Cloud storage and collaboration service provider ownCloud (yes, with a lower-case "o") has found a way to sync up files from all over the place--from the cloud, to enterprise silos, to personal connected storage devices, to other disparate places--and make them easily available and sharable using its own cloud (hence, ownCloud) common file access layer.
Using ownCloud 7, line-of-business staff members can access appropriate company files on any device, anytime, from anywhere, and all completely managed and controlled by IT--yet still keep unstructured data where it resides. Most centrally controlled file storage and sharing services focus on either private or public cloud storage.
Organizations have spent years building complex, heterogeneous IT environments to support their business processes, CEO Markus Rex said. New universal file access features in v7 include native SharePoint and Windows Network Drive integration and the ability to point to object stores as primary storage, Richards said. For some reason I am stuck in the implementation of adding existing folders to the file system of owncloud.
I have just packed the new ownCloud update into the package, changed nothing else, have fun.
I have just updated the owncloud files to provide you with the latest version as fast as possible. BUT (!) as you may have seen on the ownCloud homepage or in the german post on my site the bug tracker is heavily loaded. If ownCloud does not display your data although it is in the right place, logout OC, clear your browser cache and log back in.
You may encounter further issues and bugs within OC itself so please be patient, I will upload new versions as soon as they are available. Subsonic 4.7 beta 1 is out and I am working on a new package, which will also include Subtunes and MiniSub html5 interface.

First of all: Sorry, I uploaded a wrong version of ownCloud to the community package hub yesterday.
Beside the new version of ownCloud itself, I have updated the script a little bit, so your ownCloud data and config folder will survive further updates. 11, the Lexington, Mass.-based startup released a new version of its frontline service, ownCloud 7 Enterprise Edition.
More of them now offer both, but there aren't many who offer both of those options plus the storage capacity in mobile and desktop PCs.
For Windows Network Drive, you use Windows Explorer or your MAC finder; for Jive you have a different Web interface. This enables users on one ownCloud installation to share files with users on a different ownCloud installation without using shared links. The Enterprise Edition adds support for Amazon's S3 object store as primary storage for ownCloud.
Pricing for ownCloud Enterprise Edition begins at a yearly subscription of $9,000 for 50 users. Now there is a public Dropbox folder with all versions in it, so you can easily look for new version or install old versions when you’ve got problems with new ones. The new version will come out on Tuesday and I will make a package as soon as I can (I have to work a lot these days…).
This is really a true hybrid-type storage service in that it can access data and files in both private and public clouds--even files that may be sitting in a connected desktop storage device and aren't in a cloud. And getting those files into someone's hands has typically been a series of siloed access points.

Both users retain the privacy and control of a private ownCloud, and gain the flexibility and ease of use of a public cloud, Richards said.
As a result, admins can choose the best option for their specific need: local storage, network filesystem mounts, Swift object stores, or even Amazon S3 compatible cloud and on premises storage.
If you are already downloading via repo nothing will change, you will see all further updates in the DSM. If you have found a proper solution for this, please post it here so I can see what I can do to implement it into the package. You have to copy them to a place out of the owncloud folder, install the new package and copy them back.
I'm on the train or at the airport--I just need to share a file with a co-worker for whatever reason, at whatever time, with the device I'm on.
But now I have been analyzing many of the official package config files, found many undocumented properties and a working solution. Just like I do with Dropbox, but I have to do this in a complex, heterogeneous world," Richards said.

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