All patterns come complete with material list, full-scale paper patterns sheet and easy to follow, detailed step-by-step color photos instructions suitable for beginners.
You are allowed to make and sell items made from my patterns so long as you give credit back to the original patterns by indicating that 'Original Patterns from Umecrafts'. I think I’ve mentioned this before but homemade pie crust and I have a bit of a history. But, I’m all about convenience, and sometimes as strange as it sounds, its more convenient for me to make my own pie crust than it is to run to the store and buy one. When I used my pastry cutter to cut the flour into the grated butter, it was so much easier than when I had cut the butter into small cubes with a knife the last time I’d tried to make a crust. Then I slowly added ice cold water one tablespoon at a time, mixing by hand until the dough came together in a ball, with just a few straggling crumbs to gather. I shaped the dough into a round, flat disk, wrapped it in plastic wrap and placed it in the fridge for 4 hours. Then, I rolled it out on a floured surface, and I could still see tiny flecks of butter throughout the dough. So I cut out circles of dough, filled them with my simple apple filling, and crimped the edges closed.

These look delicious, I will be making some later but may I just ask if I could re roll the scraps of dough to make some more? These are beautiful and delicious, question, when making apple pie can you use sorrel jam in it instead of cinnamon ? I had the perfect little flour coated pea sized pieces of chilled butter with hardly any effort at all. I have a Cut-N-Seal tool for this, but you could also use a biscuit cutter, or the rim of a glass.
I’ve battled pie crust all my life, and I was successful the very first time with this one. Those tiny flecks of butter create steam when they go into the oven, which create air pockets in the crust, which gives it that FLAKEY texture we so LOVE!
Grating the butter is a wonderful idea, since I don’t have a food processor, it makes mixing the dough together so much easier. So I grabbed my cheese grater, and a very chilled stick of butter and grated it just like cheese.
Before they went into the oven, I brushed them with an egg wash to make the top nice and shiny, and then sprinkled them with a coarse sparkling sugar.

I have had a phobia making pie crusts based on previous experiences, this recipe makes a really flaky and wonderful crust! If I’m going to eat something as naughty as pie crust, I at least want it to be naughty in a homemade sort of way. I think one of the reasons I felt so frustrated with my homemade crust is because what I can buy frozen is pretty darn good!
Everyone says that the key to a good pie crust is to keep your butter as cold as possible right up until you put the pie crust into the oven. If you don't have any, you can use regular sugar but don't skip this step because you need the additional sweetness.

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