The Cloud (BSkyB) has announced that its free wireless internet (wifi) service is now also available across the town centre in Great Yarmouth (England, UK), which was made possible by pigging backing a new wireless CCTV system. The town apparently hopes that this will provide a boost for the local economy with free WiFi increasing dwell time in the town centre and hopefully encouraging people to shop, eat out and spend more time there. The idea was implemented by Quadrant Security Group (QSG), the council’s CCTV partner, and is being managed by the Community Safety Company (Great Yarmouth) Ltd.

They can effectively work anywhere with internet connection and we’re delighted to include our rail Wi-Fi venues within this group. The mobile workforce is constantly growing and, as such, so is the need to access mobile internet. Having free Wi-Fi available is key to this because it enables people to get online quickly and easily as they travel.

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