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So, if you use your Microsoft ID to log into another Windows 8 PC the background, tiles and desktop will automatically change to your settings. Tip: For your personal settings to show you will need to turn on Sync your settings, found through the Charm bar under Settings. In Windows 8 apps like Windows Mail, Messenger, People and Calendar use cloud to connect several accounts to one location. Gone are the days of backing up your files onto a hard drive and syncing it with other PCs - using cloud means you can easily backup and share your files, photos and videos with friends and family on multiple devices including a smartphone, tablet or another computer.
Knowhowa„? Cloud allows you to backup your computer's files, photos, videos and music to an online storage system.
When you sign up for a Knowhowa„? Cloud account you have two options; Backup or Backup & Share. Knowhowa„? Cloud Backup: Gives you 500GB of online storage and allows you to access this from other devices.
Knowhowa„? Cloud Backup & Share: Gives you 1TB of online storage and allows you to edit and share your files with others as well as offering streaming of music, movies and photos to your smartphone, tablet or computer. SkyDrive works in a similar way to Knowhowa„? Cloud, where you can share your files across multiple devices, including your smartphone and tablet.
The benefits of SkyDrive are that your smartphone photos are automatically synced with your account and that you can edit online documents at the same time as other you have shared it with.
When you sign up for a SkyDrive account you are given 7GB of free storage but will have to pay for additional storage. It could be a hobby (photography, writing, cooking and travel are all popular topics), a professional portfolio to showcase your expertise (a kind of online business card), or a place to share information about a club or organization you're involved in.It's not difficult either, and with free tools you can create a website from scratch in a few hours.

You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. This could simply be a photo upload to Facebook or viewing an online document through Google Docs.
This ID is what syncs all your information together - storing all your personal settings and preferences. Other preferences that can change include ease of access, browser settings and language settings.
For example, the People app allows you to see all the friends you are connected with from different accounts such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Messenger and Twitter. You'll have access to everything you saved from another computer, smartphone, or tablet - wherever you are in the world. Also, if you have forgotten to put something into SkyDrive you can fetch it from your PC provided it is turned on and running the app.
You don't have to use a dull template to make your site either - with a tiny bit of extra effort you can create something totally unique and utterly stunning without writing a line of code.Before you get stuck into building pages, it's a good idea to create a sitemap so you know how your site will be structured1. Clicking on an individual person brings up a contact card to with what they have recently posted and their shared photos. Make a sitemapBefore you can begin building your site, you'll need an idea of its structure, and how the pages will link to one another. There are lots of online sitemapping tools, and our favorite for very small sites is WriteMaps. The free plan lets you create up to three sitemaps and doesn't include any unnecessary frills. Once you've signed up, take 30 seconds to watch the introductory video and you're ready to go.
Just hover your mouse over a page, then click the plus symbol to add a 'child' page underneath it.

Easy.WriteMaps only lets you create and label branches, which might be all you need, but if you'd like to add notes and colors to make things clearer you can use free mind-mapping software Freemind in exactly the same way.
See all Freemind's keyboard shortcuts.GIMP is the best free image editor for cropping and resizing your photos before publishing them on your new website. You'll find a guide to more advanced image-editing techniques here, but the basic crop and scaling tools are self-explanatory; you'll find them in the toolbox that appears on the right.
Once you've finished editing, choose File > Export and select a format to save the image in. Pick a hostThis is the most important decision you'll make - the company that will host your website from its servers and ensure it stays online - and your choice will depend on your priorities. If you simply want to get your site online as quickly as possible, you might be happy with a hosting service that only lets you create sites using its own templates.However, if you'd rather make your own pages using a tool like Mobirise (see below), which gives you far more flexibility over the design and layout, then you'll need a host that supports FTP (file transfer protocol) so you can upload it yourself - more details on that below. You also need to consider how large your site will be, and how much site traffic you're expecting each month. Build your pagesIf you're happy to use a website builder provided by your site host then you don't need to worry about this step, but if you'd prefer to build your own pages then check out Mobirise.
No knowledge of coding is required, it's free, and your site will be responsive, meaning it will adapt seamlessly to work with different devices and screen sizes.Sites are built using a simple system of blocks, and the results look smart and stylish thanks to features like video backgrounds, content sliders and Google Maps integration.
It looks and functions much like Microsoft Word and it'll take more effort to create good-looking web pages, but no prior knowledge of HTML is required. Upload your filesAn FTP (file transfer protocol) client is a program used to upload HTML pages, images and other files from your PC to your web host's servers.Most site builders include their own built-in FTP clients (including Mobirise - it's accessible via the 'Publish' button on the top right), but if yours doesn't then SmartFTP is a good option. You can investigate your options at domain registrars like 123-reg or GoDaddy, then search around for the best price.

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