The following tutorial will show you how to create an Apple ID on your iPhone, without entering your credit card details. And that my friends, is how you create an Apple ID without having to use a credit card, all while on your iPhone!
Will Passmore is nineteen and has already thought of technological innovations, while traveling the world.
Perhaps, in a small plus, you can add an unusual name (if gmail and other rambler-s tired). An email alias is simply a forwarding email address - anything sent to it will be forwarded to your main email address.
When you get to the verify page, type in the email address you used and the password you set in step four.

You will then be asked if you’d like to allow your Apple ID to be connected to your current location (wherever you are walking, standing, etc).
You will be asked to review your billing information so you can verify your Apple ID for use. Not only can you find an answer to your question, but you can also learn about the latest on what's going on with Apple Inc and their products. For example the notes under GMail is using the same email mechanism underneath as in iCloud Notes. Click the specific link that is included in the email to continue the process of creating your Apple ID.
If it does not start downloading, just choose to install the app again and it’ll begin even though you don’t have a credit card (obviously apps that cost money require a connected credit card)!

Apple chooses to reuse this standard email feature rather than creating a separate app for iCloud Notes. Please note that choosing this option is only available through iCloud account settings and is the only way to use your Apple ID in the app store without using a credit card. Going to iCloud does not require a credit card (you can set it as: None) and then you can still use the App Store to download free apps. You will then be told to improve Apple’s security by choosing three security questions.

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