An increase in demand for computing resources and development in networking technology has provoked several large firms to outsource their computing and storage needs.
Microsoft cloud storage has originated as a well-known deployment model for framing highly reliable and highly available storage services. A big challenge faced by people and enterprises is to trust the cloud to protect their valuable data. An easy solution found by Microsoft cloud storage to resolve this issue is by providing integrity to data by duplicating it. Microsoft cloud storage allows you to leave all your valuable files on your computer and access them from anywhere on the internet. Microsoft cloud storage provides you with plenty of storage space for spreadsheets, word documents, and other basic files.
Six months ago, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel asked CIO Brett Goldstein to bring the Windy City into the digital age. Cloud computing, which often seems too much hype and too little reality, is starting to capture real customers.
Chicago officials said they are migrating the city’s 30,000 civil servants from their current email and desktop applications to Microsoft 365. The decision to use a cloud service and the selection of Microsoft started last June and culminated in the January announcement. Although it might seem like a remarkable achievement to make in just six months a decision that would affect every city employee and citizen coming into contact with . Microsoft, in questi ultimi giorni, ha annunciato la disponibilita a livello globale di OneDrive, piattaforma cloud che permette di salvare foto, video, documenti e tutti i vostri dati piu importanti. Quando si parla di backup ed archiviazione dei propri dati il riferimento, molto spesso, e diretto ai classici hard disk meccanici, anche se il cloud si sta rivelando un’ottima alternativa rispetto alle tradizionali soluzioni. OneDrive, precedentemente denominato SkyDrive, adesso e una delle piattaforme cloud piu flessibili e che offre funzionalita avanzate.
Redmond is pushing out a Service Pack 1 update to System Center to get all of the functionality it has been talking about out the door. It was only last September when Windows Server 2012 was launched with much fanfare and the combination of System Center 2012, Microsoft's server and hypervisor control freak, was billed as "the first cloud OS".
The company is also rolling up some of the nifty things it has created internally to run its Windows-based Azure public cloud and offering it as a bolt-on to service providers trying to build their own clouds based on Windows, System Center, and the Hyper-V server virtualization hypervisor. In a webcast to launch the updates to System Center and the new Azure Services for Windows Server, Michael Park, corporate vice present of cloud OS marketing in the Server & Cloud Division, said that the operating system will play an important role on clouds, from the devices that are endpoints back to the data centers that feed them.
It is hard to argue these days that Microsoft doesn't understand scale, as its Bing search engine and Azure cloud, among many other services, amply demonstrate.
Mike Schutz, general manager of Windows Server and management product marketing, said that there are over 14,000 service providers in the world that have built hosting businesses based on Windows, with 8,500 peddling SQL Server and 5,500 selling Exchange Server as add-on features of their hosting. Microsoft has not been at all shy about what it wants with the triple whammy of Windows Server 2012, System Center 2012, and Hyper-V: to use price and technology to knock VMware out of the clouds and back to earth. With System Center 2012 SP1, which has been in beta for the past several months, Microsoft is picking up the pace on getting the full capabilities of its stack out there.
The important thing as far as Microsoft and its customers are concerned is that now the Windows Server stack can deliver on the promise of having a single instance of the Virtual Machine Manager add-on to System Center create and manage a cloud that can be extended across 64 clustered server nodes and spanning as many as 8,000 virtual machines. With the initial System Center 2012, Microsoft allowed customers to manage virtual server slices out on the Azure public cloud from the same pane of glass they use to manage their internal virty servers. The SP1 update of System Center 2012 also includes hooks to an Azure-based service called Global Service Monitor, which uses Microsoft's own performance data from its Azure points of presence around the global network to give you a sense of how your applications will perform – running inside your own data center, running on Azure, or a mix of both – based on the state of the global intertubes and the systems running your applications. Microsoft has also taken some in-house goodies that it uses to run multi-tenant clouds with virtualized processing and networking, and rolled it up as Windows Azure Services for Windows Server, which will help service providers set up their clouds.
The two Azure Services that the company is rolling out alongside System Center 2012 SP1 relate to raw infrastructure slices on the Azure cloud and web site hosting.

This latter bit will be part of the Orchestrator component of System Center 2012, and is available for free to service providers at this link.
Finally, Microsoft announced that System Center Configuration Manager is now integrated with its Windows Intune cloud-based service for managing PCs, tablets, and smartphones running Windows 8, Windows RT, or Windows Phone 8.
If you are already using the Configuration Manager feature of System Center to manage your PCs, you can stick with that to manage PCs or co-mingle Configuration Manager and Intune to manage PCs and smartphones and tablets from inside System Center. This guide is designed to assist prospective All Flash Array buyers evaluate the different options. 77 Energy uses Okta to automate provisioning and deprovisioning tasks, so IT can focus on identifying and deploying business solutions. This vendor-agnostic guide will help you avoid the pitfalls and choose a solution that really works for your company.
For decades, the limitations of spinning disks have held back data center efficiency and constricted architecture decision-making. Storing and accessing enormous amounts of data in the cloud definitely comes with a cost, especially for storing digital data.
The cloud storage makes three copies of data, which is typically adequate to preserve the data safe and sturdy in the occurrence of server failures – which are bound to happen.
This simply means that you do not have to email large files or carry USB thumb drives that eventually get accumulated quickly, specifically when transferring videos and photos.
A special folder will be created on your computer by the software for that specific service. The most visible example of Goldstein’s digital sprint came in the first week of January with an announcement that the city was shifting its 30,000 employees to cloud-based email and desktop applications based on the Microsoft 365 office cloud. And government organizations, cities in particular, are paying attention and starting to sign up for cloud services.
The win is important for Microsoft, which is locked in competition with Google and Amazon over signing customers into their cloud-based environments. And if you want to build a private cloud with them, it's downright impossible if you don’t have a management suite. Continuando a utilizzare questo sito senza modificare le impostazioni dei cookie o clicchi su "Accetta" permetti al loro utilizzo.
And because Microsoft has over 1 billion end-user customers and 20 million businesses using its software, as well as 75 per cent of the world's data center servers, it was uniquely qualified to tackle the big problems that come from running cloudy infrastructure. And perhaps equally importantly, Microsoft has a vast base of service-provider customers already using its Windows stack who are looking to transform from traditional hosting to cloudy infrastructure. Now, the System Center 2012 control freak can reach out and manage Windows Server 2012 itself, which it could not do in the initial release last year, as well as the SQL Server 2012 relational database. With System Center 2012 SP1, not only can the control freak boss around SQL Server 2012, but it can use that most recent Microsoft database as a repository for data created and stored by System Center itself. This was done through a feature called App Controller, which in SP1 is now extended to babysit virty servers running at any service provider, not just Microsoft. Schutz also said that System Center 2012 SP1 would be able to control freak other hypervisors and operating systems, but a list of those was not available at press time.
Global Service Monitor is available now as a 90-day trial and will be available in March; it is not clear what fees Microsoft will charge for it.
In addition to this, Microsoft has also put a new API layer inside of its control freak called Service Provider Foundation, which will allow service providers to create multi-tenant, self-service portals that integrate with infrastructure clouds based on the Windows stack from Microsoft. Microsoft says it can handle up to 100,000 mobile devices with the latest Intune January 2013 release. Those who have licenses to System Center Configuration Manager will get discounts on Intune licenses, according to Microsoft. Microsoft cloud storage team has created an effective mathematic tool that reduces significant amount of storage space required by data.

Microsoft cloud storage focuses on this particular challenge: organizing data to maintain it safe and secure while reducing the required amount of storage space as well as cost for storage. To upload your file on the Microsoft cloud storage service, you should just move the icon of the file you want to store to the browser window. Any data you add to that folder will automatically be transferred to your online Microsoft cloud storage. Chicago, a city not known for being trendy for trend’s sake, is the latest to make a big cloud commitment. Today, Microsoft announced new capabilities for managing mobile devices from the cloud, and its overall vision for integrating the customer data center, the Azure public cloud, and third-party service providers with Windows Server 2012 and System Center 2012 Service Pack 1.
Non solo, e possibile visualizzare e modificare i documenti da qualunque browser grazie ad Office Web Apps, senza perdere la formattazione. Se acquistate un Surface 2 o un Surface 2 Pro, Microsoft vi offrira 200 GB per una durata totale di 2 anni, mentre Office 365 Home Premium offre 100 GB supplementari (20 GB a persona per un massimo di 5 persone nel nucleo familiare). Se non avete ancora un account su OneDrive, vi suggeriamo di crearlo per provare e testare tutte le funzionalita del cloud di Microsoft.
All existing Intune accounts current in June of last year will be upgraded to the January 2013 release next month. If changes are made to those files by you or your partners, from another computer, the original version of the file will also get updated automatically. Microsoft ha pensato veramente a tutto, includendo il backup delle fotografie dai dispositivi mobile ed anche il supporto a numerosi formati di file avanzati, tra cui le immagini RAW che sono visualizzabili direttamente nel browser, cosi come i file PNG con sfondo trasparente.
To access your file or data from a different computer, you simply log in to the Microsoft cloud storage service website. The first part is to update System Center to support all the capabilities of Windows Server 2012 (a not inconsiderable task all by itself).
You can also create web links to specific files or even entire folders for sharing purposes. The second part is to roll up the management of these capabilities into a higher-level, more holistic and integrated environment: Microsoft's "Cloud OS", the company's mission to make deploying and managing Microsoft-based cloud computing seamless between company data centers running Windows Server 2012, Windows Azure services, and third party service providers. This also includes support for management of non-Windows systems, chargeback, and deeper Azure management capabilities such as deploying VMs directly to Azure or backing up running on-premises workloads to Azure with Data Protection Manager.
InTune is now tightly integrated with Configuration Manager and provides more mobile device management (MDM) capabilities than its predecessor. For example, Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V network virtualization is a new and critical component to Microsoft’s cloud vision because it separates the virtual network environment (such as a VM’s availability-impacting IP address) from the ever-changing physical network. I like to think of network virtualization as making a VM “slipperier” because where you move a VM is no longer restricted by its physical IP subnet.
If you’re a hosting provider network virtualization isolates your customer networks from one another. However, implementing Hyper-V network virtualization in a large production environment can be a daunting task.
Virtual Machine Manager in System Center 2012 SP1 greatly simplifies this task with a separate virtual network section that allows you to visualize and manipulate your virtual network, including a view that shows the often confusing VM-to-network relationship.
Like Operations Manager’s synthetic transactions (real time actions that simulate a customer’s actions to monitor an application or service’s performance) writ large, the Global Service Monitor provides synthetic transaction monitoring at any one of many Azure points of presence around the world. There are a lot of moving parts that comprise this architecture, so it’ll be interesting to see how well Microsoft’s vision actually knits together in practice for the IT pro or service architect.

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