Reconciliations ensure that a company's financial accounts are validated to check that the balance in the account is correct.
Because account balances are valid at a point in time, and business conditions change, it is critical that reconciliations occur. Oracle Account Reconciliation Cloud helps manage account reconciliation processes, including balance sheet reconciliations, consolidation system reconciliations, and other reconciliation processes in effect.
The administrator sets up the reconciliation lists that contain the balances to be reconciled, as well as account descriptions, instructions, due dates, and completed dates. Scripting on this page enhances content navigation, but does not change the content in any way. Share and Empower: I have found cloud-based software to be much easier to access, use and share information across my team. Work from Anywhere: I spend a lot of time traveling, so being able to work, in addition to accessing my full email and calendar from my mobile device is critical. Keep in Touch: When I am traveling I like to keep in touch with my family via mobile video calling, but I also use it to stay in touch with donors and my team. Learn More: Take time this summer to use a web-based survey tool to learn more about your donors.
Build Awareness: I meet nonprofits all of the time that have not yet started an email marketing program. Network Online: Social is another blog post all together, but becoming social and networking online is critical to your nonprofits future. Cloud-based solutions can really make your life easier, increase productivity, and most importantly enhance your fundraising efforts.

HELPFUL TOOLSOur monthly webinar offerings contain a robust group of strategies to help effectively navigate you and your team into the new year. FORWARD TOGETHERInsights and ideas on best practices, trends, and issues for associations, nonprofit organizations, and government entities. Cumulonimbus clouds are large, flat clouds that spread across the sky.Cumulonimbus clouds mean a storm or thunderstorm is coming.
Google’s week was dominated by announcements at the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Next event in San Francisco, at which the firm unveiled new products and stated its feelings on the future of the cloud. SKY flicked the switch on its pixel-packed Ultra High Definition movies, sports and entertainment this weekend. Oracle Account Reconciliation Cloud makes this process simpler and faster for companies by automating the process and helping users involved in the process collaborate effectively. For example, you could perform some reconciliation by business unit or company code, while performing other reconciliations at the Department level. Email notifications are sent reminding other users that due dates are approaching, or that reconciliations can be acted upon.
You are probably wondering how they can benefit your nonprofit and if any of them are a good fit for your organization. This allows me to be productive when I am waiting in lines, at restaurants, and anywhere really. Video calling adds a face to face interaction (which I am a huge fan of) in a very convenient way.  I recommend Skype, but there are a ton of great services.
There are a multitude of web-based email solutions that will really make getting started easy.

Check out this blog to see why I love it so much, and check out Sage Payment Solutions mobile offering.
We are hosting an educational webcast (more like an interactive discussion) about cloud computing with Stacy Dyer and Grant Howe our VP of Development and Technology Thursday, June 12th at 2 pm ET. I found a few things that I've been looking at on other sites and they were cheaper!…They were REALLY fast with delivery. An administrator can mapping rules to assign the account balances to the reconciliations, and when balances are imported, ensure they appear in the correct reconciliation based on these rules. There are so many types of cloud services today it can be a bit of a daunting question to ponder.
In my experience, cloud-based software = substantial time savings.  From easy to access email to no longer having to install software updates, cloud-based solutions can really make an impact on efficiency. Watch cirrus clouds move across the sky and you’ll know where the next weather pattern is coming from. Keeping things very simple, here are ten reasons why I think you should learn more about cloud-based solutions and how they can benefit you and your nonprofit. Watching the clouds is not only fun, but it can give you clues about what kinds of weather are coming.

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