Mega offers you 50 GB of cloud storage with every free account and protects your files, privacy better than most other services. Only annoying thing about Mega is getting copyright warnings and terms of service agreements every where you go. Kim Dotcom, is confident that this is going to succeed, thanks to its’ user-controlled encryption system and privacy protection.
Cloud storage is great for accessing and sharing data and files with your friends, colleagues, and family members. Yes, there are many free cloud storage services available for 2015, while they also have premium offerings that provide you extra space. The best thing about these free cloud storage services is that they offer even more free space if your refer their services to your friends or perform other promotion tasks. You can easily view and update your files on MEGA server using your browser, the desktop sync client, or you Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry, or Windows Phone service. Hive is a handy web app that gives you unlimited amount of storage functioning as a torrent client.
One of the flaw about this free cloud storage service is that you cannot share your files, photos, videos, and other data with the public, or even other users, which is unusual if you compare this with other could hosting service providers. In order to share files, you need to be ‘friends’ with others, and then, you can stream, copy, download, and comment on other person’s data. To upload files, you need a desktop client, which is pretty much self-explanatory and easy to use. Unlike Hive where you cannot share your files with non-users, pCloud allows you to share your files with others who are not in your friend list. Just like Hive, Mankayia allows you to create a FREE account and also gives you unlimited storage space. Other features you will love about this free cloud storage service it that it lets you download multiple files simultaneously and stream media files using your own account either through the website or mobile app.
Dropbox users can get 2GB of free cloud storage when they sign up, and increase it up to 18 GB by following some simple steps of earning more.
Likewise, you can share whole folders with anyone, even if they do not possess a Dropbox account. First, you get 5 GB of free cloud storage with Dump Truck, and then refer to your friends to get a whopping 21 GB of free online storage. They have apps for Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android to view and share files on almost any device.
Uploading files is made really easy and simple as Dump Truck can be installed as if it was just another folder on your computer. Extreme custom file sharing options are available to let you share the same files with different people using different security options. There is a mobile-based app for almost all device types – iOS, Blackberry, Android, and Windows Phone – that allows you to quickly and easily upload, download, and share your files with others on the network. Similarly, the desktop sync client for Windows and Mac OS makes it super simple and easy to upload files to Box. As a FlipDrive user, you get 5 GB free cloud storage space and then increase 500 MB every time you refer a friend.

File sharing is very convenient because you can share it with anyone, even those without a FlipDrive account. In January of last year, the US Department of Justice sent a shockwave through the cloud storage industry by shutting down MegaUpload. Your data is accessible any time, from any device, anywhere, and only you control the keys to your files.
I’ve had a Mega account for a while now, but never used it due to the fact that there was no iOS client.
This is better than all the Dropboxes and stuff in my eyes, just not as convenient as all of them. Many of the top companies providing Cloud Storage services and offering limited free storage with paid options to opt more storage.
All cloud storage companies trying to provide access of files across devices by providing comprehensive software or applications.
Available for : Web Browser, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Fire OS. Google Drive approach is different from others, it offers 15 GB cloud storage along with rich editing options and also have integration with other Google services like gMail, Google+ etc.
Google Drive allows to edit documents, spreadsheets, power point slides on-line using Google docs, and it supports online editing of most commonly used formats. Box is popular cloud storage option for business, it offers 10 GB free storage for personal usage. Available for : Web Browser, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Chrome and Firefox extensions. Amazon Cloud Drive is Amazon contribution for cloud services to compete with big players like Google and Microsoft, it offers 5 GB free cloud storage.
When I first tried to upload a small 35kb file, without logging in to an account, nothing happened. We talk about geeky creations, weird incidents, funny LOL stories as well as latest of technology, gaming, gadgematic, and social news. But the free cloud storage offered as the starter’s package is often more than enough for many people and businesses. The desktop client can be install on your Windows PC, Mac device, or Linux operation system.
In fact, you can upload file size up to 200MB at a time, use its drag-and-drop feature on the website to upload files, or upload files from browsers, or a mobile app for iOS as well as Android. The best thing about Dropbox is that you can view and upload all your files through a desktop PC or a mobile device. As a box user, you can either choose to share a  single file or a whole folders with the public. However, if you choose not to use their space for email, you can use that space for file storage. Unlike other cloud storage services in this list, FlipDrive does not have a desktop client for uploading files, so you will have to do the job using your browser (you can upload whole folders using your browsers, which is very helpful though). The hosting site allowed users to upload and store large files, and at one point was the 13th most visited site on the Internet.

If you chose to do so, you can share folders with your contacts and see their updates in real time.
At least in my country MEGA is the service which offers the higher speed among other lockers. In simple words, Cloud Storage is just storing of your data in a centralized location and gives you full access anywhere and at any time. There are plenty of options for free or paid cloud storage options, here we are going to see some of the trusted options. It has restriction to upload larger than 250 MB files, it is the main drawback for Box service, but we can create Google docs from box itself and it will allow you to edit the created files. There is no way to increase free storage but 50 GB huge space is good if you compare with others. Copy provides 15 GB of free cloud storage and additional whooping 5GB for referral, more friends more storage typically you can get unlimited storage. Their biggest differentiator is that, unlike other cloud storage providers, your data is encrypted and decrypted by the clients devices only and never by MEGA.
Basically telling you that if you get caught pirating stuff, Mega got nothing to do with it.
It just prompted me to accept the terms of service agreement and then directed me into a file manager where the uploading progress never went over 0%. Although, it will have to put up a hell of a fight to compete against other faster and much more reliable services  like Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive.
But, you can easily grab that auto-generated public link and share it with others using your email address. If you might be interested to check the rest of the sites that have managed to make it to our grand list, please visit the following links.
It offers a lot of features and benefits like data availability on all of our devices at any time and anywhere on any device, backup, syncing, security, sharing and much more.
Many of us very concern about storing data across the oceans, it leads a questions about security even though companies boosting their precautions to secure the data.
For PC’s and for MAC, appropriate  client software available to sync files directly and instantly in simple way. It offers unique features like sharing of big files or folders so, no size limits, and no viewing bandwidth restrictions. Recently they released mobile counter parts of their apps to both iOS and Android devices allowing users to access there cloud stored files on the go at anytime. Once logged in, the app’s UI and functionality reminds me of an early version of the Dropbox iOS client.

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