TweetScoop.itChances are you have used at least one cloud storage service to backup your files online. For example, Dropbox has had several technical issues which made user data vulnerable, whereas, services like SkyDrive and Google Drive are tied to services offered by Microsoft and Google; which can reduce the flexibility of your cloud storage account.
JustCloud cloud supports file backup for various types of documents and even allows you to stream music, watch videos, open office documents, PowerPoint presentations and view photos from a single app. While file versioning is provided by many cloud based services, the file versions saved are usually less than a dozen.
While JustCloud offers many useful features there are some aspects that you might not like about this service. Farshad is a Tech Blogger from Pakistan who has worked for numerous international Technology Blogs. JustCloud is a handy and reliable software that helps you to easily protect critical data such as files, documents and photos from unauthorized access.
The application enables you to create an account that stores all your files you want to backup. Moreover, by using JustCloud you have the possibility to share any files or folders with your family, colleagues, family or friends. A recent study from Gartner, Inc., found that 90 percent of companies that experience data loss go out of business within two years.
The question which comes to our mind is that how to take backup and where to save backup files. If you need to get access to any file from another computer or mobile phone, then you just log in to your JustCloud account and browse those files.
No, the main difference is that dropbox give you Gigabytes of free online storage and Justcloud give you a 14 day free trial followed by an expensive plan.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Professional Cloud Storage from JustCloud includes 100% unlimited storage and joining is totally FREE. You'll be prompted to download the JustCloud desktop client that will allow you select the files and folders you'd like to upload, and how often you'd like them synced. JustCloud is one of the few cloud storage providers that offers truly unlimited online file storage. The beautiful thing about cloud storage is the ability to access your files from anywhere in the world! JustCloud lets you store all your files online (unlimited backup) so you can access them from anywhere at anytime. Mozy is known for having the best free backup & cloud storage software which was owned by EMC.
4shared provides its users with the highest-quality, free online hosting and sharing services. ElephantDrive is committed to providing individuals and businesses simple but powerful tools for protecting and accessing their data. MiMedia keeps your files private, safe and secure — and you can easily control who else can see them. That’s it as of now, will come with another interesting topic of part 5 FREE Cloud storage provider details. For the premium package, you are offered with 250GB storage capacity & 1GB sync folder. If we delete the files in the online account, it takes max 24 hours for backup space to update. You may not rent, lease, lend or transfer the Product, or host the Product for third parties. You are solely responsible for protecting the information on your computer such as by installing anti-virus software, updating your applications, password protecting your files, and not permitting third party access to your computer.
Data centers are monitored  24 hours a day, 365 days a year and features include Ultra-Redundant Power, HVAC and Networking Systems. You have the full control to keep the files online unless you delete it through control panel . It is also quite likely that the service you used was either Dropbox, SugarSync, SkyDrive, Google Drive or Box. Another downside of using such services is the heavy price charged for upgrading for more space; which can cost you a fortune.

This provides the benefit of being able to securely backup entire drives online to make sure that your data travels with you. JustCloud on the contrary provides unlimited file versioning, and advanced options for scheduling your backups, power management options, volume shadow copy (such as for backup of open documents) and integration with Windows Explorer.
First off, the only free version is a 14-day trial, which means that while you can try out the service for free; there is no permanent free version.
He is a former systems engineer and has been associated with the IT industry for the past 8 years, rendering professional services related to desktop administration, networking, SEO and Blogging. This way, all your important files will be stored into a cloud space and the only person that can access these files is you. You can save backup files on DVD disks or USB flash drives or external hard disks if backup size is big. JustCloud offers unlimited storage space so that you don’t need to think about backup size.
To automatically backup important files from computers you have to install a JustCloud desktop client which works in Windows and Mac. Home plan gives 75GB online space and Premium plan gives 250GB space for storing data online. An introvert by nature, he loves to daydream about things that are never going to happen in real life. Recently got an email from hostgator on world BACKUP day.but one thing I dislike it,they are flooding my inbox every day with 4-5 offers,and strange thing is their is no unsubscribe link ?? .
Join JustCloud for free, and you can use our automated backup software to start syncing your data (movies, pictures, music, documents and everything in between) to the cloud right away! After signing up for a free account, you are instantly granted access to JustCloud's many special features, as seen below, as well as unlimited storage space for all your data-saving needs. Simply download our desktop application (PC + Mac), select which files you'd like to store, and let our software handle the rest!
And what cloud storage service would be complete without clients for iPad, iPhone, Android?
Combine that with unlimited storage and features like these, and you've got the best cloud storage to ever grace the Internet!
Say for example 10 years back we used to keep TECH information in Diary (Note book) but after a certain stage we migrated Diary to online blog.
Our service enables users to backup their computers online, share files with friends, and search files online. Our team is comprised of dedicated specialists, in the areas of programming, web design, and marketing communications.
Just Cloud will automatically backup all your documents, photos, music, videos and more to the cloud so you are never without files again. OpenDrive is an online storage service that creates a virtual file system on your computer or mobile device enabling you to work with your files in the cloud. We want ordinary people to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from the type of enterprise-class backup, storage, and data management that has historically only been available to big corporations, and the convenience of the latest and greatest web-based solutions. Take sharing a step further by collaborating with friends and family to create richer stories and lasting memories. It provides not only storage but also many unimaginable possibilities of a highly convenient cloud lifestyle.
Google Cloud Storage boasts some of the most impeccable performance and versatility levels around today, their servers are yet to lose a single file, and offer an incredible 99.99999999% guarantee that it will remain this way.
To further increase security protocol they’re specific whereabouts are not publicly disclosed.
You do not need to give any credit card information before getting the account as other company may ask for it. While these services offer the required features to fulfill basic backup needs, there are many question marks and strings that come attached. Just Cloud brings bank grade encryption, ‘arguably’ cheaper packages and support for anything from a Windows, Mac or Linux computer to an Android, iOS and even a BlackBerry device, with an app also available at the Windows Store for Windows 8.1.
Furthermore, many users find the pop-ups quite annoying which prompt upgrades for additional features. A study done by Google shows that computer hard disk failure rate is around 8% after two years of service. This will reduce the probability of data loss, but your data will not be completely secure.

After creating account log in to your dashboard where you will get link to download the desktop client.
Plaban keeps himself busy exploring gadgets, learning about new technologies and watching cat videos. 4shared is an innovative, high-tech company, and we develop useful software designed to make data storage and access easier and more intuitive to users everywhere. The mission of OpenDrive is to provide one single source of files residing in the cloud and the ability to access them from any device, unlike other services that create multiple copies across connected devices or mirroring existing files on your computer.
ASUS WebStorage centralizes the management of all your data in no time, and there are many sharing modes for real-time sharing.
What you need to do is to enter the email and password then you can download the control panel . Your backup data will be encrypted so you don’t have to worry about security of important documents or files. Helping others by sharing knowledge and ideas is what he loves doing most.Web AdvicesLoved the article? There are totally two different things !Backup will take an image of your file and upload to the server for safe keeping.
The main principle of our business is to completely satisfy the needs of our users for all their data sharing and storing.
Initially, the account will be created for 15MB storage only and the control panel will only last for 30 minutes.
If you are not taking regular backup, then you are at risk, you can lose important data any time.
The advantage of cloud storage is that your data will be stored in remote data center and data loss probability will be almost zero. In case you have lost the file and need to retrieve back, you can always download it from the control panel or via desktop application. I always rely to save the master copy on the online drive , so i do not worry that the thumb drive is lost. Keep in mind that recovering all data from damaged hard disk is not possible all the time and it can be very expensive. Another best thing about online storage is that you can get access to your important files from any computer, mobiles using cloud applications. JustCloud has a multiple computer Sync feature, it is most useful when you have more than one computer.
Also it will sync data automatically to all your devices (From web to local pc, mobile, tab & local pc, mobile, tab to web).
Syncing actually mirrors a folder on one computer to another.In Justcloud, you are given backup space and sync space for every plan that you subscribe. Some of you may have a network storage setup at home or storing huge piece of data at external hard drive, and this question worry you much.Justcloud can simply give you an answer to this.
Your Just Cloud account will also function as a Computer backup device to completeley automate all your Online Storage needs.JustCloud uses a small desktop application to backup all of your computers files to the cloud.
If you are keeping your files on a Network drive or there is data locate on a NAS drive that you want to backup, you can do so. You need to mapped the network drive to your local computer and do the backup as usual.If you need to automatic or scheduled backups your Network Drive, you need to purchase to add-on service. With Just Cloud, you decide which files and folders you want to sync and where you want to sync them.Just Cloud works in the background so your most important data is always backed up and available to you. Zip Cloud completely eliminates the need for flash drives or other storage devices.Share files and folders anytime, anywhereJust Cloud gives you the option to share your files and folders between friends and family. Take note that you need to keep your external hard drive connected throughout the whole backup process.If you are backing up from a USB drive which is 16GB lesser, there is no any further charges.Download Justcloud, is FreeGo Here Justcloud is valued for money !
Try Carbonite Online Backup FREE for 15 days and back up your irreplaceable files automatically and securely.

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