Pink Madras bag from Miu Miu Resort 2015: this bag is gorgeous except for one thing, the handles.
Model and Philanthropist Petra Nemcova launched a line of candles at Neiman Marcus in Chicago.
There's nothing aesthetically wrong with them, it's just that if know you Miu Miu, you will forever know to which collection this bag belongs to because of the handles. Though I think this is one of the best bags Miu Miu has produced as of yet, I still don't understand the colors available.

With our vibrant lives taking up all the storage on our devices, we are slowly warming to cloud-based services that promise to keep our stuff safe and accessible.A company called MiMedia has designed a cloud service it hopes allays reluctance with a clean user interface, quick uploading and easy, private sharing. Best of all, it can immediately free up storage space on your phone.MiMedia is available on iOS and Android devices as well as desktop computers. That means a user can store up to 2,500 photos, 125 videos, 2,000 songs and 10,000 documents. Considered a luddite by most of his friends, they did not believe him when he broke the news that he would be writing for a technology website.

He is fascinated by human nature and would love to cultivate stories about the people driving the tech bus.

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