By choosing a cloud based storage option you eliminate all of the costs associated with an external hard drive data backup system. For someone looking to obtain your data, a cloud based storage system allows you to become invisible. Most people have every intention to back up their computer, but never actually get it done. A multi-layered storage system like an online storage system offers an added safeguard because your information is backed-up at a remote location.
Until recently, when someone wanted to protect the information on their computer, their options were an external hard drive or an external disc.
Plus, by choosing a cloud storage option you eliminate the time associated with manually backing up your information; and time is money, so there is a real cost to choosing a manual backup system. When there is not an easily identifiable storage location like you have in a home or office, there is an added level of safety. With an online data storage system, backing up your information becomes automated, so the responsibility is now out of your hands. Whether it is a picture, document or an entire folder, sharing is much easier with an online storage service. And if you delete something by accident, the services offer backups so that you can retrieve older versions of files.
Today, more and more people are opting to store their business and personal information using an online storage service. Actually today in this guide we will provide you two guide one is for the people who are having genuine and activated windows 7 or any latest windows whereas other guide will lead you to all new downloading and installing windows 10 on your computer but in this process you can lose your data if the data is not backup-ed or shifted to Not USING drive while installing the windows. This next generation of data storage is appealing to users because it is both safe and easy to use. Many individuals, need few more external drives to store their files even a SAN storage is not enough for multimedia purpose. With a cloud system, all you need is an internet connection to access all of your information on any of your devices. The process for doing the right backup is to select the right file or the movies and music which you want to save, you can transfer these files to your cloud storages like JustCloud, Google Drive and Drop Box which provide you free cloud storage to keep your files securely. Having the flexibility to use multiple devices is great, but without synchronization it is also dangerous. Either you can also transfer the files to your Local Disk partition which is not a active part of the windows installation or you can also transfer the data to a external storage space like pendrive, external hard drive and CD.Downloading Windows 10 ISOHow to install windows 10So, Now the most interesting and awesome part for the installation of windows 10 comes here. With a cloud service, you don’t need to worry about changes made to a document not following you from one device to another. An alternative is necessary to store files in different geo-location for safety reason, and infrastructure enhancement such as mobile access while on to go is needed, not to forget, the security.

Now first of all before downloading all new windows 10 you should once check the the requirements for pc which can lead to a problem after downloading(you know what i mean.
You may think, I have a few external hard drives with few hundred GBs each and few bunch of free pen-drives that can save my documents to carry around, why do I still need to spend money on cloud storage ?This may be the doubts that you have when somebody is mentioning about cloud storage benefits.
Before I started to research the best cloud storage for myself,  I am having the same doubts like everyone else.My Reason for Cloud StorageEverything happen for a reason.
This computers warehouse, called data center, is equipped with Internet accessibility and security to make sure the safety and privacy of your files. Sometimes, they keep in many places physically to avoid failure, we called it data redundancy. Here is my 5 awesome tips on picking the best cloud storage for yourself or maybe your company.My External Drive Just CorruptedAs I doing my research and reading through forums, I came realized that many people actually are sharing the same pain as I did. All you need to do is simply burn the ISO file in the DVD with the help or nero or the tool mentioned above and boot your computer to finish the installation process.Installing Windows 10 Whether You Have Windows 7 Or Latest Version Of WindowsIn this method installing windows 10 is very easy and anyone can do it but all you need to have is a genuine and activated windows 7 or new for the upgrade. Individual or company that working on terabytes of data will see this as alternative to their external hard drive. Cloud storage provider is charging relatively a low monthly fee for their storage space and services, depending on the plan that you choose. Even though, you have the most reliable hard drive, yet you can’t prevent them from stolen or any kind of natural disaster. User can backup all their files to the online provider without worrying the storage space anymore. You can access your files via mobile devices and any computers as long as you have Interent connections. No more platform compatibility issue, even you can upload or download your file using any web browser.Besides solving your problem on storage space, you may worry about others things as well such as security. Once you have downloaded the ISO file burn it in the computer using Daemon Tools, now when you burn the file you will get an icon like a cd drive in your. I need not worry about hardware failure anymore, all I need to worry now is where can I get back my Michael Jackson’s collections !I Need to Access My Files Anywhere I goIt is vital for me to be able to access my files no matter where I go, be it working or personal.
Data is often encrypted while transferring to the data center to avoid being read by malicious third parties. I collaborate a lot with my seniors, every time I need show him the work that I have done from home, I need to copy the file into a pen-drive or email a copy to my mail box.
If you have queries regarding the installation process then you can comment below and we would get back to you ASAP.Thanks For Giving Us Your Precious Time. You can rest assure that your data will kept save from any computer hardware failure and other possibility that may cause your life long data to be lost forever. When I back to office, I need to plug in the pen-drive to copy and paste or download from my mail box.

Trust me, it looks so stupid to do it in front of others and it is just not productive.With cloud storage, there is this sync functionality where you can overcome this frustration. What you did from home or office, you just need to put inside the sync folder and you can access to same copy anywhere you go. Highly mobility and accessibility is vital to keep daily lives in pace to compete with others.
If you not sure how to choose your cloud storage, here is a few suggestions you can look into it.
You can even keep track the files versions too !I Love Movies and MusicsI would loved to access to my multimedia library every time I am working overseas. It just make me feel comfortable and relax when I am able to get in touch with my personal thing whenever I am at a strange place.
Before I subscribe to Cloud Storage, I just have to copy some musics and movies to my laptop one day before I go working aboard. If I missed it, my trip could be a boring one.Cloud Storage enable you to live stream all your movies and musics from web.
I can just copy my movies and musics collection that I’ve bought onto the cloud storage.
Here is the secret how you can get unlimited cloud storage.5 Top Reasons That Cloud Storage Benefits YouI bet you have heard enough of my reason for switching my entire storage solution from physical hardware to cloud.
Any possible hardware failure could cost you lost your data forever, for an example: electric short circuit on you computer can damage your hard disk. Providers are implementing layers of protection such as anti-virus, malware protection, firewall, etc to make sure their client data are well protected. Data encryption is being introduce before and during the data transmission from your computer to server. Just by a simple decision of where to put your files, everybody can contribute to greener environment and safe our world.Where to StartI believe Cloud Storage will become one of the major component if you work a lot in digital way. Cloud storage service proven to do a great job in backed up, manage and safe guard your data.
By exploring yourself to Cloud Storage, it will make your life a lot easier.If you have different input about Cloud Storage please share with me !

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