Once you start backing up your files to the Cloud, it means they are safe and secure even if your computer breaks down or gets infected with a virus. Any files that had already been backed up from within that folder will be removed from your online Cloud backup once the backup progress has completed. Knowhow Cloud works in the background and checks the backed up folders every hour for any new or updated files. When backing up your computer, it can take from a few minutes to several hours to several days.
If you delete a backed up file from your computer, this will be removed from your online backup once the Knowhow Cloud software scans the backed up folders.
If you want to delete files from your computer but still wish to keep them, you will need to upload or move the files to your Briefcase.
Knowhow Cloud Backup is designed to be a replica of what is stored on your computer, so you are unable to delete the files from your online backup.
If you want to edit backed up files, it's good to remember that Knowhow Cloud saves up to 20 versions of a file in your online backup. If the file you want to open or download is greyed out, it means the file hasn't been uploaded yet and you will only be able to view it once the backup has completed. Within the Control Centre you can also prioritise which file types you want uploaded first.

In order to get the most out of Knowhow Cloud, it is recommended that you download and install the normal desktop client application and the new modern Start Screen app. You can find the software download by logging into your Knowhow Cloud account through your internet browser and then going to Account Settings > Software Download. When the install window appears - enter your email address and password, then click Sign In >. As well as having the Knowhow Cloud app on your smartphone, you can also download the app onto your Windows 8 machine through the Windows Store.
The dedicated Windows 8 Knowhow Cloud app lets you access all your content at any time from a Windows 8 computer or Windows 8 RT tablet. You can find out how to start using the app in our article, How to use the Knowhow Cloud Windows 8 app. If you are having problems installing the software on your Windows 8 device, check below for a possible solution. Connection problems can either be software or hardware related; one of the main causes is the firewall blocking the connection. If it connects (and displays a blank screen) then it is not firewall related and could be a user profile related issue. If you are still having problems or would like some help from one of the Knowhow team, you can call us on 0344 561 1234A or you can email us through our Contact Us page.

As a default Knowhow Cloud doesn't cap your upload speeds; however, if your do want to change this you can go to the Control Centre and then click on the Settings tab > Advanced > Bandwidth. If you accidently deleted a file or folder and need it back, you have up to 30 days to recover it. If you don't want them being visible in your online backup you'll need to remove the files from the folder(s) which are being backed up. So if you make changes to the file on the computer it's stored on, the Cloud software will automatically add this as well. The application is designed to sit in the background, continually backing up any changes made to files. It is essentially a modern version of the existing web portal but with specific Windows 8 functionality, such as sharing between apps. If you are unsure how to do this, you can find support on how to allow access from the anti-virus manufacturer's website.

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