MEGA is now a more established name when it comes to cloud storage services, and it has gone down well with users, earning positive feedback. When more information comes available we’ll enhance this chart even further, so bookmark this page to come back later! MEGA Mobile Apps allow access to files and folders from users’ smartphones and tablets. MEGA Sync Client ensures easy automation of syncing between the system and the MEGA cloud drive.
What makes MEGA stand out (well, at least this is what they claim) is that they provide a high level of security. This cloud storage service has definitely made a good start, offering 50GB of free cloud storage in the beginning – it is trying to integrate various features.
The storage space of 15GB is shared across all these services, so if users have large attachments in emails, then they will be counted in, and enabling the automatic photo backup to Google+ from a smartphone will act in the same way. Google Drive doesn’t provide extra storage space through referrals or link the user account to social media, unlike OneDrive and Dropbox. Data stored on Drive is encrypted in 128-bit AES rather than the 256-bit employed by Box, OneDrive, and Dropbox and is quite similar to Apple. When it comes to user privacy, Microsoft has secured the right to scan user files and documents, and shuns objectionable content according to its policies.
Users resort to 1TB with Dropbox Pro, which is offered for around $9.99 per month, to store files of larger size. Hence, irrespective of the technology the system is functioning on, Dropbox ensures safe and secure data that can be accessed by users anytime, anywhere. Apart from creating and syncing the important user documents in a local folder in a PC or on the latest smart device, Dropbox’s offline functionality will make user-selected files available offline. A simple right click is required on any folder to add it to SugarSync after you register and set up an account with this storage service.
SugarSync has a separate mobile app designed for mobile users that allows syncing, accessing, and browsing of files across all smart devices on the go.
The same rigorous standards are applied when you access your files from any computer or mobile phone, and all data is encrypted before leaving SugarSync’s servers.
Enhanced with three fold functionality, SpiderOak is a compelling online backup, syncing, and file-sharing service, as it connects a number of source computers from which those files can come. The simple design of SpiderOak is specializedonly in providing secured storage instead of serving wider productivity like Dropbox and OneDrive.
As you can see, cloud storage services differ mostly in either their reliability, or the free storage that they offer. With its upgraded features, MEGA is aiming to be the game changer and starts a new era when it comes to free cloud storage offerings.
There is one thing though that really makes MEGA stand out… the face that it gives 50 freaking GB of storage!
One main thing I DO love about the Google Drive, is that its uploading from my devices automatically names them by the date they were taken, whereas others that I have tried will do some random other name or just use the name that the device has defaulted it to (which no device has a good naming system that I like so far!). You can do exactly the same with a Microsoft Account as far as syncing calendar, email, docs, etc.
My Documents and Pictures folders are directly synced with Skydrive, i got myself 25GB free storage and if you use SpaceSniffer before uploading you can delete the unnecessary bigger files. Al tough they say your data is secured, if the government wants to see it, they will see it.
I was using Dropbox (not enough free space for me), Sugarsync (same like Dropbox, and for me slow). Bonus for you is, that if you will find some referral, you will get next 5GB for free per each! Let’s be true to ourselves for a moment, if you do not like the idea if being tracked, then stand up against it. As far as Google Drive, I hate the slow upload speeds and how to literally brings your network to a crawl.
I hate automatic uploading of photos to Dropbox because they RENAME my photos, and that’s extremely confusing!!!! Another bonis is that is works wonderfully with other such files as installations and .iso images.
And yet ANOTHER note, if you use Windows, it syncs in very well with the OS, espeically Windows 8.1.
I like Mega, fast download and accessible behind alot of firewalled internet which blocked file hosting sites. The key factor about mega as not mentioned much if any, is their stuff gets tried for seizurey all of the time. Kim Dotcom says that MEGA has so many enthusiastic collaborators and is so good financially ensured, that 50 GB will always be free – even without his presence. I’ve been using Mediafire for several years to upload photos that I want to share privately. I looked at the storage capacities offered, but really had no idea what my own storage needs are. Sie haben keine Angst, dass irgendwelche Mega-Puritaner "aus Ubersee" Sie in einen Topf mit Piraterie-Terroristen werfen, nur weil Sie einen MEGA-Account haben. Keine (kunstlichen) Limits bei Transfers waren auch okay, derzeit ist die Realitat jedoch: die Bytes tropfeln. Anwendungsubergreifendes Drag-and-Drop a la SkyDrive: Sie konnen Dateien und Ordner hochladen, indem Sie das Zeug aus dem Windows-Explorer direkt in den Browser mit Mega-Website ziehen.
Inzwischen ist mit MegaCracker ein erstes Hacker-Tool aufgetaucht (Download auf eigene Gefahr!).
Ein Passwort-Reset ist auf die ubliche Weise moglich, ABER NUR, wenn keine Daten im Speicher liegen.
Nach dem Freigeben haben Sie die Moglichkeit, via E-Mail-Adresse beliebige Personen einzuladen, die freigegebene Daten herunterladen konnen sollen. Wer eingeladen wird, kann (auf den ersten Blick) nur dann downloaden, wenn er selbst zuvor ein Konto bei Mega angelegt hat.
Dass nur Mega-User downloaden konnen, das stimmt so nicht ganz - nur im Fall von Freigaben ist das so. Aber Vorsicht: Diese generierten Mega-Links enthalten den Schlussel fur die Entschlusselung der fraglichen Datei! So kann man MEGA als "Darknet" nutzen und Dateien tauschen, mit "Freunden" ebenso wie mit vollig Unbekannten. Unsicher ist das deswegen, denn wenn jemand au?er mir - ohne Zugang in das System, nur mit einem Link ausgestattet - auf meine Datei zugreifen kann, dann kann es letzlich jeder. Eigentlich hatten unsere Regierungen das fur uns als Bevolkerung langst einrichten sollen, damit wir nicht von Hackern und der Industrie ausspioniert werden. Es gibt keine Privacy: Fur jede Datei existiert ein Link, der den Download erzwingt - egal, ob Sie die Datei freigeben oder nicht. Das zeigt sich zum Beispiel in der massiven Nutzung von Flash: Selbst fur den einfachen Download-Link braucht man das.
Heiko Frenzel von beschreibt eine Schwachstelle fur Phishing und Spam.
Ein weiteres Sicherheitsproblem und auch ein Argument gegen Mega als Cloud-Speicher sehe ich darin, dass man nur meine E-Mail-Adresse kennen mu?, um mich auf eine Freigabe einzuladen.
Andreas Winterer ist Journalist, Buchautor und Blogger und beschaftigt sich seit 1992 mit Sicherheitsthemen. So wie "die Dosis macht das Gift" kann man ja auch durchaus Cloud nutzen ohne gleich blank ziehen zu mussen. Beides enthalt keine wirklich personlichen Informationen und ist daher ideal geeignet um ein wenig mit dem Cloud-Gedons zu testen, nebenbei hat es auch noch einen nutzlichen Nebeneffekt.
Egal wie positiv der Test jedoch auch Ausfallen wird, ein Backup meiner Steuer, meiner Versicherungsdaten oder meiner Passworter wird sicherlich nie nicht in der Cloud landen, auch nicht verschlusselt. For now, Mega is a Web-based end-to-end encryption file storage service that encrypts your files in the browser before uploading them to Mega's servers. Mega says it "pushes the browser to its limits" thanks to the technology it uses for encryption and file transfers. Use of Internet Explorer 10, for example, has a bug that forces you to close and reopen your Mega tab every hundred megabytes or so worth of uploads, according to Mega.
You will then have to click on a confirmation link you receive via email before you can start using the service. After that's done, you will arrive at your file manager dashboard where you can upload and download files, share public links to files, and share files with other Mega users. To add a contact, just click on the contacts section and click "Add contact" at the top of the page. Similar to Windows Explorer, you can expand folders and subfolders in the left-hand column and then drop files directly into subdirectories.
Either method will open a window that shows you an extremely long link to your file that includes a secret key (a string of numbers and letters). To hide the file key, just uncheck the "File key" checkbox and then copy the file's URL to the clipboard. Because files and folders are encrypted on Mega's servers, the site cannot supply thumbnail previews of images or video, offers no online streaming component for video and audio files.
Sharing a folder is a little different from sharing a single file, and you can share folders only with other Mega users.
To get started, right-click the folder and select "Sharing." You will then get a pop-up window where you can see a list of users with whom you have already shared the folder, and can add new users.

Once a folder is shared, the folder icon in your main file manager dashboard will have a hand underneath it to indicate it is a shared folder. Folders that others have shared with you will appear in a list under your friend's name in the contacts section. Mega also says that you can stop and restart interrupted uploads and downloads as long as you don't close your current browser tab.
Part of Mega's setup is that all encryption takes place in the browser and the company doesn't have access to your encryption keys, preventing them from knowing the content of your files.
If you decide to use Mega, whatever you do, do not, I repeat, do not rely on Mega as the sole location for any of your files. Kim Dotcom and his Mega co-founders are also the brains behind MegaUpload, which was shut down by U.S.
It's not clear if Mega will share the same fate as MegaUpload, but it's pretty much a given that law enforcement will be watching Mega very closely.
Overall, Mega could be a very good service one day; however, several bugs need to be fixed and, considering Kim Dotcom's infamous reputation, you would be crazy not to have copies of your Mega files stored elsewhere. For now, I would not recommend paying for Pro accounts until some of the service's problems are solved.
PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done.
Most of us now rely on fast broadband and mobile broadband, so cloud computing is getting stronger by day. Instead, it works as a platform where apps can be developed to further enhance its core functionality.
It facilitates real-time sharing and viewing updates of contacts, making it convenient for users.
This feature will soon be available and allows chat, emailing, calling, and video conferencing.
15 GB of free space is available when a Google account is setup – or it is linked to an existing one. Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Presentations, Drawings, and files that others have shared with the user don’t count either. Google Drive provides a two-step verification process and asserts that it won’t pry into the content of the user’s Drive folder unless compelled by law enforcement agencies. However, last October, Microsoft promised offering unlimited cloud storage for Office 365 users.
This policy is similar to Apple and includes explicit content along with copyrighted material.
This cloud service from Microsoft, which was formerly known as SkyDrive, is an excellent option for storing files.
Buttons provided across the apps allow you to sort by backups, recent files, and documents shared with others.
Sharing is easier with this cloud service and involves sending a link of the files and documents via email.Another interesting feature is the file uploading facility to OneDrive directly from your browser.
Dropbox’s free account offers a small storage space of 2GB that might be enough for storing documents but is insufficient for any kind of media files – photos, music, or video. To secure and increase the space for the Dropbox account, it can be linked to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking profiles.
But in short all files on the Dropbox servers follow AES 256-bit encryption with SSL, providing sturdy security and privacy and requiring a two-step authentication process. When the user requires extra security, upgrading the service to Dropbox Pro is a must, as it allows users to set viewer permissions and passwords, which is not possible with the basic account. This is one of our favorite file synchronization services because it has more features than Dropbox.
The entire folder that you sync with this storage is continuously backed up in real time, providing users access to their folders anytime, anywhere, from any PC, Mac, iOS, or Android device.
It provides an exclusive online backup feature that quietly runs in the background without interfering with your work. This means that the system and the server go through a compatible process verifying every piece of information moved between them as a secure communication, whether data is being uploaded or downloaded.
SugarSync provides a host of options while sharing folders including the ability to edit files and documents.
These unlimited computers can run any applications and operating devices such as Windows, Mac OS, or Linux.
Since this security-obsessed cloud storage service is lacking in a few basic areas, for example, it provides no Office-style apps or collaboration with colleagues online, it does not appeal to the majority of users.
Many features are the same: some services sync files across multiple PCs while others only offer a cloud space that you can access via a web client, like MEGA does. MEGA deserves a much bigger rating because out of all the options above, it has the largest free storage offer, the best encryption method, it encrypts everything end to end and stores files encrypted at rest without the need for other third party software. Google Drive is the best for working with documents, because of the integration with calendar, email, docs and storage. This especailly helps me since my wife and I now have thousands of family photos that we have yet to go through in 6 years. They give you 50GB free , but despite my sympathies for Kim Dot Com i’m not sure about uptime and security issues.
Even if it’s not perfect, anyone should welcome automatically encrypting the files, plus you get a lot more storage for free.
It makes it VERY easy to edit anything and save it, as it offers the OneDrive as a main source without having to navigate or type in the path to your cloud drive. I’d prefer to use Mega to DOWNLOAD files if I am to choose between the other sites listed here. Denn eines ist ja klar: MEGA zu hacken und alle Zugange irgendwie zu leaken, das war derzeit der Scoop. Vorsicht bei der Mail-Adresse: Sie konnen die einmal eingerichtete E-Mail-Adresse (derzeit) nicht andern und sie wird spater im System als "Kontakt" gefuhrt. Wenn auch nicht sooo neu, wie einige glauben: Teamdrive und iDrive und andere machen das ebenfalls so. Anders gesagt: Wer den Link einer Datei in MEGA hat, kann diese Datei ohne weiteres entschlusselt downloaden. Man wird wohl letzlich versuchen, dies auszunutzen, um gegen Downloader vorzugehen; schon heute wird ja der Download von urheberrechtlich geschutztem Material als Grauzone betrachtet (Abmahnung gegen Filesharer basieren auf dem Upload-Anteil).
Deswegen ist es ein bisschen ein Hohn, dass sowas nun ausgerechnet von Kim "Nachster-James-Bond-Schurke" Schmitz kommt, der sich mit zwielichtigen Geschaften eine goldene Nase verdient hat. Das mag dem Ansturm geschuldet sein, oder Hacker-Attacken oder NSA-Sperren oder was auch immer. Wer sich aber (und es wird jene geben, die es tun) Flash in den Tor-Browser installiert, schafft eine Sicherheitslucke und gewinnt weder Sicherheit noch Anonymitat. Mega dokumentiert aber seine API, so dass diese bald folgen konnten; dann ware es moglich, dass Apps den Dienst Mega ebenso anbieten wie Dropbox oder Box.
Dateien, die es schon kennt, weil sie mit vorhandenen Dateien identisch sind, werden kein zweites Mal gespeichert; statt dessen erhalt man Zugriff auf diese Datei. Nun, ganz ehrlich, und selbst auf die Gefahr, dass mich irgendwelche nasenbohrenden Kim-Dotcom-Fans ranten: Solange man nicht am Tausch von (raubkopierten) Dateien interessiert ist, ist Mega, sollte es je funktionieren, ein verschlusselter 50-GB-Container, dessen Files alle einen Link besitzen, den man nur zu kennen braucht, um sie entschlusselt downzuloaden.
Auf will er digitale Aufklarung zu Sicherheitsthemen bieten – auf dem Niveau 'normaler Nutzer' und ohne falsche Paranoia.
Ich als einer der Verfechter von "never-ever-cloud" habe inzwischen dann doch einen kleinen SkyDrive Account. So kann ich im Urlaub, im Hotel, am Wochenende selbst von Gott-wei?-woher mal einen Blick reinwerfen, wo ich in der jeweils aktuellen Gegend denn was fur Ziele habe. Der Teil hinter der Raute (#) wird nicht uber die TCP-Verbindung (in dem Fall HTTP) mitgesendet, so kann der ISP von diesem Teil auch nichts mitbekommen.
The Internet entrepreneur and accused digital outlaw recently launched Mega (short for Mega Encrypted Global Access), a new file storage and sharing service that features 50GB of free storage. You can also use Mega to share files with others, and add other Mega users to your contact list for easy drag-and-drop sharing. However, it also appears that a few lingering bugs hamper overall functionality of the service.A  Let's take a look. All the current versions of the major browsers (IE, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera) are supposed to be compatible. For best results use Google Chrome; Mega says its only deficiency is lower-grade text rendering.
At the far right is a drop-down menu aptly titled "Menu" that contains links to Mega's blog, pricing for Pro accounts, help, terms of service, and other informational links. You can either drag and drop files right onto your file manager, or you can click the upload buttons at the top of your cloud drive. To share a file, you either right-click on the file and select "Get link," or you can click the link icon to the far right of the file name. You can then send the link to the file via email, and then send the key in an encrypted email or IM session.
If you share a folder with someone who is not a Mega user, they must sign up for an account in order to access it. To add someone, enter their email address and choose the level of access you want them to have, which ranges from read-only, read & write, or full access. The most obvious problem is an SSL encryption error that denies access to the site or specific pages in the site. Sending files and folders to others is no problem, but once someone receives the file, they may have problems accessing them.

So if you lose access to your account by forgetting your password, which is also your master key, you're out of luck. You absolutely must have backups on your local hard drive, on another cloud service, on a thumb drive, on Gmail, anywhere. If, one day, Mega is shut down in a similar manner to MegaUpload, all your files could be gone for good. This is being facilitated by price wars and continuous upgrading of various cloud storage services. In fact, with the current upgradeof Google, it unified its services under a single login ID earlier this year, so chances are that a Drive account already exists if you are using Gmail, Google Calendar, or even YouTube. On the whole, it has a smart interface that’s simple to navigate and a basic file tree showing where the data are kept.
It provides the option to browse through user files, create folders, and look at thumbnail previews.
You can enable multiple file sharing from the menu button, which also allows you to add files. Although, Chrome is the only browsercurrently capable of handling folder uploads,this may change with the release of Windows 10 later this year. SugarSync allows editing of the user’s files on the office PC and then users can finish them at home. Apart from syncing multiple folders at once from different devices online, it provides the syncing of multiple folders during offline file access. Other exclusive SpiderOak features include the storage of unlimited versions of the user’s modified files and charges are limited to the compressed, de-duplicated files stored on its servers.
Having them named by their date will help a ton when we can actually get to organizing all of our memories :). And i thrust and believe Microsoft that they, as a big company will have the resources to keep my data safe & online. For secure storage I would suggest SpiderOak, though they are more expensive than other cloud services (but the security is well worth it IMO).
The security is excellent, the speed is great (I gave up on a paid OneDrive because they limit your speed) and the ability to sync specific folders on my desktop, along with the mobile app, makes it a no brainer for me. It was slow for me – but when I uninstalled it, I found, that in my PC remains a folder ~ 4 GB, which can not be opened or deleted.
Aber ebensowenig sind sie automatisch "gut", blo? weil unser heiliger CCC sich um Privacy kummert.
Manche Leute neigen dazu, beim ersten Einrichten ein simples Passwort zu nehmen, bei dem man sich nicht vertippen kann.
Die Leute, mit denen man Dateien tauscht, werden also uber die Kontakte gemanaged - der Schlusselbund. Auf ihre Freigaben kann ich - entsprechend den mir gewahrten Zugriffsrechten - aber ungehindert zugreifen und die Dateien in mein eigenes Cloud Drive schieben. Aber auch wieder korrekt, denn der Grund, warum wir keine solche Infrastruktur haben, ist, das sie "offiziell" nicht erwunscht ist.
Daher ist alles verschlusselt, fur Mega, aber fur die Nutzer ist alles zugreifbar, per URL etwa. Und naturlich die Dateien selbst, die getauscht werden: im Fall von Software oft verseucht.
Erstens, weil man nie "nie" sagen sollte und sich "aus Prinzip" irgendetwas so verschlie?t dass man sich noch nicht einmal (kritisch?) damit auseinander setzt, zum Zweiten: das Dingen ist echt praktisch!
Mega is just one component of what Dotcom and his team hope will be a suite of online encrypted services from Mega Ltd. Chrome also has the added advantage of allowing you to upload folders with one drag-and-drop action.
Make sure you use a particularly strong password with sufficient length and random characters, since your password also serves as the master encryption key for your account.
On the left side is the Cloud Drive showing all your uploaded files, and navigation links to the trash bin, your inbox, and contacts. One of the handier features in Mega is that you can share files with other Mega users by dragging and dropping a file to their name in your contacts section.
If you are concerned about keeping your files private, Mega suggests you should not share the key through insecure channels such as plain email.
The shared folder will appear under Tom's email address in your contacts section where you can, depending on your level of access, add or delete files.
I shared a file with one of my dummy accounts for testing as well as to a colleague's account.
Even though I entered the password correctly, Mega kept telling me there was a log-in error. The reasons for this should be obvious for anyone who keeps up with tech news, but in case you're new here, let me spell it out for you. Dotcom and his cohorts were charged with criminal copyright offenses, among other charges, and are currently facing extradition from New Zealand to the United States. Mega may be a useful service, but there is no way you can trust it as the sole repository of your files on a long-term basis. Since we last updated this article, cloud storage devices have evolved and given way to new features, so it’s definitely time to revisit it now. Specific files can be selected to make them available offline on the mobile versions, and these files can be edited. It also displays the files in a list where you have the pleasure of smooth file management.
It also syncs shared folders during seamless online file sharing with other users, maintaining security. I got read of all my other emails, or at least not used them just because i could sync contact with my phones.
I find it easier, as I sign into my Android phones and tablets with that account already as it is. Except for some ex girlfriend naked pictures :), that i have encrypted to 256 AES before uploading it on the net i really have no problem showing them my data for the sake of national security. Client side encryption and non-US storage are minimum conditions for me to consider any cloud service. Kim Schmitz ist obendrein, laut Wikipedia, "mehrfach wegen Insiderhandels sowie Betrugs, (Banden-)Hehlerei, Datenausspahung und Computermanipulation verurteilt". Das ist bei Mega fatal, denn dort verwendet man Ihr Passwort direkt zum Verschlusseln & Entschlusseln.
As your password is also your master encryption key, you cannot reset it without losing your existing files and folders. Vorsicht also: Nicht unbedingt vor Mega, denn das ist eine moralische Entscheidung, sondern vor von den Rotlicht- und Grauwaren-Bereichen des Internet, denn dort lauern nach wie vor Malware-Gefahren.
Mega plans to add Instant Messaging to the service so you will be able to do more than just send and receive files with your contacts. In my tests, file uploads were a little slow, possibly because of the encryption process, and it took a few minutes before the file was listed on my cloud drive even after the upload was complete. This could be a great feature for group collaboration on a set of files, or to share a photo folder with family and friends, but sharing is where Mega starts running into problems. You can usually fix the problem by refreshing the page once or several times, but in some cases you may have to close the page and start over. In both cases the file was "Temporarily unavailable" for download, even up to an hour after the file landed in the other Mega account.
But when I pulled the wired connection out of my PC and switched to Wi-Fi, that didn't happen.
I thought I might have forgotten my password, until a colleague said the same thing happened to him.
MegaUpload, and its complementary services such as Megavideo, were widely seen as havens for pirated content. Pro II includes 2TB of storage for $20 per month, and Pro III offers 4TB storage for $30 per month. Das Erlosmodell drumherum wird zeigen, ob es "bose" ist: Wenn etwa Strohmanner Geld dafur zahlen, dass Raubkopien eingestellt werden, damit die normalen User sich teure Pro-Accounts kaufen mussen, um noch mehr downloaden zu konnen - dann ist es 'organisierte Kriminalitat'. Erreicht mich im Buro die Nachricht "du, ich kann heute nicht kochen" werfe ich einen schnellen Blick in meine Cloud-Lieblingsrezeptsammlung, mache punktlich Feierabend, gehe einkaufen und bereite Gemuse und Fleisch selber ein delikates Ende. Complete folder uploads are also available and are added the same way files are, but only Chrome users can add folders from their desktop.
I signed up with MEGA for their 50 GB free, where I uploaded and downloaded a little just fine.
Hat sich in Teilen geandert: Passwort andern geht jetzt uber Mein Konto, Kontodetails, Passwort andern. Der Passwort-Reset hingegen ist nur moglich, wenn keine Dateien in Mega liegen; sonst verweigert der Dienst den Reset. After the setting up bit, I uploaded some files from my desktop (Mac), like XL, Numbers, PDF, etc. It took a long time uploading (despite a fast enough fiber connection) and then they all got stuck and had to be deleted! I value sending and receiving encrypted stuff from me to whomever and the MEGA setup seems to work ok with all kind of files and the iOS app is ok, too.

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