The hardware for both models is relatively the same with the second generation having a bit faster of a processor. The Glowlight seems more refined in the second generation model with the overall display being a tremendous upgrade. 410152 Michael Kozlowski (6380 Posts)Michael Kozlowski is the Editor in Chief of Good e-Reader. Update: Take a look at the article at InventorSpot about Kindle DX vs The Lord Voldemort of Tablet Devices. The Good Amazon has improved on last year's excellent Paperwhite e-reader with a faster processor, more responsive touch screen, and a better integrated light that's brighter and whiter and displays more evenly across the screen.
The Bad Device hasn't gotten smaller or significantly lighter since last year, an AC adapter isn't included (just a Micro-USB cable for charging).
The Bottom Line While the "all-new" Paperwhite may seem like an unspectacular upgrade on the surface, it's a clear improvement over the original Paperwhite and arguably the best e-reader currently available. Welcome to here’s the thing, your source for practical tips, advice, and how-tos about the gadgets you use each day.
Pretty nice, and yes, it’s free—although you will need a library card, plus a little patience in case the Kindle book you want is already checked out.
Just like a regular library book, the Kindle book you lent from the library will eventually expire. The open industry format known for its reflowable content and usability on supported mobile devices.

The complete guide to provisioning and managing cloud-based Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) data center solutions Cloud computing will revolutionize the way IT resources are deployed, configured, and managed for years to come.
Get unlimited 30-day access to over 30,000 books about UX design, leadership, project management, teams, agile development, analytics, core programming, and so much more. Made by Billy McDill, This is the most interesting game table made from LEGO I’ve ever seen so far. Today we check out the previous generation Amazon Kindle Paperwhite and one that just came out this week.
The original Kindle Paperwhite for its time blew away the Kobo Glo and Nook Simple Touch with its front-lit display. Any singular word you highlight will be placed in this folder accessed from the settings menu.
Kindle Freetime will allow parents to setup accounts for their kids and manage permissions. Also, one more thing: Amazon will keep track of any bookmarks or notes you made in your loaner Kindle book, and will restore them all in case you eventually decide to buy the book for yourself.
We customize your eBook by discreetly watermarking it with your name, making it uniquely yours. Service providers and customers each stand to realize tremendous value from this paradigm shift—if they can take advantage of it.
The second generation evenly distributes the light more evenly and its less blue then before on higher settings.

His articles have been picked up by major and local news sources and websites such as the Huffington Post, CNET and more.
Its pricing is set firm on $379, practically lower than the original Kindle DX white version or the first model. Cloud Computing brings together the realistic, start-to-finish guidance they need to plan, implement, and manage cloud solution architectures for tomorrow’s virtualized data centers.
One of the new software enhancements on the Paperwhite 2 is the ability to maximize the brightness with the click of a button.
The usage aspect is very interesting because instead of using the standard thesaurus, it will use the usage from the book you are reading. Michael frequently travels to international events such as IFA, Computex, CES, Book Expo and a myriad of others. The refreshed Kindle DX Black edition is not only cheaper, its 9.7-inch has 50 percent better in contrast, which giving a better reading experience for us.
You also have the ability to completely shut off the light, which was lacking in the first iteration.
If you have a bunch of Vocabulary words, you can make Flashcards out of them, and have a virtual slideshow of all your words.

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