Free Stuff World provides huge list of Free Gift Cards, Free Samples, Free Stuff, Free Trial Offers & Coupons . JustCloud is a new online backup company that is offering quick and reliable data storage services. Let’s see their Support as below. Question why they are targeting the same market segment, using same pricing package, working on same business model, providing same storage service? JustCloud is notable as the only cloud based backup solution with a truly unlimited storage option in our roundup. Just as have its competitors featured in this roundup, JustCloud has done everything it can to make backing up your data effortless. After that initial setup, JustCloud works around the clock in the background, syncing files you’ve edited and copying new files to your back up folders.
Though not as packed with as many neat-o features as competitors like Mozy, JustCloud does does just fine for itself. Automated backup – As we mentioned in the previous section, Carbonite does its backing up automatically. Along with email support, JustCloud does also provide a knowledgebase of articles, FAQs, and how to tutorials. The unlimited storage option clocks in at $84 with a two year commitment, which still seems reasonable to us and well worth it for users with extremely large backups. Though the base price may be shiny, we simply can’t recommend JustCloud as a great option for smaller backups. Filed Under: Cloud Storage About Josh CovingtonJosh is the Editor-in-Chief of Geeky Product Reviews, the premier site on the web for tech reviews of popular consumer products. Found that both services are almost 99% identical such as Website , features, package offer, software , support, security, installation flow, control panel, etc.
Yes, Carbonite boasts unlimited storage as well, and though technically true, a harsh throttle after 200GB essentially puts its cap there. Initial setup involves signing up for an account, downloading the JustCloud application, and following the step-by-step process of choosing which folders and files should be backed-up. Like the competition, the process is totally automatic – you just set it, and forget it. You have the option of performing a full system data restore of everything you’ve backed up, or pick and choose specific files or folders. Unless otherwise noted, all features outlined below are available with the  basic Home subscription. Just let it do its thing and new and changed files will be safe and sound, synced up to the cloud automatically.
He has spent years toiling away for a major consumer electronics company, collecting extensive industry knowledge on what's great and what stinks just to be able to share that knowledge with you. JustCloud also offers a standard fare of features for this category as well as a handful of nice bells and whistles not available from the competition. JustCloud takes over from there, backing up your files to the cloud and encrypting them for security. In just minutes, you’ll be on your way to recovering all of your data, though, a complete restore could take a while. If email support is good enough for you, then have at it, but if the crazy concept of actually speaking to a person is important, then Carbonite may be a better option.

But, if you have a massive picture collections, tons of HD video, or a vast catalog of music that demands more backup space and you can settle for just email tech support, JustCloud’s upgraded unlimited plan is your best bet. A lack of phone-based tech support, a few missing key features, and some sneaky pricing tactics keep JustCloud out of reach of a Highly Rated award, though only barely.
And unfortunately for JustCloud customers, a getting your restore on a hard disk isn’t an option. Our product reviews are based on extensive research of customer reviews, professional reviews, and our own expertise of the tech industry. Many claim that Justcloud service is SUCKs and is a SCAM but let me tell you, they are using it the wrong way. You will find it easy to use even if you are not one of the computer geek.Justcloud offers exclusive features with budgeted price.
So that, you able to store all your files in the cloud today, and access them from anywhere at anytime.You have to install a small application in your desktop to constantly backed up your files to the cloud. After the initial backed up is done, you can access them anytime regardless what device you are using, as long as it is connected to the Internet.Click “Play” the watch the video !How Justcloud Works ?Read More Follow the link to find out how Justcloud save your day ! Is FREE !Justcloud Review : What Is So GOOD About Justcloud ?I have been using for Justcloud service until today. I have to admit that, I am using as an Individual and keeping my personal stuff and my one-man-show company data.I understand that, there are critics saying that Justcloud is not the best in the market. Is not a problem even if you choose to browse, access and backup all your files from your mobile.As I need to collaborate my work with my colleague, file sharing save me a lot of time and effort.
Good things is, Justcloud has well integrated with social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Email. I can invite anyone I want using my own custom link.All these features already attached together with the plan with no extra charge. All you need to do is to highlight the files you want to backup towards the corresponding drag and drop window on your Justcloud control panel.
The backup process will trigger automatically and you can move on to others things.The cool thing is, you don’t have to install anything on your device to do it.
All you need to do is login thru you web browser.Drag and drop enable you to backup anything that includes external drive, remote storage, USB storage, pen-drive, etc. My freelancer will just upload the work to the shared folder, I open up the file in front of my customer as if I am the one who do it. Ever since I signed up with Justcloud service, it safes me a lot of hassle and certainly brought up my image as an entrepreneur. Cool, isn’t it ?All I need is just an Internet connection and I can access my files anywhere I go. Justcloud will prepare a sync folder for you when you download the apps or install the desktop application. Not to worry, if you are using Mac OSX, Windows or even Linux, Justcloud supported all the major operating platform.If you are constantly collaborating on documents or large file size with your colleague, boss or customer, I am sure that you will find this feature a savior !Cloud Storage FeaturesLearn More Follow the link to explore more user-friendly feature about Justcloud storage !
Is FREE !2) Justcloud is Free to UseYes, Justcloud is FREE TO USE at no condition.I am not kidding.
It is simple, no scam, no obligation, no personal information required, no credit card details required, no survey, nothing ! Just a valid email address and you are set to start your first cloud storage backup immediately !You can enjoy Justcloud service trial account for 14 days !

If you are backing up your files from your desktop, you need to download a small application and install it to your desktop.
Just run the installation file, and Justcloud will complete the necessary settings for you. Unlike many others, you can’t use their full features until you have become their customer.Personally, I feel Justcloud has provide a very good customer experience to those who new to cloud storage and looking to store personal things.
There is no difference between a trial account and a paid account except storage spaces.During trial period, you will have 15MB of free space to use, which I personally think is enough to store your documents and experience the service.
You can test the software for 14 days before you decide to continue with them or trash them to recycle bin.I am here to emphasize that, you can have the full access to Justcloud features even though you are just a trial customer. If you can’t wait to claim your discount, just click here for your exclusive Justcloud discount link.The most popular plan from Justcloud is Justcloud Premium Plan. If you need unlimited storage space, you can always choose to upgrade.Justcloud plan is affordable and easy to understand. This is why they emerge to become one of the fastest growing storage company in the market. I won’t waste my time waiting for the live chat to queue and explaining my issue all over again when different support staff is handling my call.Another reason is, Justcloud is providing an excellent product. Alternatively, you can find solution to your answer via tutorial video, complete FAQ and highly active community.
There is how I loved to find the solution.Download Justcloud, is FreeGo Here Justcloud is valued for money ! Is FREE !Is My Files Safe with Justcloud ?Before I go further with my Justcloud review there is one question I believe is important to bring up here.
File security is definitely a major concern for me when it comes to choosing a cloud storage. I have done some research on Justcloud, I can assure you that they are giving the highest attention in handling file security.I have even check with their support before I decide to subscribe to them.
They are using a high level of security and technology to make sure the data is safe with them. Is FREE !What Makes Me Recommend Justcloud ?Justcloud is recommended for everyone, especially to those personal user. You are able to use it for cross platform such as Android, IOS, Windows Linux, etc and all devices such as desktop, mobile, tablet, etc. Backing up your files has never been easier with Justcloud, it is just like working on your desktop. You can perform your task a lot easier with your desktop application.For security issue, you just ned to keep your username and password to yourself. Your data is encrypted securely while transferring and replicated redundantly throughout data center.Justcloud is definitely worth your money.

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