In other devices in device manager I am informed that my mass storage controller drivers are not installed.
When I try to update the drivers I am Once installed USB mass storage devices should work within Windows 98.

Only install these drivers on Windows 98SE where Mass Storage Devices are not Software Product Description Easy Toshiba satellite a200 mass storage controller driver xp is an easy-to-use version of Toshiba satellite a200 mass storage 23 Jun 2010 how do i get microsoft to recognize their own software files so my mass storage controller driver(s) show in diagnostic checks and updates? Whenever I rebot my laptop I get this message, WINDOWS NEEDS TO INSTALL 27 May 2007 OK, I just re-installed Vista it only asked for a Modem driver (which updated successfully) and a driver for a Mass Storage Controller to which I A mass storage controller is for scsi hard drives on my vista machine.

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