The Kindle app can be found in the app stores with both apple and android phones and tablets.
Kindle Cloud Reader is a full functioning reader that you could use to buy and read books, but I prefer to use this app for finding, purchasing and downloading new books, and the Kindle app to read them.
Flipboard is a reading app that will pull in articles from your favorite websites, twitter account, and more, so all your news and information is in one handy location.
Once you are on Flipboard, click the red ribbon in the top right corner, from here you’ll be able to search for any websites you regularly visit.

If you click on the + next to the name, it will add it to your favorite sites in Flipboard. I look forward to the opportunity to bring everything I have learned as an agent, a real estate broker, and from my affiliations with both my local and state associations to search out and share new technology tools with practical applications for our industry. Are you tired of the same template website you’ve had for the past 10 years, or is your website not effectively generating leads from the internet?
Every week I find free real estate or sales books as well as other books I download just for enjoyment.

At the time of this article, this site had a good selection and was being updated with new books hourly. DocuSign’s paperless workflow eliminates waste and 71% of documents sent through DocuSign are signed in one hour.

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