Pokemon Go, which scored an unprecedented hit with gamers is not likely to benefit Nintendo. Nintendo also has just 32 per cent of the voting power of the Pokemon Company, an affiliate company which holds the rights to Pokemon and will receive a licensing fee and compensation for the development of the smartphone application.
Since its launch, Pokemon Go had added almost $12 billion to Nintendo’s market value, meaning the fall though sizable was not a total disaster for the company.
For more fun apple crafts, try my A Is for Apple Paper Plate Craft, A Is for Apple Handprint Craft, Autumn Apple Paper Plate and Handprint Craft, and Red Apple Paper Plate Toddler Craft.
The Duck and the Hudson River Museum features a rubber duck outside the Hudson River Museum in Yonkers, New York.
Are you tired of not making the money you were planning on when you started massage school?
Gael has put together an amazing amount of information for massage therapists Whether you’re just starting out (like I was), or whether you’ve been in the industry a while, this membership is a fantastic resource. The Splashlings toy line features An Ocean Full of FriendsTM, including a special group of mermaids and shells, as well as more than 100 pets, underwater gems, and treasures for Kids to collect and play with! Children will love playing with these toys, especially if they are into the "tiny toys" out right now!
TPF Toys is an Australian-based toy company that develops, manufactures and markets a diverse portfolio of innovative toys sold in more than 45 countries worldwide. With offices in Toronto and Los Angeles, Shaftesbury is an award-winning creator and producer of original content for television and digital platforms, sold in 120 countries worldwide. Social Moms: The Influential Moms NetworkGet the SocialMoms Blog Network widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox! It’s not too late to grab 50% off  Christmas Party & Wrapping Supplies, as well as ALL Christmas Decor (ornaments, candles, stockings, etc)!  As well as 50% Off Gift Wrapping Supplies and Christmas Decor as well as 50% off Christmas Trees!

Bets that shares of videogame maker Nintendo will fall have quadrupled in the past week following a major rally sparked by the wild popularity of its Pokemon Go smartphone game. Even with Mewtwo as allegedly the most powerful Pokemon, Mewtwo is still not helping Nintendo in making money. Includes everything in the original (now Silver) Membership plan plus the All-New Game Changers Mindset Room, the Massage Marketing Content Club and the Spa and Skincare Content Club memberships.
Do you have a great massage foundation, but need practical business skills, new ideas, and support to make your dreams come true?
I’m Gael Wood, when I started out as a massage therapist 20 years ago I didn’t know anything about marketing, or what to say to get my clients re-booking and referring.  I just couldn’t figure out why my clients weren’t rescheduling, even though everyone said my massages were excellent. This includes my 20 years of experience condensed into bite-sized lessons to help you take your business to new heights. I’m a mobile massage therapist (house call?) in Melbourne, Australia, and I started my business in July 2015. I help massage and spa therapists find and keep clients and learn profitable new services while earning CEUs. TPF Toys will preview Splashlings at Hong Kong Toy Fair in their new showroom, Unit 619A Tower B New Mandarin Plaza 14 Science Museum Road; followed by New York International Toy Fair in booth 2016, as well as Play Fair, a consumer toy event held on the first two days of New York Toy Fair, showcasing the coolest new toys for 2016 to kids and families. I had to figure it out, or get a new job! I’ve spent many years and thousands of dollars learning business building strategies and I would love to help YOU build your dream business. I will introduce you to the seven key skills every therapist needs to succeed – marketing, VIP customer service, creative new treatment ideas, time management, self-confidence and a business plan!
When I started out I often had days with absolutely no bookings and I felt stuck and overwhelmed with where to start building my business. I hope through my website, writing, and teaching that I can share my experiences with other professionals and offer some guidance to those interested in learning.

My daughter and I have been busy making apple crafts recently in preparation for the upcoming change of the seasons. You will have immediate access to 15 classes and 5 Ebooks so you can get started right away.
My Massage Spa Success Membership helped me get out of my slump and back on track, with a growing client base who rebook! An all-new animated Splashlings digital series from Shaftesbury, the creator and producer of hit kids’ series including Life with Derek, will debut simultaneously.
Shaftesbury and Smokebomb recently launched shift2, an innovative agency that helps brands explore their millennial voice using scripted series and social media to drive measurable results. For a fun craft with your child, try making apple cores with toilet paper tubes, paint, construction paper, and pipe cleaners.
Plus you will get access to mastermind group with like minded therapists that are going places and personal guidance! The courses cover all aspects of marketing, social media, planning, extra services, gift vouchers, how to attract clients and how to keep them.
The Facebook group is a huge resource too, a supportive, friendly group with so much knowledge to share with each other.

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