JustCloud provides security through the use of 256 bit secured socket layer encryption (it keeps your connection safe from prying eyes). Needless to say, anything like that isna€™t totally safe in your home, even if it's backed up. There are plenty of unlimited services available, but one in particular seemed fresh and new and well, too good to be true basically. Just Cloud came out on top, with the only a€?cona€™ being a€?The service doesn't provide technical support via telephone.a€™ I cana€™t tell you how wrong that is.
This went on and on, until I realised that unless I paid through the nose for numerous extra features, the service was in my view completely and utterly useless, inferior to its competitors and therefore terrible value if you were an idiot and paid for all these unknown extras on top of the usual annual fee. It's important to distinguish between a backup service and cloud storage like skydrive and dropbox. They use open source and in-house built software, and they documented how they built their storage pods cheaply, complete with the bill of materials and CAD designs.
You don't even *need* to buy cloud storage for it, if you know someone with spare space, and they're willing to store stuff for you (perhaps you could do the same back). As it's Java, I can run it on Windows, OS X, Linux and Solaris - my NAS is ZFS on Solaris, and CrashPlan backs up my data there too. I use SugarSync been using it for years now and on there free package but racked up 15GB of space now which does me fine, although there paid packages are rather cheap too.
I love the fact that you can sync multiple folders across multiple platforms and the new beta feature shows your storage space as a networked drive in explorer which is a great idea. They were all more much more expensive - I was looking for 100GB+ of storage and at face value Justcloud seemed to offer more features too, plus, while it was new, it had been reviewed not just by dodgy sites but by several well-known, respectable ones too. Another vote for Crashplan - it's got unlimited space, the software is very good and the support is pretty good from my experience.
I have Dropbox, Skydrive, Google Drive (2 accounts), Box, MediaFire, Photobucket and Vodafone Cloud. Photobucket can be used only for images since it doesn't have a limit to how much you can upload of it. Skydrive is pretty much straightforward as Google Drive, every folder is set to private and the sharing options are very restrict to prevent unwanted sharing. Dropbox I try to avoid its use because I have some considerable space but it has an expiration date so I'm waiting to see the real storage space. My mate went in to pick up one of those web only 1tb usb3 hdd for A?49.99 the other day and got hammered by the sales dude claiming it was the best back-up cloud storage in the country and he wouldn't need the hdd even though the physical storage was 3 times cheaper!
Yes it will cost me money to download it ALL again (roughly A?60) should my NAS fail, but for the price it can't be beaten for bulk backup. So not only does the article establish some "cons" washed over by less convincing sources, but the contribution by readers adds more value than leagues of those one sided comparison charts that marketing inevitably use. I can speak from experience that the quality of any cloud service is very heavily dependent on the quality of your Internet connection and the software they provide. The most common problem I've had is my client's scheduled backups stalling without any kind of notification that anything went wrong, or other issues that have gone unlogged and unnotified that any backup system worth it's salt would have kicked up a massive stink about. I note I'm the second person on this thread to use this technique (see post from Xir above). They support incremental backups and de-duplication, and they also encrypt your files using AES-256, but not sure if that's a properly safe encryption or if they have the master keys stashed for their own use. Also I don't know what that previous comment about Jungle Disk's prices going up are about, they've been dropping steadily since I started using it. I use google drive's cheap-as-free 5GB option, just about enough for uni crap and family photos. Considering all the hacks that have occured over recent years, I'd rather go with physical backups stored offsite. Not as cheap as some ($100 a year for 100gb), but it's zero knowledge on their part, so your data is inaccessible to them which appeals to me. The advantages of the cloud are apparent whether you’re a multinational enterprise organization or an SMB. Business opportunities are popping up around cloud computing technology, too, according to cloud computing consultant and blogger Phil Wainewright. And there’s little financial risk involved in adopting a cloud solution, whether you need cloud storage, application hosting or some combination. He references CIO Bernard Golden’s argument, made in The IT Jobs Cloud Computing Will Create, that while some roles may disappear altogether, others will remain, but in much less demand.
Hulme also argues that organizations will always need IT, business experts, security experts, and engagement managers to handle relationships with the growing number of third-party and outsourcing vendors cropping up around the cloud. What will change, according to a related post, is the ratio of IT managers to staff positions. According to research from analyst firm Computer Economics, today’s typical IT organization usually maintains manager-to-staff ratio of about 11 percent (that number dips to 6 or 7 percent in larger companies), said John Longwell, vice president of research for Computer Economics. These findings give greater credence to CIO Bernard Golden’s predictions, since more higher-level cloud positions will need to be created, a sentiment echoed by InfoWorld, stating that the cloud skill set is largely managerial.

There’s still more concrete evidence that the impact of the cloud on IT jobs will be largely positive. RackspaceRackspace integrates the industry's best technologies for each customer's specific need and delivers it as a service via the company's commitment to Fanatical Support.
JustCloud is a little different because it combines unlimited storage space with a number of productivity features.
If JustCloud let you back up files for everyone you know, it would strain the company too much.
The file syncing feature makes it possible for you to established shared folders on every computer that you own. You can share files by logging into the control panel, selecting the file and then hovering your mouse over the “share” button. The JustCloud mobile site allows you to view your files, share them and even sync files between your mobile device and other computers. You can find the answers to most of your questions inside a large knowledge base right at the JustCloud website. The most you’ll ever pay for JustCloud is $9.95 per month if you decide to pay by the month. And not one to go through the palava of dumping stuff onto an external backup drive and leaving at my parent's house, I was also happy to ditch the idea of buying a 2TB drive and shoving it in the shed and investigate online backups instead. By far my main gripe, given how many websites seem to rave about Just Cloud's great value at less than ten bucks a month for unlimited storage and amazing features, is that ita€™s nothing of the sort. But about five minutes of exploring I saw the first pop-up appear saying I could get a faster backup for X amount more cash a year, or add more than one computer to the backup service for, you guessed it, more cash. I spent the next half an hour finding out how on earth to do this and eventually found I had to email them to cancel. I was then offered six montha€™s free backup credits, whatever they are, before finally being given a URL to a secret-looking website, not accessible from my actual Just Cloud account, where I was finally able to cancel.
16GB free and is FAST because it belongs to my ISP (don't know how it behaves outside the ISP though). Backups are encrypted, and like I say, can work on a peer to peer basis as well as to CrashPlan's cloud service. And because CrashPlan capable of backing up to more than one location, I back up my main PC to two locations using CrashPlan: the cloud, and my NAS.
I switched because I get quite a bit more control with Crashplan and also the family pack is quite nice for me since I have a laptop, desktop, NAS, then three other machines for my parents. However, I'll be going back to my former cloud backup service once my subscription with Mozy ends as it's not a patch on Crashplan. Whether people think it is an opinion piece or not, this users experience would not be heard amongst the drudgery of marketing social media and Press Release spin for all the Google weighting in the world they generate. It's a collaboration between Rackspace and Amazon EC1 and seems to have been very popular in the past, but prices have been steadily going up while support and development are pretty much at a standstill now.
Packet loss and instability have actually caused just as many problems as a lack of bandwidth and I've found that the software provided to upload to cloud backups is extremely immature compared to "real" convention backup programs. I'm required by my boss and wife to attend the off-site (almost) every day so backups can be refreshed at smaller intervals. In terms of support, I've never needed to contact them so I wouldn't know how good or bad it is. Besides, under the reign of King Obama, you never know whether your online data will be seized. These companies wreak havoc and lay waste to poor users and hopefully Google will pick this article up organically speaking and force improvements. Businesses of all sizes are realizing cost savings, efficiencies and productivity gains they never thought possible. Providers make their pricing model transparent and easily available on the web, so it’s simple to calculate the cost savings of the cloud.
For instance, he says, it’s probably a safe prediction that lower-level, on-premise IT support roles will still exist, but in fewer numbers. The growing dependence on data, Hulme said, will fuel demand for data scientists and those with business intelligence skills, as well as IT project managers and business analysts. The more enterprises depend on IT systems, the more data security will be crucial, and there’s certainly no sign that the challenges associated with keeping data, infrastructure, and applications secure are going to be solved any time soon, Hulme said. In 2010, businesses trimmed management roles, lowering the ratio to the current 11 percent, Longwell said. An IDC study commissioned on behalf of Microsoft has shown that cloud computing will be responsible for creating nearly 14 million new jobs between 2011 and 2015. Rackspace Hosting is the service leader in cloud computing, and a founder of OpenStack, an open source cloud operating system. For a flat monthly rate, JustCloud will give you as much storage space as you could ever need and features such as file syncing and file sharing. I’m just happy with the ability to back up everything on my computer and not have to keep track of how much space I’m using.

Any time you upload a document into that folder or edit an existing document, that file will be updated at every other computer. Unfortunately, JustCloud does not yet have a mobile app that you can download to your phone. For the average computer user, this is more than enough protection to keep your files safe.
If you want to talk to someone, you’ll have to submit a support ticket and wait for them to e-mail you back.
If you sign up for extended plans, you can get the price down to as low as $4.49 per month. I was after something in excess of 100GB to backup my important photos and other paraphernalia a€“ stuff Ia€™d probably shed a few tears over if the house was burgled or burned down.
At least thata€™s what I told myself initially but then I realised that not all the reviews Ia€™d read of Just Cloud were on what I later found to be affiliate websites. This took at least four attempts, each time being met with a generic response about me maybe having trouble and could they assist me. Of course by this point I could also kiss goodbye to my refund as well as any self-respect.
Dig hard enough and youa€™ll find hundreds of other unfortunate victims of this terrible and misleading service.
That way, if it's just a matter of deleted files, I can get them back very quickly, while still having the security of a remote backup. I would have expected nothing but a sub par offering with a bit of up-sell to fix it on the side. It's not a professional critique of a service but a personal rant without any facts and figures to back up the claims being made. The only thing in Mozy's favour are the upload speeds as Crashplan's servers, I believe, are based in the US. Sites like this are independent and, within certain categories, reputable, with demonstrably knowledgeable readers.
By the ingenious technique of Visiting Elderly Parents At Least Once A Month, one drive is retrieved from Elderly Parents' Study whilst the other is deposited.
The only "issue" I've had with them is the transfer speeds, but iirc we're still talking about hundreds of kilobytes per second ..
I got to the stage with JustCloud of installing their application and getting the tiny free space (7GB??-can't remember). Hulme, blogging at Cloud Commons, believes that the cloud will spur a jobs explosion, though the jobs descriptions will differ. The survey also found that business revenues could reach the $1.1 trillion mark annually, thanks to the new cloud systems.
The San Antonio-based company provides Fanatical Support to its customers and partners, across a portfolio of IT services, including Managed Hosting and Cloud Computing. It is important to note, however, that you can only store an unlimited number of files from one computer. This gives you the ability to work at multiple computers and always have the most up-to-date version of every file. All of the plans listed below come with the same features and varying amounts of storage space.
Some were well-known review websites, whose editorial teams had either not used the package in its retail entirety or, well, no Ia€™m not even going to go there. I don't doubt the experience you had Antony as it mirrors what is said elsewhere but a little less rant and a little more fact would have been more appropriate.
Sorry I didn't include more factual evidence but it's not a review or feature or professional critique.
I don't doubt the experience you had Antony as it mirrors what is said elsewhere but a little less rant and a little more fact would have been more appropriate.Great, when you feel down and like you've been had over, maybe lost a few quid.
The peak data transfer rate is as close to SATA-II as my motherboard and drives will allow, although there is some considerable latency as I drive the 50 miles up the motorway to visit them. Anyhow, I realized that this was not the service that I had been looking for when I saw all the extras as you say. You are not able to get one JustCloud account and link up 20 of your friends’ computers to store everything they have.
The service provides additional benefits which prolong the life of Elderly Parents; these include Checking The Best Before Dates Of The Food In Their Fridge, Checking Their Central Heating Works and Encouraging Them To Use The Bus Rather Than Letting The Myopic Old Dears Drive, but unfortunately these are manual processes. There is a long-term plan to relocate the datacentre to somewhere more convenient, whilst remaining outside any potential incident radius, but there is a considerable negotiation protocol which needs to be processed first.

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