Power BI, CRM Online sowie die Enterprise Mobility Suite kostenlos oder mit signifikanten Preisnachlassen an.
Erst im Dezember des vergangenen Jahres hatte Microsoft sein gesellschaftliches Engagement unter dem Dach von Microsoft Philanthropies neu organisiert, um die Erreichung der Nachhaltigkeits- und Entwicklungsziele der Vereinten Nationen, die so genannten Sustainable Development Goals, zu unterstutzen. Microsoft unterstutzt ehrenamtliches Engagement weltweit in zahlreichen Initiativen mit Spenden und kostenfreiem Zugang zu modernen Informationstechnologien aus der Cloud. O SlideShare utiliza cookies para otimizar a funcionalidade e o desempenho do site, assim como para apresentar publicidade mais relevante aos nossos usuarios.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Microsoft on Thursday reported better-than-expected quarterly adjusted revenue for the third quarter.
Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella, has been shifting Microsoft’s focus to software and cloud services as demand for the Windows operating system continues to slow with the emergence of smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices. Under Nadella, the tech giant has started to streamline its platforms, while cutting 1,000 jobs or approximately 1% of Microsoft’s workforce.
SEE ALSO:10 Great Inventors You Never Knew Were FreemasonsMicrosoft still has a long road ahead. The mail service had recently been under threat from more efficient competition and privatization. Cloud based services reduce costs as clients are only billed for the features they use; over the Christmas period Royal Mail saw their costs rise by approximately 20% and then fall by the same figure in January. This is something the company hopes to overcome in the not to distant future by using Microsoft’s Hyper-V solution. However, we will continue to offer customers the flexibility to choose the datacenter deployment options that best suit their business context. The flexible and familiar platform and tools you use today will become the foundation for your private cloud. Hosters are now able to take advantage of Microsoft's proven technology platform, best practices, and experience to build their public cloud offerings. Capabilities such as Windows Server 2008 with Hyper-V, proven development environments, to System Center and Forefront, all are leveraged to deliver the public cloud, without introducing the additional complexity of unproven technologies.
It is a free, extensible toolkit that enables you to provide virtualized IT infrastructure and managed services to your customers.

That means more managed workflow, better version control, and "anywhere access" to business critical data.
Then join us for a series of webcasts, both live and on-demand, and learn how our approach enables enterprise-class services, consistent connected experiences, and the power of choice. Zweitens wird Microsoft Research, die Forschungsabteilung des Unternehmens, uber sein Programm „Azure for Research“ gezielt weitere universitare Forschungsprogramme unterstutzen. Dazu zahlen unter anderem die Beendigung von Armut und Hunger sowie die Sicherung erschwinglicher nachhaltiger Energien.
In Deutschland hat Microsoft NPOs in den letzten Jahren Software in zweistelliger Millionenhohe pro Jahr zur Verfugung gestellt.
Basta enviar o seu pedido e o Microsoft Azure lida com os detalhes de implementacao, de provisionamento e balanceamento de carga para monitoramento de saude para a disponibilidade continua. The company is facing steep competition in the cloud space from Amazon, Google, Box, Dropbox, and various other competitors. Click it to zoom in.Microsoft has released to manufacturing (RTM) System Center 2012 Service Pack (SP) 1, according to a post in the TechNet forums by a Microsoft support engineer, and that the General Availability of System Center 2012 SP1 will be early January 2013.
In order to streamline services and, more importantly, bring down rising costs, the company switched from the onsite Lotus suite to the more modern Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite.
This gives the advantages of being able to move applications on or off the cloud while keeping the data secure. Going forward, Microsoft will deliver richer private cloud capabilities for your use in subsequent releases of Windows Server and System Center.
There are more than 63 hosters that have live DDA offerings as of today, while over 100 others have offerings in the pipeline. Drittens weitet die Microsoft Business Development-Gruppe bis Mitte 2017 ihre Initiative fur den kostengunstigen Zugriff auf Microsoft-Losungen („Affordable Access Initiative“) auf 20 Projekte in mindestens 15 Landern aus. Aus Sicht von Microsoft werden Cloud-Technologien bei der Losung dieser Probleme eine zentrale Rolle spielen. Zudem bietet Microsoft Deutschland in Zusammenarbeit mit uber eine NGO-Helpline kostenlosen Support durch Mitarbeiter von Microsoft an. Many company’s are in a race to zero as they begin to offer some core products at no cost in an attempt to lure customers to their paid services. Microsoft confirmed the RTM of System Center 2012 SP1 stated: "We can confirm that System Center 2012 SP1 has been released to manufacturing today. It is estimated that over the last 4 years there has been a 10-15% reduction in the cost of maintenance alone. Auch die Mitarbeiter von Microsoft Deutschland selbst engagieren sich und haben die Moglichkeit, sich fur ihr Ehrenamt bis zu drei Tage im Jahr bei vollem Lohnausgleich freistellen zu lassen. We're working towards making it generally available to customers as soon as possible and will have more to share in January."Cumulative Update 2 now available for System Center 2012 Configuration Manager is now available as a hotfix download via KB 2780664.
Note that all of the items addressed in both CU1 and CU2 will be included in Service Pack 1 for Configuration Manager," Microsoft stated.Get System Center 2012 Configuration Manager CU2 here. Membership in the group, rather than the account location in the OU hierarchy, determines whether the computer receives one of the GPOs associated with the membership group. To illustrate the wide range of options and features in Windows Azure, "this guide and the code examples available for it show a step-by-step migration process that includes using Windows Azure Web Sites, Virtual Machines, Cloud Services, and SQL Database," the company informs. Together with useful information on developing, deploying, managing, and costing cloud-hosted applications, this guide provides you with a comprehensive resource for moving your applications to Window Azure.

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