Cloud Computing is seen by many as the wave of information technology for individuals and companies. Cloud Computing is a general term for anything that involves delivering hosted services over the Internet. They have not only economies of scale but also a dedicated focus on providing these infrastructures. These efficiencies can be passed on to you so your company can focus less on managing hardware and more on what differentiates you. As a result, you quickly respond to your client’s needs, without the need for time-consuming installations. As companies seek to improve their services, many firms, including large companies operating in traditional industries are using Cloud Computing for testing purposes. The transition to Cloud-based testing can reduce costs and improve overall quality, but it also poses some serious challenges. Clearly, security needs to improve as well, and performance and availability must be superb.
The adoption of Cloud Computing services promises to revolutionize the software testing industry, turning it into a more efficient and customer-friendly market.
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Cloud Computing is profoundly changing the whole IT industry and leading traditional software testing to a new direction.
Many companies, including large ones, that understand the significance of the Cloud revolution, intend to benefit from the newly created opportunities and adjust their services to conform to this new form. Obviously, customers are showing less willingness to pay what they used to in advance for software and then to add servers, employees to maintain them, yearly application maintenance licenses, upgrades, and so on. The challenge for the entire testing industry is huge, even without mentioning the different approach to the service (including support, upgrades and on-going maintenance) these vendors must adopt.

They are offered much better solutions that are easier to manage, as well as improved services – all this with competitive pricing.
Since being recognized in the past few years as an important part of the development effort, testers are already seen as an integral part of project teams, participating in all of the project’s different phases.
The name cloud computing was inspired by the cloud symbol that’s often used to represent the Internet in flowcharts and diagrams. This allows companies to constantly upgrade and change the selected application and adjust it to the market’s needs and come out with new versions much faster. For example, TaaS solutions will enable companies to re-size their testing teams on a need-basis, and significantly reduce costs.
Additionally, they will be able to hire many testers at short notice for a limited time, allowing them to carry out much faster tests.

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