MEGA is now a more established name when it comes to cloud storage services, and it has gone down well with users, earning positive feedback. When more information comes available we’ll enhance this chart even further, so bookmark this page to come back later! MEGA Mobile Apps allow access to files and folders from users’ smartphones and tablets. MEGA Sync Client ensures easy automation of syncing between the system and the MEGA cloud drive.
What makes MEGA stand out (well, at least this is what they claim) is that they provide a high level of security. This cloud storage service has definitely made a good start, offering 50GB of free cloud storage in the beginning – it is trying to integrate various features.
The storage space of 15GB is shared across all these services, so if users have large attachments in emails, then they will be counted in, and enabling the automatic photo backup to Google+ from a smartphone will act in the same way.
Google Drive doesn’t provide extra storage space through referrals or link the user account to social media, unlike OneDrive and Dropbox. Data stored on Drive is encrypted in 128-bit AES rather than the 256-bit employed by Box, OneDrive, and Dropbox and is quite similar to Apple. When it comes to user privacy, Microsoft has secured the right to scan user files and documents, and shuns objectionable content according to its policies.
Users resort to 1TB with Dropbox Pro, which is offered for around $9.99 per month, to store files of larger size. Hence, irrespective of the technology the system is functioning on, Dropbox ensures safe and secure data that can be accessed by users anytime, anywhere. Apart from creating and syncing the important user documents in a local folder in a PC or on the latest smart device, Dropbox’s offline functionality will make user-selected files available offline. A simple right click is required on any folder to add it to SugarSync after you register and set up an account with this storage service.
SugarSync has a separate mobile app designed for mobile users that allows syncing, accessing, and browsing of files across all smart devices on the go. The same rigorous standards are applied when you access your files from any computer or mobile phone, and all data is encrypted before leaving SugarSync’s servers.
Enhanced with three fold functionality, SpiderOak is a compelling online backup, syncing, and file-sharing service, as it connects a number of source computers from which those files can come. The simple design of SpiderOak is specializedonly in providing secured storage instead of serving wider productivity like Dropbox and OneDrive. As you can see, cloud storage services differ mostly in either their reliability, or the free storage that they offer. With its upgraded features, MEGA is aiming to be the game changer and starts a new era when it comes to free cloud storage offerings. There is one thing though that really makes MEGA stand out… the face that it gives 50 freaking GB of storage! One main thing I DO love about the Google Drive, is that its uploading from my devices automatically names them by the date they were taken, whereas others that I have tried will do some random other name or just use the name that the device has defaulted it to (which no device has a good naming system that I like so far!).
You can do exactly the same with a Microsoft Account as far as syncing calendar, email, docs, etc.
My Documents and Pictures folders are directly synced with Skydrive, i got myself 25GB free storage and if you use SpaceSniffer before uploading you can delete the unnecessary bigger files. Al tough they say your data is secured, if the government wants to see it, they will see it. I was using Dropbox (not enough free space for me), Sugarsync (same like Dropbox, and for me slow). Bonus for you is, that if you will find some referral, you will get next 5GB for free per each! Let’s be true to ourselves for a moment, if you do not like the idea if being tracked, then stand up against it. As far as Google Drive, I hate the slow upload speeds and how to literally brings your network to a crawl. I hate automatic uploading of photos to Dropbox because they RENAME my photos, and that’s extremely confusing!!!! Another bonis is that is works wonderfully with other such files as installations and .iso images. And yet ANOTHER note, if you use Windows, it syncs in very well with the OS, espeically Windows 8.1. I like Mega, fast download and accessible behind alot of firewalled internet which blocked file hosting sites. The key factor about mega as not mentioned much if any, is their stuff gets tried for seizurey all of the time.
Kim Dotcom says that MEGA has so many enthusiastic collaborators and is so good financially ensured, that 50 GB will always be free – even without his presence. I’ve been using Mediafire for several years to upload photos that I want to share privately.
I looked at the storage capacities offered, but really had no idea what my own storage needs are. Mega Limited was launched on the first anniversary of Dotcom’s failed file sharing site, Megaupload. Despite its seemingly overnight success, there were issues with the service in early days of usage. Today, Mega has over 15 million registered users with an average of 350 gigabytes of bandwidth used. We decided to take a look and see if the site is as good as it promises because the company boasts the best security in the cloud and offers a whopping 50GB of free storage.
Mega does have a sync client available for customers that prefer to dump files into this folder and have them transfer when the system isn’t using as much bandwidth. Should a user forget what the password is, the only way to recover it is by having the master key. Because the consumer keeps all keys and passwords, it is one of the more secure services on the market.
New folders can be created prior to upload and then documents placed within these newly created folders.
The sync client is a nice feature that allows users to place files into the downloaded app and then transfer them when the computer is running idle.
We put Mega to the test, uploading an entire folder that was 3.5 GB while working on other tasks.
Not only was the upload slow, it made navigating the account very sluggish and hard to accomplish anything. Other consumers reported that using the Firefox add-on also helps speed uploads and download in the same manner as the sync client. Features & Addons70% – DecentMega has only a few add-ons that users will be able to take advantage of. Firefox and Chrome users will be able to batch download files without any size restrictions.  It promises to reduce loading times, strengthen security, and improve the download performance of the browser. Users can also download the Mega Sync client to save time uploading files to their accounts. Recently, Mega introduced MegaChat, a browser-based voice and video chat app that can be used by Mega account holders.
Final VerdictMega offers some of the best security among cloud storage services, which is what it’s best known for. Will you please go into more detail about your concern and what general set-up you recommend for a complete backup? Lol you are a goose, 60KILBYTES a second is not the same as 56k dialup, which was 56KILOBITS. Mega is a great service, the only problem with the free accounts are the limits, until they kick in the max speed I got is 100mbit in download and 120mbit in upload. Is it possible to link MEGA Windows App to a Dropbox folder, and to get 2 backups for the files? Very crazy fast to upload and has the only option missing from all other cloud storage service: we can choose which folder we want to upload to the cloud and not only the default sync folder. I am really happy when i got 50 gb bit i do feel not comfortable because next time i might lose it when you say stop free.
I’ve got a free account and am using Mega to store DCPs (film exhibition files) that are downloaded by film festivals. Of course their right on you soon as you go over your 50 GB free account, but as for actual problems from a real paying customers, you truly suck! MEGA provides a completely private cloud storage experience, combined with easy to use features and great looking apps. Shared folders with pictures in them will be converted to photo galleries, so your recipient can easily view them. If you no longer want to share a folder, you can turn off the public link in the Sharing menu.
Regardless, you can restore previous versions of files by right clicking on them and downloading them to your computer. My upload speeds to MEGA averaged 7.8 megabits per second (Mbps), which maxed out my bandwidth.
As far as restore speeds, I downloaded a 10GB test file at 27.3 Mbps, which was just short of my 31 Mbps maximum. MEGA also has apps for Chrome and Firefox, which are supposed to be faster than using the default web interface. Anybody who is paranoid about security and needs to store large amounts of data in the cloud would be well served by MEGA. Since MEGA offers a whopping 50GB of free cloud storage space, you should definitely it a try. Is it just me or Do They capped upload bandwidth on their free service in order to offer more powerful support on fees charged service?
MegaCloud stands among global leaders of remote access, online storage and cloud computing solution providers.
Backed by technical expertise and engineering excellence, the development team at megacloud offers wide range of solutions assisting companies to leap forward.

MegaCloud has different mobile apps providing management and sharing of documents, photos, music collection & movies. Megacloud review: MegaCloud is the only free cloud storage provider service that gives you dedicated file storage and cloud backup service for free. Your Business will soon be revolutionarized with the overwhelming growth of Cloud Computing.
Most of us now rely on fast broadband and mobile broadband, so cloud computing is getting stronger by day. Instead, it works as a platform where apps can be developed to further enhance its core functionality.
It facilitates real-time sharing and viewing updates of contacts, making it convenient for users.
This feature will soon be available and allows chat, emailing, calling, and video conferencing.
15 GB of free space is available when a Google account is setup – or it is linked to an existing one.
Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Presentations, Drawings, and files that others have shared with the user don’t count either.
Google Drive provides a two-step verification process and asserts that it won’t pry into the content of the user’s Drive folder unless compelled by law enforcement agencies. However, last October, Microsoft promised offering unlimited cloud storage for Office 365 users.
This policy is similar to Apple and includes explicit content along with copyrighted material.
This cloud service from Microsoft, which was formerly known as SkyDrive, is an excellent option for storing files. Buttons provided across the apps allow you to sort by backups, recent files, and documents shared with others.
Sharing is easier with this cloud service and involves sending a link of the files and documents via email.Another interesting feature is the file uploading facility to OneDrive directly from your browser.
Dropbox’s free account offers a small storage space of 2GB that might be enough for storing documents but is insufficient for any kind of media files – photos, music, or video. To secure and increase the space for the Dropbox account, it can be linked to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking profiles. But in short all files on the Dropbox servers follow AES 256-bit encryption with SSL, providing sturdy security and privacy and requiring a two-step authentication process. When the user requires extra security, upgrading the service to Dropbox Pro is a must, as it allows users to set viewer permissions and passwords, which is not possible with the basic account.
This is one of our favorite file synchronization services because it has more features than Dropbox. The entire folder that you sync with this storage is continuously backed up in real time, providing users access to their folders anytime, anywhere, from any PC, Mac, iOS, or Android device. It provides an exclusive online backup feature that quietly runs in the background without interfering with your work. This means that the system and the server go through a compatible process verifying every piece of information moved between them as a secure communication, whether data is being uploaded or downloaded. SugarSync provides a host of options while sharing folders including the ability to edit files and documents. These unlimited computers can run any applications and operating devices such as Windows, Mac OS, or Linux. Since this security-obsessed cloud storage service is lacking in a few basic areas, for example, it provides no Office-style apps or collaboration with colleagues online, it does not appeal to the majority of users. Many features are the same: some services sync files across multiple PCs while others only offer a cloud space that you can access via a web client, like MEGA does.
MEGA deserves a much bigger rating because out of all the options above, it has the largest free storage offer, the best encryption method, it encrypts everything end to end and stores files encrypted at rest without the need for other third party software.
Google Drive is the best for working with documents, because of the integration with calendar, email, docs and storage. This especailly helps me since my wife and I now have thousands of family photos that we have yet to go through in 6 years. They give you 50GB free , but despite my sympathies for Kim Dot Com i’m not sure about uptime and security issues. Even if it’s not perfect, anyone should welcome automatically encrypting the files, plus you get a lot more storage for free. It makes it VERY easy to edit anything and save it, as it offers the OneDrive as a main source without having to navigate or type in the path to your cloud drive.
I’d prefer to use Mega to DOWNLOAD files if I am to choose between the other sites listed here. In 2012, this internet site was seized and shut down for violating copyright protection laws.
Within the first day, there were a reported 1 million users with an average of 60 uploads being completed each second. The service has also recently announced a secure chat add-on known as Mega Chat, a rival of the popular Skype. The company utilizes AES encryption protocols to secure files prior to transfer from the user’s computer.
If it is the first time a user has asked to reset the code, he or she will have an opportunity to save the master encryption key as a text file prior to reset. In addition, when a file is shared, the recipient must be a Mega Limited user in order to view the file. However, in our test, we noticed that when our collaboration partner made a change in the shared folder, it was immediately seen on our side but there was no notification of the alteration.
Additionally, users can make the file hierarchy later and sort the data once all information has been transferred to the online account. They have files they need to save and they don’t want to spend all day getting them backed up. The sync client does make it easier as it doesn’t take up bandwidth while the computer is in use. This could be an option for those who have issues like we did with one or two files that seem not to transfer well using the traditional webpage method.
Firefox consumers have had problems with it freezing during the download and not finalizing. Allowing users to maintain access to their master encryption keys is the most important feature this cloud storage company could offer. 15 hours to upload a 3gb file is not the issue of Mega, who have plenty of up and down bandwidth, it is an issue of your own upstream bandwidth which is obviously low.
It works by first uploading the files to MEGA and then sharing the link.My Thoughts on MEGAMEGA was created to help curb the privacy issues other cloud storage services seem to be subject to.
MEGA is the successor of MegaUpload and has more differences than the common features between the two. It’s just the same Android app, repackaged for BlackBerry 10, since BlackBerry 10 can run unmodified Android apps. Trusted by thousands for its scalable & reliable products, it has data centers scattered across the globe a€“ UK, US, Italy, etc.
Other than cloud backup and storage, Megacloud offer Cloud Hosting, Cloud Desktop, Cloud VoIP and Cloud Server. This is being facilitated by price wars and continuous upgrading of various cloud storage services.
In fact, with the current upgradeof Google, it unified its services under a single login ID earlier this year, so chances are that a Drive account already exists if you are using Gmail, Google Calendar, or even YouTube. On the whole, it has a smart interface that’s simple to navigate and a basic file tree showing where the data are kept.
It provides the option to browse through user files, create folders, and look at thumbnail previews. You can enable multiple file sharing from the menu button, which also allows you to add files.
Although, Chrome is the only browsercurrently capable of handling folder uploads,this may change with the release of Windows 10 later this year. SugarSync allows editing of the user’s files on the office PC and then users can finish them at home. Apart from syncing multiple folders at once from different devices online, it provides the syncing of multiple folders during offline file access. Other exclusive SpiderOak features include the storage of unlimited versions of the user’s modified files and charges are limited to the compressed, de-duplicated files stored on its servers. Having them named by their date will help a ton when we can actually get to organizing all of our memories :). And i thrust and believe Microsoft that they, as a big company will have the resources to keep my data safe & online.
For secure storage I would suggest SpiderOak, though they are more expensive than other cloud services (but the security is well worth it IMO).
The security is excellent, the speed is great (I gave up on a paid OneDrive because they limit your speed) and the ability to sync specific folders on my desktop, along with the mobile app, makes it a no brainer for me. It was slow for me – but when I uninstalled it, I found, that in my PC remains a folder ~ 4 GB, which can not be opened or deleted. The United States Department of Justice maintained that users were sharing pirated data via the site. At the end of the first three days, Dotcom announced they were successfully transferring over 500 uploads per second. This offering is reportedly completely secure and allows users to talk via the computer without fear of outsiders eavesdropping on their conversations. Consumers can then choose either a confirmed contact or input an email address of their choosing.
This combination of letters, numbers, and special symbols is randomly generated at the time of account creation, however, once it is saved, it is not maintained by Mega. No outside links are sent for collaboration unless specifically requested by the owner of the account. In order to work on a document together, the file must first be selected before the option displays on the screen.

We are unsure whether it is because we were noticing connectivity issues or the service expects users to be chatting via their inbox during the process. When using the file sync client, the system waits until the least amount of bandwidth is being used before transferring files. However, there are some consumers that have found a workaround to allow it to be used on Linux based systems as well.
There is no unauthorized access by employees because they do not have access to user passwords or encryption tools. However, by getting the link, there is the compromise of security because the encryption key has to be included in the email. Overall, Mega is a great choice for someone who is interested in having an extremely secure service. I’m expecting a lot from this service, screw google, screw dropbox THANK YOU KIMDOTCOM! I guess that might be the only reason for the low rating, nevertheless I can’t wait !
I use to to store some of my backup pictures, and if I want to bring pictures on a trip to show others. But twice now, within a month, I’ve been locked out of my account and no way to get in.
That’s the only way Mega kept it to support security which means they also cannot access it without these! The most notable difference is the addition of an extra Javascript encryption layer in their website and an excellent user interface created in HTML 5.
Since we last updated this article, cloud storage devices have evolved and given way to new features, so it’s definitely time to revisit it now. Specific files can be selected to make them available offline on the mobile versions, and these files can be edited. It also displays the files in a list where you have the pleasure of smooth file management. It also syncs shared folders during seamless online file sharing with other users, maintaining security. I got read of all my other emails, or at least not used them just because i could sync contact with my phones.
I find it easier, as I sign into my Android phones and tablets with that account already as it is.
Except for some ex girlfriend naked pictures :), that i have encrypted to 256 AES before uploading it on the net i really have no problem showing them my data for the sake of national security. Client side encryption and non-US storage are minimum conditions for me to consider any cloud service.
Although some consumers still have speed issues, which could be due to the amount of files being transferred at one time.
The site informs consumers if their chosen password is strong enough to withstand most brute-force attacks.
For some reason, when using Firefox to access the site, we noticed that the full file upload feature was not available.
This is a good thing, because having multiple pages and applications open can slow down the process.
Instead of allowing the song to be skipped and returning to it later, we finally aborted after that one mp3 was attempted for over 40 minutes. This client does as advertised and save time on transferring files to their account without the hang-ups that can be experienced on the web browser uploads.
This application is still in the beta stage of testing, but it is available for anyone who wishes to give it a try. They cannot turn over unsecured files to a third party, even if that entity has legal recourse to access those files. However, utilizing one of the browser add-ons or the sync client can eliminate some of the issues we encountered during our trial. All my stuff gets uploaded quick, and I’m able to give my friend some of my files with the link. Let’s check out a brief review of this ground breaking cloud storage service.MEGA 50 GB FreeStarting with MEGATo start using MEGA, you need to create a MEGA account. There is an indicator underneath the password box that tracks how strong the login information is.
Instead, a new account will be created and the information previously saved will remain encrypted and “parked” on the server.
This could have simply been a display error with this specific web page as there is an add-on for Firefox. While we didn’t see great speeds, they were better than some of the competitors when using the web browser upload ability. If the recipient is already on the contacts list and they are a Mega user, they will see it next time they log in. If not, the name is added to user contacts and an email is sent, letting the recipient know that a file has been shared and they must have an account in order to view the files.
Once the encryption keys are created, you can enjoy the benefits of MEGA cloud storage service.Registering MEGAUploading DataAfter creating your account, you can upload any file or folder you want by clicking the file upload button and the uploading process will start right away.
I signed up with MEGA for their 50 GB free, where I uploaded and downloaded a little just fine. A status screen located at the bottom of the site will let you know the progress of the uploading.
The whole process is very easy and simple.Backup Speed of MEGADownloading DataClick on any uploaded file or folder on the MEGA website on your browser and you can download it instantly to your device. Upon selecting the file or folder, the download process will begin in the same simplistic way like uploading the data.Sharing DataSharing files on Mega is extremely easy. Just click on the file you need to share and click on the button for URL link on the right side of the file. After the setting up bit, I uploaded some files from my desktop (Mac), like XL, Numbers, PDF, etc.
Otherwise the person on the other side can never access the files or folders you want to share.Mega Folder SharingMEGA Pricing PlansOn signing up, MEGA offers 50 GB free storage.
It took a long time uploading (despite a fast enough fiber connection) and then they all got stuck and had to be deleted! I value sending and receiving encrypted stuff from me to whomever and the MEGA setup seems to work ok with all kind of files and the iOS app is ok, too. This is mostly because this is a very new service and they’re still looking to get the product a solid platform in the cloud storage world. However, being a cloud storage service, their main focus area is to offer the best online storage service keeping pace with the rest of its competitors in the field.As of now, their most significant features are the Security and Privacy Concerns. Let’s check out some of MEGA’s best features promising a bright future ahead.? Zero-Knowledge PolicyThis is one of the greatest features of MEGA. The file encryptions are completed before uploading them and they stay encrypted in the cloud. How they are doing this, I have no idea!? De-duplication of DataMEGA claims that they will never store the same file on their server more than once. In our personal data, there are unique files as well as files that we’ve downloaded from the online and can possibly exist on someone else’s computer.For instance, you have a Star Wars soundtrack on your computer, which you’re backing up on your MEGA account.
MEGA will not upload your version of the file and will use that other soundtrack and put a link to it on your account. When you’re clicking on that link to download, that same track from another user’s account will be downloaded.This is a great way to reduce uploading time and also allows MEGA to save their space.
But the question is, since MEGA uses a Zero Knowledge Policy, how do they de-duplicate the data?
I really don’t know.? No File Size RestrictionThere is absolutely no file size restriction on MEGA. You can upload any file on MEGA, however large it is.? Folder SharingApart from sharing individual files, you can share whole folders with MEGA.
The limitation is that MEGA does not allow folder sharing with someone who does not have a MEGA account. If you still want to share the folder, the user at the other end will receive an invitation for signing up for MEGA. In the folder sharing feature, MEGA provides you total control on what the user can do with the data you’re sharing.MEGA Sharing Link? Bulk File UploadThe MEGA website allows bulk file upload at the same time.
The interface is a smooth HTML5 ensuring easier navigation and smooth browsing.The VerdictShould you start using MEGA as your cloud service provider? MEGA is a completely new cloud service provider and still has a long way to go before it can stand straight and qualify to race with the cloud giants today. It has some excellent features and also suffers some serious lacking.If you’re looking for a cheap way to store your data, MEGA offers you free storage space of 50GB.
Since you don’t have to pay a cent, this is a win-win situation and is definitely worth a try.
If you thing the cloud solution provided by MEGA serves your purpose, go for the professional paid plans. There is no possibility of logging in or out and there is just a black circle with 5 white balls circling inside of it.
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If you're one of those people who prefer simple and easy to use software, Dropbox is undoubtedly the best cloud storage service you can choose. For higher storage, there are paid premium plans as well.The Most Secured Cloud Storage ProvidersOf what use is a cloud storage service, if it cannot provide security to your most treasured and valued data? Data security is probably the single most important criteria that we must check out before subscribing to a cloud storage service. You'll get incredible performance for your money and benefit from unlimited cloud storage space.

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