That’s pretty easy and once created you will see that you have 36TB space in your account.
On top of that, you will get additional 26TB of space by installing it mobile apps, Androids apps or iphone. On top of that you can get more additional space by doing simple tasks like uploading file or by.inviting your friend to sign up with Yunpan.
Yunpan 360 also has standard features like data encryption, support 10 GB large fike uploads, group filesharing etc but one feature that stand out is its automatic backup feature. Get 100 GB Deego Free Secure Backup We encrypt all your files using military grade encryption and store multiple copies of each file. Get lifetime licensed copy of Sothink Blu-ray Copy for free (normal price $46.99) to copy and rip all Blu-rays.
This is a special version  of Ashampoo WinOptimizer which has more features than the free version and includes support. TweetGoogle has made it clear for years that they’re determined to be the number one name in the cloud storage game. While iCloud gives 5 GB of storage for free to all Apple device owners, Google Drive’s basic service has provided 15 GB for free since May of 2013. Google Drive isn’t only about storage; it’s also where Google productivity apps live, and it’s closely linked to its photo sharing-storage tools and Gmail, all of which share the same pool of available online storage. With this move, Google makes it much more accessible and attractive premium services related to Google Drive winking at those users who searched for a cloud storage solution with plenty of space but without having to pay crazy. The cloud storage space has become extremely competitive in recent years, with services popping up from independent firms like Box and Mega, as well as major tech firms like Amazon, Microsoft, Google and of course Apple. The sharp drop in Google Drive prices is a sign of strong competition in the services sector of online storage, where each platform trying to convince users to store their files in it rather than a rival. For comparison, the popular cloud service Dropbox, which is used by over 200 million people, offers a free 2 GB only. To be fair, Google’s Drive pricing was already lower than the other most popular service Dropbox, with a 100GB plan costing $4.99 per month vs. I prefer Google Drive over others, it is more stable and synchronizes the updated files instantly. In 2012, more than 1.7 million jobs in the field of cloud computing remained unoccupied, according to analysts firm IDC. Cloud marketing has the ability to drastically change the ways in which they reach and engage their audience, particularly with regard to distributing and storing mission-critical data. More and more companies encourage their employees to work on their devices, thus reducing the cost of computer equipment, but also increase the cost to maintain licenses and safety. Despite the inclination to wait until all of the cloud’s kinks have been worked out, holding off on cloud initiatives until the industry matures won’t guarantee success.
The software industry is undergoing major changes by trends such as cloud, SaaS, mobile technology and the “consumerization of IT”.
Romanian telecom and cable provider RCS&RDS recently launched a new cloud storage service for its existing clients, some of which get a basic storage package for free.

The company, which thus provides the cheapest options for cloud storage in Romania, according to local media, gives 20 GB of cloud space for free to subscribers of its Fiberlink 500 and Fiberlink 1000 internet packages. The system currently integrates with Dropbox and comes with mobile apps for iPhone and Android, as well as software for Windows, Apple and Linux computers.
For 2012, the telecom company, which is the largest cable and internet provider in Romania, reported a net profit of some EUR 20 million and a turnover of 459 million. This past summer, the business software maker announced that it had reached an agreement with hedge fund and was going to expand the size of its board to twelve directors to be able to add two more Elliott nominees. Ltd., or Qihoo 360, is a software company known for its antivirus software (360 Safeguard, 360 Mobile Safe), Web Browser (360 Browsers), and Mobile Application Store (360 Mobile Assistant). Google has announced a reduction in the price of their subscriptions to the service cloud storage, Google Drive, thanks to a series of infrastructure improvements.
If a strong storage space is a key argument in choosing a service, the price is equally important. An extra 50 GB of space is RON 3 a month, 100 GB – RON 6 and 150 GB is RON 9 (approximately EUR 2).
Besides Romania, the company also operates in Hungary, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia and Serbia.
It has even hired Bank of America Merrill Lynch to conduct the strategic review for the company. The latter is a $20 billion activist hedge fund operated by Paul Singer, which is worth $6.9 billion and is in control of almost 8% of BMC Software stock. In addition, Dropbox offers corporate tariff plan: unlimited space for groups of 5 people and costs $ 15 per user per month. But that extra $3 per-month savings equates out to $36 per year, making it even more attractive. The company is developing, marketing and selling software that the businesses can use for different functions a€“ for instance, IT service management, information center automation, and cloud computing management. It seems that bankers for the BMC Software have been wining and dining potential buyers, who are mostly large technology corporations and private equity companies, to estimate their interest in purchasing all or part of BMC Software. The list included Dell, IBM, Oracle, and such private equity companies as Bain Capital, KKR & Co LP, and Blackstone Group LP. A $100 a year of paid iCloud service meanwhile only nets iCloud users a total of 55 GB of total storage, and Dropbox users 100 GB. Google also has the advantage of its new fleet of Chromebooks, Chromeboxes and Android devices, all of which have Google apps installed. The name of the company was formed by the surnames of its founders a€“ Boulette, Moores, and Cloer. These options do not eliminate the option of free storage that will remain in effect for all users with an account on the Google platform.
Google’s lower cloud storage prices will also entice more people to buy Chromebooks, which will in turn eat away at yet another part of Microsoft’s business.
It began operating back in 2011 with $4 million in financial support from the IDG Ventures group.Surdoc is currently one of the biggest providers of free cloud storage outside of China.

Box’s Business plan offers users 1,000 GB of storage for $15 per month per user, but there must be a minimum of three users on the plan, bringing the minimum price to $45. SurDoc provides 100 GB free storage after the initial sign up, and is kind enough to offer encryption and a fully featured free service plan.There are lots of cloud service options out there, but rarely do they offer 100 GB of free cloud space, like Surdoc does.
Being a completely new company in the market with a very small budget, you can’t just expect them to pop up and expand unless they come up with something unique. Not only do you get 100 GB for free,  you can enjoy unlimited data storage at just $100 per year!
And that includes customer support, syncing for unlimited number of devices along with their patented TruPrivacy™ security technology.TruPrivacy™ security technology basically turns the uploaded data into encryption keys, and by doing so, eliminates the need for passwords. However, not all that glitters is gold, and there are a few drawbacks with the SurDoc that need to be checked.Firstly, there is a size restriction on certain files. ZIP files cannot be more than 5 GB, and executable programs or similar files cannot be larger than 10 MB. The press page from SurDoc is filled with poor quality and cloud-irrelevant articles, instead of genuine reviews or instructions on why it’s a good choice for cloud users.However, all these flaws can be ignored if you just need a place to store 100 GB worth of non-confidential data, more free storage space can be earned at 10 GB per new referral.
Data can be downloaded or uploaded using either the desktop or mobile clients.The number of smartphone and tablet users is increasing with every passing moment, and nearly all of them prefer to share and secure their data, wherever they are.
The best way to do this, of course, is to keep a synced data backup using a cloud storage service. Even if you don’t need to access data on the move, cloud storage will make sure that your data is absolutely safe and protected.What’s your opinion? Do you think that SurDoc can ever turn out to be a big threat for the likes of Dropbox and OneDrive? Or is it just another newbie waiting to pack up?Is the 100 GB lure good enough tempt consumers into using Surdoc? With the development of technology, the traditional data storage is walking on a completely new road opening a wide range of possibilities.
Check out this article on how a cloud storage works and blend in with the crowd!Top 10 Cloud Storage Providers ComparisonWondering which are the top 10 cloud storage providers? Stick along and find out!What Is Cloud Storage?We hear about it all the time, but what is cloud storage exactly?
Throughout this article we'll explain what is the cloud and how cloud storage differs from other cloud services.How to Backup Your Data in the CloudA cloud storage system is the most modern form of data storage.
It’s actually a data server on the internet and companies own these servers offering different services to the users – mostly data storage and sharing directly on and from the internet.
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