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In the Saturn V launch sequence, what defined COMMIT, and what happened between COMMIT and LIFTOFF? Feeling pressured to publish thesis results by advisor I don't want to work with anymore. Ita€™s been four long years since Microsoft released the last version of Office for the Mac, in 2010. Although Microsoft released the latest version of its email client on Friday, the roadmap to the next version of Office is the real news.
Microsoft issued an apology of sorts for the delay, noting that it had put the Mac on the back burner while it developed mobile versions for the iPad and other platforms. For those familiar with the Outlook Web App or Outlook for Windows, the new Outlook client should hold few, if any surprises. Aesthetically, the new Outlook for the Mac looks a lot like Outlook for Windows, part of the perpetual Office 365 upgrade cycle. Here's how to get it: Consumers should visit their My Account page, while commercial subscribers should click on their Software pageA or accessing their Office 365 portal. Why this matters:A Basically, Microsoft hopes to lure Mac users to its perpetual subscription model, in much the same way ita€™s hoping to persuade its traditional Windows customers to do the same.

As PCWorld's senior editor, Mark focuses on Microsoft news and chip technology, among other beats. Apple will begin manufacturing one of its existing Mac lines in the United States next year, CEO Tim Cook told several news organizationsa€”a move that may address fierce criticism over the companya€™s overseas manufacturing processes.
Cook made the announcement in interviews with NBCa€™s Brian Williams and with Bloomberg Businessweek. That indicates that Apple will still outsource production of the Mac linea€”but to a company inside the United States, instead of outside manufacturers like China-based Foxconn, which builds the companya€™s iPhones and iPads for sale back in the United States and around the world.
Applea€™s relationship with Foxconn has been the sources of increasing scrutiny in the year since Apple founder Steve Jobs died.
The criticisms seemed especially painful to Cook, whoa€”before ascending to the top spot as Jobsa€™ successora€”spent much of his Apple career building the companya€™s manufacturing-and-supply chain. Apple had also, in recent months, defended its domestic hiring practices, in March unveiling a web page that touted 514,000 American jobs created directly or indirectly by the company.
Still, the announcement that some Apple manufacturing is returning to the United States was something of a surprise. Cook said he believed that there werena€™t enough workers in the United States with the skills to support the manufacture of consumer electronics; re-establishing Apple, he suggested, might help reverse the trend and lead other companies back home. He continued to defend the companya€™s hiring practices, telling Bloomberg Businessweek: a€?I dona€™t think we have a responsibility to create a certain kind of job.
In the first half of 2015, Microsoft will release a public beta version of Office for Mac, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love. Further details about which line or how many jobs would be created werena€™t immediately available. The New York Times ran a series of stories about the a€?iEconomy,a€? scrutinizing working conditions at Foxconn plants overseas and questioning why popular products like the iPad couldna€™t be manufactured here. He said he wasA outraged by the reports in an email to Apple employees but has vowed that the the company will lead the way in improving working conditions at its suppliersa€™ factories. Nevertheless, it will have been five years since Microsoft has released a new version of Office for the Mac by the time it finally ships.
He submitted the company to audits by the Fair Labor Association in order to improve practices. Current Office 365 subscribers will be able to upgrade for free, as expected; Microsoft also said that it would ship a a€?perpetual license of Office for Maca€? (aka a standalone version) in the same timeframe.

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