Showcase up to eight of your most treasured watches and jewellery in a 2-level case that is as handsome as anything in your collection. Showcase and protect your watches with pride in our exclusive line of fine luxury cases.The bottom drawer pulls out to reveal a neat storage area for your other jewellery, such as rings, cuff-links and necklaces. That's why we've specially designed these boxes to suit every lifestyle.Every watch case has been hand made down to every detail.

The genuine glass lid for each was designed to give you a view of your extensive timepiece collection. Then we lined the interiors (even the inside of the lid) with the softest, felt fabric available. Now there is no excuse for neglecting your watch collection.The perfectly crafted jewellery box for the sophisticated modern man is right here.

There are watches for everyone and every use, classic, luxury, sports and designer, with leather, metal, ceramic and Plastic in a wide range of colour.

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