Enter your email below to get exclusive access to our best articles and tips before everybody else. Many websites now allow you to upload files just by dragging and dropping them into your browser window – a welcome change from having to click a browse button and use a file chooser, as we had to just a few years ago. Browsers like Chrome and Firefox now support WebGL, which allows web pages to render 3D graphics without any plugins. If Google Maps wasn’t impressive enough, the Quake 3 engine has been adapted to work in WebGL in your browser. WebSockets are used by Mozilla’s BrowserQuest game, allowing the game running inside your browser to send events back and forth to its server.
HTML5 video has gotten a lot of attention, so many people know that it’s now possible to play back videos in H.264 (MP4), WebM, and Ogg Theora formats without needing Flash installed. Browsers now allow web apps to work offline, offering them local database storage that they can use to access your data. Browsers now allow web apps to become your default applications, so you can use Gmail in your browser to send emails when you click a mailto: link anywhere on your computer – even outside your browser. Native Client allows web pages to run high-performance code for things like game engines and local video encoding.
DID YOU KNOW?The Airbus A380 jumbo passenger jet has approximately 330 miles worth of wiring in it. Disclaimer: Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site. Coverage of the Kindle Cloud Reader has largely focused on how it behaves on the iPada€”and with good reason. Thata€™s great, but if youa€™re going to do a lot of reading on your Mac, youa€™re probably better off downloading the free Kindle for Mac app, since it offers many more text and formatting options. Still, Kindle Cloud Reader seems like a great option for people who are using a shared computer, perhaps at a school computer lab, since it gives you access to all your Kindle books without having to install any software.
Ita€™s hard not to view the Kindle Cloud Reader as Amazona€™s attempt to find a way onto the iPad in a way that bypasses Applea€™s restrictions on app development. As Steve Jobs himself has said on many occasions, Apple offers two pathways for developers to put content on the iOSa€”via the curated App Store experience and via the completely open world of HTML5-based web apps. One of the advantages native apps have is that theya€™re easy to find: Launch the App Store app, type Kindle, and in a few seconds youa€™ve downloaded and installed the Kindle app on your iPada€™s home screen. At this point, the best thing to doa€”and Ia€™m surprised Amazon doesna€™t actually step you through the processa€”is tap the Share icon in Safaria€™s toolbar and choose Add to Home Screen. Though the home-screen icon and lack of browser chrome makes the Kindle Cloud Reader feel like a native iOS app, there are still some notable differences. To read a book in the Cloud Reader, just tap on its cover art; while tapping in the Kindle app will download the entire book to your device, the Cloud Reader web app will start loading the book over the Web and display it right away. The reading experience in the two apps is quite similar, but here there are some notable differences, too.
The text options are more limited in the Cloud Reader app: you can choose from five text sizes, while the iPad app gives you six to choose from. Amazon allows Kindle users (in both its iOS apps and on its dedicated Kindle devices) to highlight passages in books and make notes about the text.
I noticed some lag and delays in the Cloud Reader app as I used it, especially when moving from chapter to chapter.
If therea€™s one place where the Cloud Reader has it all over the native iPad app, ita€™s in buying books. Two screens from the Cloud Reader version of the Kindle Store: the main screen (left) and a detail page. On the home screen of the Cloud Reader therea€™s a Kindle Store button, but it doesna€™t do what the old iPad app did. And herea€™s the best part: Once you decide you want to buy a book, you tap the Buy button. Ita€™s a shame this sort of experience cana€™t be integrated in the native iOS version of the Kindle app, but Apple has made it clear that it wona€™t allow that, so here we are.
I cana€™t really recommend that Kindle users on the iPad dump the native Kindle app for this new Kindle Cloud Readera€”at least not yet.
Though Apple's taken strides with iBooks's interface and store, the Kindle app remains a very fine alternative. Uvedena prace (dilo), jejimz autorem je Honza Pav, podleha licenci Creative Commons Uvedte autora-Zachovejte licenci 4.0 International .
Nachazite se v sekci: Na hlavni stranu › Media › Mobilni › Konec byznysu mobilnich aplikaci? Financial Times oznamily odchod z Apple App Store, protoze se nechteji delit s Applem o zisk z plateb za predplatne uvnitr aplikace. Vybirate-li si, zda jit cestou aplikace pro mobilni zarizeni, nebo cestou webu optimalizovaneho pro mobilni zarizeni, casto narazite na zastance aplikaci se dvema hlavnimi argumenty proti webu. Kdyz Ceska televize oznamila, ze vstupuje do iPadu a ze s novym webem chce zajistit stejny obsah, at vyuzivate jakoukoliv platformu, necekal jsem, ze by prisla s mobilnim webem v HTML5. Chcete-li se mnou a s tim, co delam zustat v kontaktu, vyberte si kanal, ktery vam nejvice vyhovuje. Cau Lukasi, neplati to 100%, vzdycky budou potreba nejake aplikace, ale rozhodne to neplati o vetsine. ????????? ??? blogging, ?? pc, ?? internet, ???????????? ???????? ??? ????????? ??? ???????????.
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Frustrated by the fact that Amazon has had to remove the link to the Kindle Store from the iOS Kindle app? The web-based Kindle reader is compatible with the Chrome browser on Windows, Mac, Linux and Chromebooks, the Safari browser on PC and the Mac, and the Safari browser on the iPad (requires iOS 4+).
Just to be clear here, Amazon hasn't officially announced this service yet, so it's safe to say that it isn't fully finished, so expect that things will go wrong if you use it! Once a book has been downloaded it is available offline (this isn't perfect on the iPad, but if you have the book already open in the browser then things work fine). Features such as bookmarks and the book is automatically opened to the furthest read point. Last month, Amazon and other digital retailers removed buttons from the iOS apps that gave users quick access to their e-book stores. The reason: Apple demands a 30 percent cut of all goods sold through iOS apps, and requires that publishers use its own purchasing system.
When you sign in with the right browser, you’re instructed to allow the extension to be installed.
The Web app also supports WhisperSync, which remembers where you are in a book across all Kindle apps and devices. The Web app includes the familiar Kindle Store button, which now takes you to a version of Amazon’s online bookstore that’s laid out with the iPad in mind. It also lays more groundwork for Amazon’s bigger plans – to create a cloud-based infrastructure to work with the tablets it’s expected to begin selling later this year. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Now that Internet Explorer 6’s hold on the web has been broken, browsers have been implementing a variety of cool new features that websites are taking advantage of today. Sure, some of you have no doubt heard of many of these, but the majority of people haven’t heard of all of them. This website also uses the pointer lock (or mouse lock) specification to grab your mouse pointer and keep it within the game area. HTML was created for static web pages, and most web pages currently use hacky polling-based methods to communicate with servers. Many of Google’s offline web apps (including Gmail, Docs, and Calendar) only work in Chrome, but Amazon’s Kindle Cloud Reader can be used offline in other browsers like Firefox, too. A web page could use this feature to take photos from your webcam for your profile picture or record video.
For example, Google Calendar can show you pop-up notifications when you have created reminders for upcoming events. If you’re using a tablet or another type of device with a dedicated GPS chip, the browser will use your GPS hardware to identify your location. Using HTML5 and related technologies, Kindle Cloud Reader isna€™t just for browsing books when youa€™ve got an Internet connection: It can even store books on your device for offline reading. But ita€™s important not to miss the fact that Kindle Cloud Reader works on Safari and Chrome, too. On a desktop browser, the Kindle Cloud Reader lets you choose from five different margin widths and five different font sizes; the native Mac app offers 12 different font sizes and something like 20 different margin widths. Recently Amazona€™s Kindle app was updated to remove a link to the Kindle Store because Apple mandated it; the only financial transactions allowed within iOS apps must use Applea€™s purchase system, which Amazon cana€™t use due to the financial model of the ebook business. This will create a new Cloud Reader icon on your iPada€™s home screen, complete with custom icon.
To store a book locally on your device in the Cloud Reader, you must tap and hold on its cover, then tap a€?Download & Pin Booka€? from the resulting pop-up menu. In both interfaces, you can tap on the screen in order to toggle the display of various reading controls, including text settings, a link to the booka€™s table of contents, and a slider that lets you jump anywhere in the book. It appears that the tool is doing some very clever things with caching and rendering portions of a book, perhaps one chapter at a time.
The native Kindle app found in the App Store is smoother, faster, and offers more flexibility.
Certainly most non-technical users are going to keep searching for the native app in the App Store and installing it from there. We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love.
Je to vsechno online a nemuzete vyuzivat nektere z funkci mobilniho telefonu (GPS, fotoaparat). Jako priklad si muzete vzpomenout na reklamni kampane Canonu a dalsich, kteri ve svych bannerech vyuzivali treba webkamery. Pokud zvladnete vycislit i pozitivni navratnost investice v nejblizsich letech, dejte vedet v komentarich a nekde vas zamestnam. A pokud si vetsinu aplikaci nebudu kupovat pres app store, kde apple moc dobre vi, ze ho 30% z prodane aplikace neuspokoji (proto se preorientovava na predplatny a in-app prodeje), znamena to konec tohodle velkyho byznysu..
To je predstava takova, ze kdyz ma uzivatel v oblibe 20 magazinu, ze si nainstaluje 20 aplikaci?
Ademas, el libro que estes leyendo estara automaticamente disponible para leerlo offline, con la posibilidad de guardar otro para leerlo sin conexion en cualquier momento.Tambien podras recibir automaticamente actualizaciones de funcionalidades y software sin la necesidad de hacer descargas adicionales. To sign up for more newsletters or to manage your account, visit the Newsletter Subscription Center. The company has launched a Web-based app, the Amazon Cloud Reader, that works great on the iPad. It’s only available for users of the Chrome and Safari browsers, and requires an extension that’s installed to allow offline reading. You’ll need an Amazon account to sign in, but you don’t need to have a Kindle device in order to buy books that can be read in the app.
On the iPad, you must give permission to allow 50 megabytes of storage to be used for downloaded books.

For example, while you can set the page to use different colors – for example, sepia or white-on-black – you can’t get the two-column layout on the Web app that’s available to native app users. Taking nearly a third of revenues for something as low-margin as books just doesn’t work for Amazon, and the company’s made a smart move using the technologies of the Web.
On Google Maps in Chrome, you can enable “MapsGL.” This will cause Google Maps to render the map with OpenGL, resulting in smoother animations.
WebSockets allow web pages to create a full communication channel over a TCP connection, dramatically reducing latency and network traffic when web pages need to send data back and forth with servers. Perhaps most impressively, WebSockets have also been used to create a JavaScript torrent client that runs in your browser, giving Chrome OS users a native torrent client. Unfortunately, many websites insist that they need DRM, which is why YouTube still uses Flash for videos with advertisements and Netflix still uses Silverlight for its videos.
Kindle Cloud Reader allows you to download eBooks, which you can read offline in your browser later, even if you don’t have an Internet connection. However, it could also use the new WebRTC API for video conferencing between different browsers without any plugin required.
On devices without GPS chips, nearby wireless network names or your ISP’s location can be used to approximate your current location.
The Chrome Web Store contains a variety of games written in Native Client, including a port of the critically acclaimed Bastion. Tap on it, and Kindle Cloud Reader will load againa€”this time without any web-browser interface trappings. Like the native app, therea€™s a home screen full of book coversa€”by default the Kindle app shows you the items on the device; the Kindle Cloud Reader shows you all the books available to your account. To see all books that have been downloaded, you tap on the Downloaded tab at the bottom of the screen. The web app displays the black bar at the top of the iPada€™s screen at all times, showing you the time, your battery status, and wireless connectivity, while the native app only displays that information when you tap to reveal the various page controls. One book I tested, Paolo Bacigalupia€™s Ship Breaker, appeared justified in the native app and ragged-right in the web app, which I really cana€™t explain. The only difference is in what happens as you make those gestures: the iPad app shows an animation of one page sliding away and another sliding in (and in fact, moves the pages right under your fingers if you choose to swipe from one page to the next). The Cloud Reader doesna€™t support this feature, though its toolbar features a button that lets you view any notes and marks you made elsewhere.
The Kindle Cloud Reader, at least in this first iteration, shows some of the limitations of relying on Web technologies. But the Kindle Cloud Reader bears watching: It shows that while native apps have the lead for now, web apps are coming on strong. Aplikaci tedy stahly ze storu a nahradili ji “unverzalni webovou aplikaci” napsanou v HTML5. Opet webova aplikace napsana v HTML5, ktera vam umozni cist knizky stejne pohodlne jako aplikace. Nejenze je to velmi casto neefektivni (uz jenom kvuli malemu trhu), ale ke vsemu zamerene pouze na jednu ci dve platformy. Realita je takova, ze lide ctou vice zdroju a spousteni aplikaci rozhodne neni uzivatelsky privetivejsi nez zmena URL browseru nebo vyuziti bookmarku.
It also restores the Kindle Store button, so buying books on the iPad is once again simple. JSTorrent doesn’t look completely stable yet, but it’s a good example of what’s possible with WebSockets. HTML5’s “video tag” can look just like a Flash-based video player, so you may never notice that a website is using it – except that video playback will work on mobile devices and will perform better. In the future, Google’s Hangouts won’t require a plugin at all and Skype will run in your browser, too.
Geolocation can replace the need to type your address into websites that display local content and allow you to determine your precise location using a GPS chip on a portable computer.
Scrolling through the book covers is not as smooth as scrolling in the native app, nor does it feature the intertial-scrolling effect that gives scrolling in an app that extra something. The web app displays most of its menu options via a toolbar that drops down over the top of the page, while the options on the iPad app fade in seamlessly over blank space. The native app can show book text in two separate columns when you rotate the iPad into landscape mode; the Cloud Reader will only show you a single, wider column. Youa€™ve got quick access to various book lists, and therea€™s a search box to find any other book youa€™re looking for. No, ita€™s not as good as the native appa€”but ita€™s still pretty good, and will undoubtedly get better. Vsechny ty ceske iPhone aplikace navic nemaji pridanou hodnotu oproti klasickemu zpracovani.
Downloading happens very quickly on a traditional computer, but on my first-gen iPad it took about 30 seconds to download a book. Ita€™s instant gratification on a level that users of the Kindle store on the iPad havena€™t gotten before. And when it comes to buying books, its attractive and integrated Kindle Store is vastly superior to the no-help approach forced on Amazona€™s native app by Applea€™s App Store guidelines.
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