When many favorite TV programs play at different channels at the same time, but we can only choose one to watch or even have no time for it. Moreover, you can also burn the recorded TV shows onto a DVD disc to collect these special moments. Both of them offer 30-day free trial with full features, so you can always try it out in advance.
If you have recorded down the TV shows through the TV, simply transfer your video files onto a hard drive or an external storage media with the USB cable provided. First connect your hard drive or external storage onto the PC, directly add the recorded TV shows onto the Burn’s window of BlazeVideo DVD Creator. Note: Instead of burning the recorded TV shows straightaway onto a DVD, you can also save it as an ISO file. This new feature in Applea€™s latest Mac operating system promises to free up precious storage space. Editor's note: This article has been updated to include the Purgable feaure, email attachements in the Optimized Storage section, and verified information regarding iCloud Drive storage usage. Applea€™s laptops rely on flash storage, and prices really shoot up if you want more local storage (the actual storage in your computer)a€”if the model you want offers an upgrade in the first place. This bar graph has changed a bit from the one in OS X El Capitan, which provided a color-coded key below the bar to tell you how your storage is being allocated.
If you look closely at the screenshot above, you can see a small white-with-gray-stripes section.
Whata€™s cool about this option is that ita€™s basically like the Recently Deleted folder of iOSa€™s Photos app. Unlike the iOS Photo appa€™s Recently Deleted folder, the files in the Maca€™s Trash arena€™t labeled with how many days are remaining before deletion. If you decide to turn this feature off, you will notice that therea€™s no way to do so in this interface.
If you decide you want to turn off Empty Trash Automatically, you can do so in the Finder preferences.
This is an interface you can use to sift through your files and figure out which ones to delete or move to another storage medium. In Large Files and Downloads, if you move your cursor over a file, you can then click on the X button to delete the file, or click the magnifying glass to see the file in the Finder. After details from the Wall Street Journal about a new Apple smartwatch emerged, there have been a lot of artists that want to get their concept of what the iWatch may look like from Apple. The problem with most of these Apple smartwatch concepts are that they will probably be better than Apple’s end product. This doesn’t mean anything, it just shows that some peoples imagination may not be as in tune as Apples. Nothing is certain, yet and most of these concepts point to the openness that Apple can achieve. The Wall Street Journal did say that Apple were experimenting with this type of material and this could well make its way to the iWatch. We are unsure what Apple will integrate into the iWatch, some are saying that Siri will be added so you can use voice recognition to respond to notifications. Other say it will work a lot like the iPod Nano and it may be released as the next generation of the Nano, killing off the poor selling MP3 line.
In our mind this could be the real deal, Apple do need some new life and this could be a product with a lot of potential. Would you buy into Apple’s iWatch, or is the smartwatch a gadget you can’t see in your life?

LaCie seem to be going back and filling in any blanks in their mediaplayer line-up right now, neatly slotting the LaCinema Classic HD into the range.
If you've got a DLNA-compatible mediaplayer - which includes an Xbox 360 or PS3 - you can stream content from the LaCinema Classic HD directly to them, too.
LaCie today introduced the most complete HD multimedia hard drive player, combining Full HD 1080p playback, unsurpassed format compatibility and DLNA media server functionality – LaCinema Classic HD, design by Neil Poulton. The LaCinema Classic HD offers a timeless and sleek design making it a great addition to any TV setup.
The LaCinema Classic HD keeps it easy – use it as an external hard drive to load media from your Mac or PC. Acting as a DLNA media player, LaCinema Classic HD can conveniently play movies, music, and photos from your computer or network storage. Its unique DLNA server function ensures the LaCinema Classic HD works in tandem with your home network, acting as a media server to stream content to compatible players, such as PlayStation®3 or Xbox®.
At no premium, LaCinema Classic HD surpasses the usual media player experience by including a high-quality HDMI cable, Ethernet cable and the renowned DLNA Twonky Media Server for Mac and Windows.
To record down and burn TV shows onto DVD disc is no longer a hard thing with the help of two utilities, BlazeVideo HDTV Player, which can play and record down your online TV, and BlazeVideo DVD Creator that can burn your TV videos and DVD files onto a DVD disc.
Please click here to download the trial version of BlazeVideo DVD Creator to make your own TV show DVD discs. Besides, you can also add in your own favorite music to set it as your DVD background music. The new Optimized Storage feature in macOS Sierra is designed to help free up precious storage space on your Mac.
Apple provides 5GB of free iCloud Drive storage per Apple ID, so you may want more to take full advantage of Optimized Storage. In Sierra, the color-coded key is gone, but if you move your cursor over the colored sections, you can see what each section represents. This is what Apple calls Purgeable, and it indicates that these are really old files that you can probably archive, save to the cloud, or delete in order to free up storage space.
First, leta€™s go over the choices in the Recommendations window that appears in the main section.
Herea€™s why you might want to upgrade iCloud: Your iCloud Drive is used as long-term storage for your original files and full-resolution photos and videos, which can be downloaded to your Mac when you need them.
When you click on the Store in iCloud button, you have the choice to save files from the Desktop and Documents folders in iCloud. If you like to watch TV shows and movies from iTunes, you may not realize that the videos you have already watched are just sitting on your Mac. Ita€™s more efficient than opening a bunch of Finder windows and looking at the files that way.
If you sync your iOS device to your Mac, iTunes keeps a few olders backups, in case you want to restore to a previous point in history. None of the Apple apps that come with Sierra are shown here, though App Store apps do appear. It will be updated as OS updates become available and when Apple officially releases macOS Sierra in the fall.
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We remember the iPhone 5 with a laser keyboard and transparent screen, an excellent video concept that never came to the finished iPhone. Johnny Ive may be a brilliant hardware designer but some of these designers on Photoshop have nice Apple smartwatch concepts.

The previous watch had a rounded plastic design with a built in screen and front facing camera. As we have seen with the Kickstarter E-Ink watch that is only less than a millimetre thick, Apple may go for a slim, clean design.
Smartwatches seem to be getting a lot more popular since Pebble added their version on Kickstarter.
On the other hand, the TV is a market Apple could of been running by now if they had of shipped products when the first rumours and leaks came out, about four years ago. Tapscape is also a leading reviewer of the latest in apps for both iOS and Android devices, with over 2000 apps reviewed to date.
Users can browse, play and share HD media collections from anywhere in the home, directly on HDTV.
LaCinema Classic HD even offers network access to easily transfer files from your Mac and PC, while keeping it connected to the TV.
By using the included remote control and easy navigation interface, you have quick and convenient access to your media libraries. We believe organizing and playing should be simple for everyone, without concern for media compatibility or how to access media, no matter where it's stored in your home," said Salem Tirane, Digital Home Product Manager. Many advanced HDTV Player now offers such TV recording function as they have taken this kind of need into consideration. If you have accidentally dropped in a unneeded file, just scroll your cursor over to the specific video and click the X on the top-right hand corner to delete it. For example, the light blue section next to the yellow System section in the screenshot above is for Other Users.
The idea here is that since the email attachment is being stored on an email server, there's no need to keep it on your Mac. Also notice that when you click on the Review Files button, ita€™s the same as selecting Documents in the left column. When you place a cursor over an app, you get the delete and Show in Finder icons, like the ones that appear in Documents.
Mostly, this view is for apps youa€™ve installed on your own from the internet or from external media. Uncompromising support for Dolby Digital audio quality enhances the LaCinema Classic HD, as well as your entertainment viewing experience. Additionally, the front USB port allows you to connect a USB drive or digital camera to instantly share your photos on your HDTV with friends and family. You can browse for your favorite TV shows online and record or download them over the Internet. You can simply get the attachment from the server again, though if you've deleted the email completely, the attachment is gone, too.
You will need to have a large storage space for either one of the recording options mentioned above. I tried to delete several apps this way, and the apps were still there, even after I restarted the computer. So ita€™s unclear if this delete method also removes all of the files the apps installs during the installation, a longtime pet peeve.

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