New Seagate Plus 8TB Hard Drive now is available to Pre-Order on Amazon, this portable hard disk will be released on January 16, 2015. I don`t believe this external hard drive will gain great popularity, but people who know the Seagate great standarts and quality, and who need a lot of capacity, should buy this one! On January 23, 2015, Seagate will release another new gadget - Seagate Wireless Mobile Portable Hard Drive Storage with 500gb capacity (STDC500401), it`s price will be only 129.99$.
The hdd also comes with at 200gb of free microsoft one drive cloud storage with 2 years subscription.

SEAGATE STEA1000400 1 TB WIRED EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE price at Flipkart, Snapdeal, Ebay, Amazon.
If You are searching for something smaller and cheaper i recommend - Seagate Back-Up Plus Slim and Seagate Expansion.
The company is selling it exclusively at amazon in 1TB and 2Tb varients priced at 5699 and 8399 the hdd’s are available in gold and platinum metallic colours. He is a digital entrepreneur and loves reading and writing about current affairs, startups, business and many more.

Storage of 8TB, well that should be enough for anyone who want to safely store photos, videos, documents and other files.

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