You need a Unity Account to shop in the Online and Asset Stores, participate in the Unity Community and manage your license portfolio. Nimbus – Cloud System is a tool that allows game designers to easily and effortlessly generate cloudscapes for the environments of their games and visualizations. Visualize the fully volumetric clouds in the editor, so that you know exactly what it'll look like in-game. Easy to Use: With a fast, one-click approach, you can have beautiful clouds populating your world in less than five minutes.
Gain the ability to set sprite sheets, which will in essence define the overal shape and quality of your clouds. Fast: Nimbus will allow for large, dense cloudscapes, without hurting your game’s performance. Development cost a lot of money, and $65 is very affordable, especially in comparison to other similar systems. I also own a Silverlining license (from long time ago that I havent used yet - long story) that does clouds - and the license costs thousands of dollars. If they look great in a flight sim (and not just for FPS on the ground due to simple billboarded sprites), then I'm definitely going to be happy. Thank you all for your kind words, I'm very glad you like the way NIMBUS is coming along! 3- The clouds are sprites right now, and they move to follow the player, this, however gives the clouds a sense of movement, and helps them blend in with other surrounding clouds, making some very beautiful results. Also, I am interested in turning this into a volumetric cloud system, or a mix of both, we want to achieve realistic and beautiful results. This looks great and if it performs as well as it looks, i'll be reaching for the credit card!
It looks pretty good but to me the effect of overlapping semi-transparent cloud chunks looks strange. We'll try to find a method (either in this version, or in upcoming versions) to try to achieve the most realistic and beautiful results possible.
We're always looking for coders, if you're interested in the project and know of ways to make it even better, send me a PM with rates, or something, and we can talk! Sorry to say but it doesn't look nearly as impressive in action as is does in the screenshots. It has potential I think, but it would have been good if you had your stuff sorted out before gushing all over the forum. I"ve been working on a racing map for interstate 82 and the map requires moving clouds.
I managed to grab the right skybox, checked off the list to doI now wonder if it's possible , like boost on a car, to have wind that pushes you sideways or something, preferably a force that pushes a player upwards.
Ill try that out, but it would seem that that would affect everyplace on the map, I should specify, I'd prefer the upward force at a specific area, would adding a radius code help?
All I can think of is making the car engines [if I see a car racing track in that picture you provided] plane engines instead of ground vehicle engines. Paul and Barnabas had experienced an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and many miracles had come to pass.
How emotionally and physically draining would it be to see a man born lame completely healed, have to stop a crowd from worshiping you, deal with a group of out of towners stirring up lies about you, people throwing rocks at you until they think you are dead, dragged outside the city and left to rot, raised back to life by your friends in that city, go back into the city, pack up and prepare to leave so you can start preaching in a different city the next day?
Who am I developing relationships with today that I can be there to catch tomorrow and who can catch me. Visible light (the rainbow colors), some infrared and radio waves can penetrate our atmosphere.
This week Michael Briggs, a University of Alabama-Huntsville researcher, announced his team had detected beams of antimatter above thunderstorms using NASA’s orbiting Fermi Gamma-ray telescope.
The other particle is a positron, identical to the electron but having a positive instead of a negative charge. Artist conception of antimatter spraying above a thunderhead photographed from the space station.

Strong electric fields at the tops of thunderstorms can send a burst of electrons at nearly the speed of light high into the atmosphere.
All of this goes to show you never know what you might discover when you build an instrument made for a particular purpose. To learn more about the antimatter process discovered by Fermi, check out this step-by-step illustrated pdf.
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Don't worry about any glitches, or artifacts, Nimbus is always properly prepared before any of its releases, and is sure to win you over. Easily control the color of the Cloud Body, by setting its light and dark color attributes.
Easily update and apply the amount of raw power for any cloud system, by control the maximum number of particles, available on screen.
The commercial license is for companies or teams that bring in a (yet to be specified) amount of money per year. Also, if you can't code, we're ALWAYS on the lookout for new things to add to this system, we want to create something beautiful and efficient, so ANY features you may wanna see, PLEASE let me know! It especially looks weird where you can see two obviously-outlined clouds overlappinge each other, producing a brighter white in the overlap area. When changing to Unity, I couldn't get it working together easily -and its been sitting on my harddrive unused since.
When i tell people the theme of my map, I generally link them this picture A map set above the cloudsBasically I'm hoping to manipulate the water animation and textures to look like 2d moving clouds, I will also need some sort of effect that makes it look like clouds are in the air, it would be cool if they could move in a directionThere's areas in the map where the player will often be freefalling.
I tried using editor42 and texturing with a transparent.png file but it just showed up black ingame and in the editor. The people of Lystra began to worship Paula and Barnabas believing them to be gods of Greek Mythology. He was not going to bring many friends on board to the cause of Christ during those horrifying hours after the lame man was healed.
I need to be more aware that God moves through people and that He has chosen to advance His Kingdom through people and bring relief through His people – who are filled with His Spirit and walking with Him. May we develop more relationships that will build each other up and catch each other upon ejection from the devils plot of persecution and trials.
The shadow of a high-flying aircraft slices across this lenticular cloud over the Sierra Nevadas near Bishop, California this week. Just look at Andrew Kirk’s photo of the sculpted lenticular clouds that appear regularly over the Sierras. It turns out that lightning can produce gamma rays too called terrestrial gamma ray flashes or TGFs. When they’re deflected by air molecules there, they give off gamma rays and we see a TGF.
Fermi, designed to peer into the most violent events in the depths of space, found something just as bizarre right here at home. The price may seem unpleasing, however, no one will offer you the same support, or flexibility of Nimbus. Simulated wind, will move your clouds across the horizon, at your desired velocity, within a few gestures of the mouse.
Easily access several thousand particles, all being sorted ( by depth ) in real-time, with no hang time, to produce vivid cloud structures. Needs more work before I would use it for that, but definitely looking forward to your work in that direction. I'm hoping if it's possible to have a hud effect or change the rain code interstate has to make clouds woosh by you.
Imagine you'd place one of these on each non-static object in the map, be it a vehicle or infantry. When Paul and Barnabas tried to set them straight and tell them the source was Jesus, the people would hardly listen.

This is why Paul invested so much time developing disciples and relationships during the peaceful sunny day seasons. My older daughter and I made for a sad sight as we stood on the deck trying to determine the moon’s phase for her class project as snowflakes fell on our eyelashes. Some of the most exciting clouds and one of my favorites are the towering cumulonimbus thunderheads that sizzle with lightning. Put an electron and a positron together and they annihilate one another in a burst of pure energy, gamma ray energy to be exact. Occasionally the cascading electrons can produce so many gamma rays that they convert into a swarm of electrons and positrons and follow the Earth’s magnetic field right out into space.
Optimization techniques are widely introduced throughout the system to ensure unbeatable power, and as time moves forward, we'll continue to progress, and improve Nimbus so that you get the best for your buck. A cloud obscures the appearance of a cloud behind it, it doesn't add to the brightness of it. Soon some Jews, probably priests from Antioch came and stirred up the crowd and ended up stoning Paul. He knew the melee from the devil would come and he would need real live believers who knew him, to catch him upon ejection from the tornado of persecution. They’re produced in nuclear explosions, solar flares, supernovas, black holes and neutron stars and can kill living cells.
Fermi was designed to study cosmic sources but its detectors have picked up 130 TGFs since 2008. There are lots of antiparticles, all identical to their regular matter counterparts but having the opposite charge. It has an extra rotationalBundle between the turret and the MG which always turns exactly in the opposite angle of what the turret turns, thus neutralizing the rotation.I really thought that was it. Lucky for life, our atmosphere absorbs all those nasty gamma ray photons, protecting us from certain electromagnetic death. Rub your stocking feet on the floor and touch a doorknob and you’ll know just what electrons feel like. Quickly setup the density of single cloud bodies, and the whole cloud system within moments.
Although clouds are whispy and all that they typically are not particularly see-through from a distance. Some kind of invisble rotational bundle that gets oriented automatically to a given vector? It only takes a couple minutes, and you'll be clear on your way to a vastly beautiful fully volumetric 3D cloud system, known only as Nimbus.
They are usually quite dense, which is why they block the light from the sun, causing lower clouds to receive less light and look darker.
So I think it's a great approach but it sort of looks like the sky is painted with a bunch of overlapping flat objects? Maybe you need soft alphablending around the edges but not an additive blend for most of the cloud, just solid.
If you were modelling sparse puffs of smoke that you can easily see through it'd make more sense to do transparency and these clouds would only look that thin if you were really close to them.
Put the rocket engine on something like the mounting of that MG and it will always push from the same cardinal direction. This should totally equal out any movement you do with your vehicle.Then, with the clouds scurring over the map, you'd have some nice BC2 like visible wind effect.

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