Your DJ logo represents your DJ business’s brand through a graphic, it has to speak to the client and essentially convey a thousand words in one image. Once you’ve selected or created a logo, you never want to change it (save for some minor tweaks over time). We’ve put together these DJ Logo tips to help you to create the perfect identity for you and your company or brand.
When you are developing a DJ logo, or working with a designer to create one for you or your business, you want to stick to the basic rules of logo design.

When working with a designer on ideas for your DJ logo it is helpful to understand generally why some logos fail and why another logo becomes permanently entrenched in our brains. Since your DJ logo has to look great when scaled to any size, such as a miniscule one inch, you or your designer will want to make sure you are using a proper text size. It will become the identity of your Mobile DJ business and you (if you’re a club DJ, you ARE the brand!). Your DJ logo should be describable and simple; it should remain identifiable even without color.

The DJ logo should remain clearly visible and readable even if it is trimmed down to the size of a thumbnail. It should also be memorable and scalable (resizable without pixilation for use on banners, posters or the like).

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