Please note that Samsung Kies does not automatically back up your data (contacts, calendar, photos and other files).
Repeat steps 7 to 8 for the other items you would like to back up (Schedule, Music, Photos, etc.). Once Samsung Kies recognizes the device, a pop-up window will alert you that there is a software update available.
There are two versions available of this new software: Smart Switch for PC and Smart Switch for Mobile. After you hit the menu-button shown on the last image, the screen will gray out, you will have to wait until the recovery menu appears.
The download-mode is being used to flash firmwares, without using the official method of Samsung Kies. By overclocking the processor, you can increase the clock rate and gain more performance (of course it has to run stable). If you have gained root access, you will be able to delete important apps which may be necessary for android to work. This is very useful FAQ, now we can just link user who will have questions about this topic. Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 XSG (Arab Countries) Official Finally Released for Galaxy S2! Hello ns, do you mean that you have reached step 4 in my answer to Abdirahman Shire and you can see different languages but can’t find Arabic included in the languages? If you have reached step 4 and can see some languages but Arabic is not included then you have to flash a new kernel. And for the picture that we uploaded above, it is the tutorial how you can learn and understand the parts and keys of Samsung T-Mobile T589.
You can also learn a lot of more about how you can use the phone from the User Guide of this gadget.
Using Slide Side form factor, means that Gravity Smart equipped with with Physical Qwerty Keyboard (four 4 rows). Moreover, because this Smartphone is an Android Device, the gadget also preloaded with Google Talk, Picasa, Google Search, Google Maps, GMail, YouTube, Android Market, and others apps such as Image and Video Editor, Document Viewer and Voice memo. We could get two User Manual UM or User Guide UG of the Samsung Gravity Smart SGH T589 for T-Mobile, the one for English US version and the other for Spanish Language Version.

How can I recover a video that was accidentally deleted from my samsung gravity smart SHG-T589 phone.
Using Download Manager would give you a stable download process on downloading the PDF File. A common scenario that we often encounter: You recorded many high quality videos or took great photos with your Samsung Galaxy Note, then you just set them aside. Human mistake: Unintentionally delete important files and accidentally formatting of the memory card. Others: Battery dead while transferring data, factory setting restore, and memory card corruption, etc. Warm tip: To avoid any lost data being overwritten by new content, don’t use your Samsung Galaxy Note once you data is lost.
Restoring lost data with Kies will replace your existing data with those from the backup you’ve selected. Please back up all of your important information manually before proceeding with the update below, or your data will be lost. Data transfer between two Galaxy devices becomes very easy if you use the mobile app because in just a couple of taps all of your data will be moved over to the new device. It can be used to transfer data from an old device but requires the devices to be hooked up via a USB cable. When I plug it into my PC, the Samsung Smart software does not register that there is an update…is there any other way to download it and install? Release the power-button once the Samsung Galaxy W(I8150) is switched on and keep pressing the Home- and Volume Up-button. They are very often better in peformance, because they can free up from bloatware(apps which are unnecessary for most of us) and can be optimized according to the need.
Deleting these apps could end up with a boot loop(the phone stucks at the bootscreen) or other problems.
Whether it is an advice, a spelling or grammar mistake, please let me know, so I can correct it.
You will find three tutorial about Privacy Settings, how to backup your device and restore it including using Automatic Restore, about using the SD card and Phone storage and also the most important part that usually search for is how to perform Factory Data Reset: Press Home > Menu > Settings > Privacy > Factory Data Reset > Reset Phone > Enter Password (if you prompted) > Erase Everything. Learning on using the bluetooth and pairing it (on page 160), connecting to Wi-Fi hotspot (page 165), using the phone as portable router Wi-Fi Mobile access point AP, capture the moment using the camera, learning to download apps from Android Market, setting the device, set, add snooze the Alarm clock, and more.

The Display screen which uses 3.2 inches Diameter also equipped with Capacitive Touchscreen with 16 M colors. There is no Secondary Camera, no Radio though it supports for microSD card slot up to 32GB. All data is still stored on your phone if the data isn’t overwritten by new content, as deleting only makes the data invisible and makes storage space reusable.
You can see the rounded (hard round edge) on four corner of the Phone’s body and also it uses Slide Side out form factor.
And for the Tutorial guideline how you can connect your device to PC using USB PC Connection, you can read the detail on page 164 of the PDF User Manual of T589. The one that we shared above already we edited for quick and small view (Front view for Receiver, Home, Menu Keys, MicroSD card slot, Volume, strap holder, etc, Rear view for Flash, Camera and external speaker.
For the resolution screen used by Samsung Smart is 420 x 380 pixels (we aren’t sure about this, if you had any confident information regarding the Resolution of Samsung Gravity Smart, please write a comment).
Just almost Touchscreen Display had, the Proximity Sensor and Accelerometer Sensor, and also Multi Touch input method and Touch Sensitive controls are also installed in. A great Samsung Galaxy Note data recovery tool, Jihosoft Android Data Recovery, you shouldn’t miss. Along with T-Mobile, the Samsung Gravity Smart works under GSM Data Networks Technology and supports for HSDPA 3G up to 3.6 Mbps (download). Of course this Gravity Smart also installed with built in memory, though, unfortunately, we couldn’t find any info about the capacity of this onboard memory, it only said the capacity depends on system memory and can handle almost unlimited contacts phonebook and call record.
It can help you recover lost data including text messages, contacts, call logs, photos and more from Galaxy Note with a few clicks.
It has Bluetooth v2.1 through which you can share files and connect to wireless Bluetooth devices like headphones and so on. Almost forget, if you saw Samsung Galaxy Q name, it was the same product aka the alias name of this Samsung Gravity Smart but for others regional market.

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