John Wayne and James Stewart star in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, a 1962 John Ford directed, western, that despite being a IMDB top 250 film, isn’t available in Blu-Ray in the US, but is available on ITunes in 1080p HD. 1962 makes this a pretty late black and white movie, and there have been several reasons put forward for this. The transfer used is the same as used for the Centenary edition DVD and the German Blu-ray. Looking at the comparison below, it’s clear that both the grain, and detail in the coil of smoke has disappeared. Since this is unlikely to be fixed in any upcoming US Blu-ray release, so if you want to see the movie in HD, ITunes is a worthwhile place to do it.
FTC Disclosure: I am an iTunes and Amazon affiliate advertiser, this means that if you click on one of the links above, I get a very small amount of money. I mentioned a few nice gift card deals in the CVS ad matchups for the week but there is one more offer you won’t want to miss. There is a limit of one on this offer and the Paypal gift card is just a Mastercard so you can use it at the grocery store, gas station, online or whatever. The catch is that you have a small activation fee of $5 and then you do want to use this card quickly because there is a $5 fee per month after that.

I am sure CVS will be out of these gift cards in a flash so don’t wait to grab yours. This was not listed in the preview ad that I used for the matchups but it is listed online from CVS so this should be available in most (if not all) CVS stores that actually carry the Paypal gift cards. I have been following this deal since Saturday (some people did the deal with early activation). I don’t see anywhere that I said spend $50 on a gift card but if there is a mistake just let me know where it is and I will fix it. Director John Ford said that he wanted to distance the film from the Technicolor ¬†epics, and that shooting in black and white added to the tension. In general the motion-adaptive noise reduction does a good job and throwing away noise and keeping the detail. Original 2001 DVD on the right Look at the coil of smoke – the motion adaptive DVNR is having trouble with it.
I grabbed up one of these cards today and used it to buy more gift card deals- a $25 OCharleys gift card (which includes a $5 extra gift card) and a $50 Amex Prepaid at Publix (which was only $44.95 after a $10 coupon and activation fee).
Also, I just set up an ISIS account which auto-loads $10 into an Amex Serve account as well.

Others have suggested that since both Stewart and Ford were playing characters thirty years younger than their real age, black and white helped sell them both as younger men.
But there are few scenes when it gets confused, especially when the camera starts moving in three dimensions, and a few smoke filled bar scenes. ISIS has some great promos right now, including a $15 off a $30 purchase at Toys R’Us! Similar to Sabrina, a more complex optical flow algorithm appears have been used to more accurately determine noise from detail, and although there are rough patches. However watching a 1960s black and white movie that looks like it was shot on HD video is a bit odd, and the 2001 DVD more accurately represents the experience of watching the film in a theatre in 1962.
However watching a 1960s black and white movie that looks like it was shot on HD video is a bit odd.

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