Cloud storage has become a popular way for businesses and, now, individuals to backup all their data.
While many cloud storage providers continually upgrade their security features, people uploading data to backup on cloud storage services are still finding it hard to believe that everything they do is protected.
The Internet is complicated and dangerous for anyone that does not use enough protection to make sure  their data is safe. Since every hard drive has a limited storage capacity, many cloud storage users are worried about the limitations of that capacity. Some cloud storage users are worried about losing files when they decide to share those files with others.
Finally, the last thing many cloud storage users are concerned about when they decide to share files is which cloud storage service works the best.
So, with three – soon four – major players all competing with one another, who should you go with? Finally, there’s also Dropbox Teams, which allows you to get 1,000GB or more storage for a more costly rate. Now, this particular service is still rumored, so thus, nothing officially has been revealed. But, if you want unbeatably priced storage with good functionality behind it, and are situated with either Microsoft or Apple ecosystem-wise, SkyDrive is my top pick. You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google+ or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the web. The rapid expansion of technology in our now consumerised society is creating extremely successful businesses. A simple question – Do you really appreciate how much money, time and effort is being wasted trying to manage physical hardware and software rollouts from multiple vendors? For several years cloud platforms have been gaining traction as the major driver of business intelligence.
However, many business leaders still have reservations about giving the keys to an external organisation who may not understand their business data or processes. In truth the cloud is safer and more scalable than any IT structure we could possibly place in-house.
The most efficient and cost effective companies today are running large parts of their business in the cloud.
With the speed of Internet these days Cloud services and hosting has really giving a lot of advantages.
Every major cloud storage service promises to keep your files safe, but if you want the job done right, you'll have to do it yourself. The PRISM program made it abundantly clear that the NSA wants to get a hold of your online data, including whatever files you keep in the cloud.
There's no guarantee that the government has, or even has access to, your online files, but it's well within the scope of what it could acquire. While there are dozens of cloud storage solutions, the principles for keeping them safe are about the same across-the-board. Dropbox and Google Drive are under the most scrutiny right now, but one other service, SpiderOak, takes a special interest in user security.
SpiderOak is not as well-known as the previous two services, but promises "100% private" cloud storage.
All data you submit to SpiderOak is encrypted, but that's not unusual — Dropbox and Google Drive encrypt data as well. This theoretically renders SpiderOak safe from the prying eyes of system administrators, hackers and the NSA, but users would be wise to treat this service cautiously, too. You can join a cloud storage service and ensure that your pictures, videos and files are all safely protected from loss. After looking at what our readers are saying about these concerns their data, we have compiled a list of what the major cloud storage safety concerns for file sharing. However, one part of data that is most dangerous is during the transmission of that data over a line that is not secured.

While many cloud storage providers do base the price of their services on the amount of data you store, some of the top providers offer unlimited storage capacity for a reasonable price. Cloud storage providers allow the account holder to determine who they share their files with and even allow you to protect files from others that you share files with.
Helpful for businesses especially who have need for such cloud storage and collaboration tools.
Until today at least; Microsoft has just pushed out a pretty major update to the cloud storage service.
It allows you to seamlessly backup your iOS devices to the cloud and sync photos and documents across all devices. But I did want to touch on it to make everyone aware that it’s in the pipeline and likely will be released very soon. They are successful because they are using the cloud to elevate brand awareness, streamline tactical operations and make better strategic decisions. Whether ita€™s your servers, your networks, your applications or your services, aging IT that resides in-house is struggling to keep up.
In terms of daily operations and process management, and the strategic vision we have as information analytics helps us make better decisions. Successful businesses are choosing HPC online systems that reduce costs, optimise communications and cultivate better awareness of external forces such as customer insights and market conditions. Common myths include diminished levels of control, security concerns, system inaccessibility and downtime.
If they arena€™t securing business data, compliant with industry standards and continuously available and supported, they have no business! They know they must to stay in touch with staff empowerment, customer demand and market trends.
As cloud technologies galvanise every social and professional walk of life, choosing the right platform and SLA for your business is crucial. No need for spending a lot of money on expensive server rooms and cooling systems if you can put it out in the cloud where there is taken care of all that. At the time of its controversial reveal, PRISM already had the cooperation (witting or unwitting) of Google, and was eyeing Dropbox next. Even discounting Big Brother, there are other prying eyes out there: cybercriminals, hobbyist hackers and invasive corporations, for starters.
A focus on security and discreet data is, in theory, what sets this service apart from its competitors. However, after more than a decade of availability, many users are still having major cloud storage safety concerns, in particular, when it  comes to file sharing. Even though data can be easily protected when stored on your hard drive or on a server, during the transmission of that data it can be intercepted. These services offer several different servers that your data can be stored, so there is no need to worry about the capacity of their storage capabilities. You are in complete control of which files are seen by others, unless you are using a public cloud storage provider, which allows any Internet user to see what you have uploaded. Our Internet experts have review, researched and studied every cloud provider on the market today and continue to study those services, to find the best ones available. It also has a good set of file recovering features; a one-month history of your work is kept, you can undo changes to files and even undelete them.
All that rumors have suggested so far is that it will offer 5GB of storage for free (still more than Dropbox), and will tie in nicely with Google’s ecosystem. Their pricing is hard to beat, and most of the functionality that anyone will need has been added in the latest update.
But, as far as cross-platform file storage and syncing is concerned, SkyDrive is unbeatable. Cloud technologies today provide anytime, anywhere access to the tools we need in delivering better products, services, relationship management and support channels.

Consider how else you could possibly tackle mobile connectivity, analyse so many sources of a€?big dataa€™ and collaborate with key stakeholders remotely, without embracing the cloud? Society has become consumerised by technology and globalisation of workforces has blurred both cultural and economic boundaries.
From private, to public, to hybrid clouds, the choices are great and dona€™t have to be expensive. The company wishes to "[dispel] the myth that just because data was online didn't mean it couldn't be private," according to its website. Furthermore, although SpiderOak seems to have good intentions, it would hardly be the first company to oversell or misrepresent its online security features.
And you seriously think you can trust "The Cloud" for anything more important than your solitaire game? This is a concern that many of the top cloud storage providers have worked on and continue to work on for their members.
Here is the top cloud storage providers that offer the best, safest and securest sharing capabilities. Dropbox, a popular choice for quite some time (its name is practically the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about cloud storage) is being threatened by SkyDrive, which really stepped up its game today. You can even remotely browse and snag the files on your PC quickly and securely from anywhere in the world that you have an Internet connection. I think that tying this in with Android phones as far as file syncing and backup would be awesome, to provide users with iCloud-like functionality. However, they still lack an Android client, and probably never will have a BlackBerry client.
In short every business should have cloud services firmly entrenched within their current IT strategy or at the very least on their IT roadmap for 2013. Whata€™s more, the opportunities these services present to your business are way beyond anything you currently are able to achieve in-house. If you are a user of either, and require access to the cloud service of your choice on the device, you’ll have to go with Dropbox.
The security of "The Cloud" is best described by the old adage on how to keep a secret between two people. On top of this, Google wants to get their foot in the door of this market with Google Drive. I’m sure that for Android users, Google is also cooking up a good solution with Google Drive. High-security information domains like finance, insurance, banking and taxation are more and more using cloud storage. Since cloud-based programs are increasingly being used in conjunction with free tax calculators and estimators, financial modeling, risk prediction as well as other financial tools, the cloud security has improved exponentially to secure the sensitive documents and information. It is in fact a suit of online office applications that allows you to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations etc. And the fact that you can store these files right into Google Docs –makes this service a sort of cloud storage.
With Doc, Google is wanting to eliminate the need of offline office packages like MS Office.Now let’s be concise.
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