Liberio for TeachersCreate course materials for your students, publish your own books about your field of expertise or use Liberio as a platform to publish student essays. Microsoft is sending its Office clip art to the digital beyond, where it shall rest in glory with Clippy, Zune, and the rest of the Redmond saints. In other words, those wonky, yet charming images that graced countless PowerPoint presentations are in their last days. When you want to add an image to your file, head to the ribbon and click Insert, then Online Pictures.
Microsoft did not indicate when it would exactly be eliminating Office Clip Art, so it could hang around for some timea€”though it didna€™t exactly sound like that in Microsofta€™s memo. Binga€™s Image search is your best option for finding and inserting images inside of an Office file. By default, Bing presents images that are licensed through Creative Commons, meaning their owner allows anyone to use, publish, or redistribute them without a copyright claim. If you use copyrighted images, youa€™re setting yourself up to get a nasty letter from the company or whomever holds the copyright to the images. If youa€™re all-in with Microsoft then therea€™s a chance youa€™re using OneDrive as your cloud backup service.
Therea€™s a reason Google still has the bulk of search market share; ita€™s usually better than the competition at finding exactly what youa€™re looking for. Yet again you have the ability to make sure youa€™re not violating copyright law by restricting the search to free-to-use images. Once youa€™ve used Bing, OneDrive, or Google search to find pictures youa€™ll forget all about those zany Clip Art images.
PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done.
Therea€™s so much knowledge to share a€“ Now you can, for free, with one click!Liberio for CreativesWrite and publish your own essays, novels, poems or create a collection of your best artwork. I mean really, who doesn’t enjoy looking at a colorful, creamy sky complementing their subject in the foreground?The problem is that when we, as photographers purchase sky overlays we risk our images looking like other photographers work because many other photographers have that exact same sky overlay.I will admit I have seen many images with skies that have a familiarity about them because I have seen that very same sky before but in other images. The good news is that Office already has better options for spicing up your files than relying on the dated and questionable-looking Clip Art. Herea€™s a rundown of your best options for grabbing the clip art thata€™s still therea€”and learning some new strategies for better images. Sure, Bing may not be your search engine of choice but ita€™s actually rather good, especially at finding photos and other types of art to use.

This may sound like legalese nonsense at first, but ita€™s actually pretty important, especially if youa€™re presenting your images or publishing a Word document as a flyer or other kind of print version. If ita€™s possible that your work may see public eyes in any form, make sure youa€™re in the clear by sticking with licensed work. If so, then importing your own images into Office is way easier than digging through the Windows file menu. After conducting a search, youa€™ll see different sub categories with previews of other image groups. Well, some of them are hard to forgeta€”but at least you wona€™t be caught using them again. For example, Officea€™sA integrated Bing Images search is solid, parsing the web for copyright-free images that you can use to bring some life to the staid world of business presentations. Ita€™ll appear directly in the file, allowing you to re-size and move it anywhere you wish. In this tutorial we are using our sky images as overlays to create skies where they do not exist or could be enhanced.I came up with a solution, to make my own sky overlays. Your books will be ready for all major eBook stores like Amazona„?, Google Playa„? Books or the iBooksa„? Store. When capturing sky overlays the objective is to get as much cloudy, fluffy goodness as you can fit into your lens, for this reason I prefer to use a lens with a wider focal length.
You can try a zoom lens to try and capture your sky at different focal lengths and see what you come up with, the sky is the limit!2. When photographing skies it is easy to get “hot spots” or overly white areas of an image because of all of the white and bright areas caused by the clouds and sun. To resolve this I use the spot metering method and I will measure the light off of the brightest area of my image. This way I am guaranteed to have soft white clouds (not overly bright) and it is easy to lighten the shadows and dark areas in post processing later.3. You would think a sky is a sky and who cares if you take an image of it in your backyard right!? Well because to fit as much sky into your image you will need to capture your sky right along the horizon.
Find a park or other area close by you can go to with little to no obstacles blocking the horizon and your sky overlays will look amazing!4. But you will find after starting this project that you are at the whim of mother-nature and time (as photographers, when are we not)?

Keep in mind the type of sky you are wanting to capture and make sure to go out on location during the right time of day. For example, if you are wanting a colorful, saturated orange sky, you are going to have to capture images of the sky during sunset or sunrise AND make sure there are actually clouds present otherwise you will just have images of the color orange.Applying Your Sky Overlays in Photoshop1. To do this you must lower the opacity of your overlay to see what your sky looks like in relation to the image, I usually readjust the opacity to 40% or so.
Now that the opacity is lowered, I can better see what my sky will look like when applied to my image.
At this stage I may choose to resize my overlay to fit the sky better using the move tool in Photoshop.3. Let’s face it, we all make mistakes and nobody is perfect (especially me when I haven’t had my coffee yet haha!) and for this reason I like to use a layer mask with all of my edits. At this point I could easily choose my eraser tool and erase the parts of the sky overlay that do not line up with where the sky is on the original image, BUT if I make a mistake when erasing the edges of the sky overlay it’s going to be very hard and time consuming to fix, this to me is no good, time is money! So instead I am going to add a layer mask because it is very forgiving if I make a mistake or need to make a readjustment to my overlay anywhere in my edit. You will notice that your sky overlay has disappeared, don’t worry, this is supposed to happen, I promise!4. I very much enjoyed this project and found myself going on frequent evening drives to catch the beautiful sky, it’s so good for the soul too! Reply Nancy WillafordDecember 3, 2014 at 10:51 AMThank your for your inspiring tutorial on sky overlays. I been having a love affair with clouds for years, and photographically capturing them has been a quest of mine. I look forward to putting your tutorial to good use and making those beautiful skies and clouds a part of my work. Reply AmandaDecember 3, 2014 at 11:55 AMI’m so glad you enjoyed the tutorial Nancy!! I spend my days as a private editor for some amazing wedding photographers and my nights and weekends loving on my family :) Get access to my free ebook here.

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