In the last couple weeks, Google Drive and Amazon Cloud Drive have both released desktop versions of their online drives. Up to now, the most common application for online drives has been syncing music via services like iCloud, Amazon Cloud Player, and Google Play. While Amazon and Google have both offered some form of an online drive for the past year, their recent desktop versions make it easy to upload files to your cloud drive. I wanted to test it’s ability to detect file types, so I added some MP3 files to the Amazon Cloud icon.
This site is meant to be a subjective but informative resource for customers shopping for mobile service, or even just people interested in the industry. You’ll find new technology, company news, Verizon Wireless press releases and more, from the expert (yet friendly!) representatives and staff at Cellular Sales, Authorized Verizon Wireless Retailer.
And we must tell you that the thoughts shared on this website in no way reflect the opinions of either Cellular Sales or Verizon Wireless. The cost of online storage continues to drop as Microsoft, Google and Amazon race to build out enormous online data storehouses. The chart above, reprinted from Gizmodo, compares prices and features of online file storage services from Dropbox, Google, and Microsoft with more or less similar services from Amazon, Box, Apple, and MediaFire. There are differences between the various services and you may well find something about one that is important to you and makes it the best choice. OneDrive’s biggest advantage over the other services is only slowly being recognized: when you click on an Office file on the OneDrive website, it opens in an online version of the Office program, able to be edited with controls that closely resemble the computer version of the programs. About Bruceb ConsultingBruceb Consulting is one of the leading IT consulting firms in the North Bay, providing computer consulting, network consulting, and IT support to law firms, small businesses, and individuals - onsite in Sonoma County (Santa Rosa, Sebastopol), Marin County (San Rafael), and the Bay Area (San Francisco, Oakland), and remotely for clients all over California. Bruceb News provides daily computer tips, shopping suggestions, support information, security updates, and much more - written in plain English.
Bruceb Favorites is a simple directory of obvious places, with links to five hundred web sites and online services. Dropbox utilises a client-server based model, with code written in Python and supports change only updates. Amazon Cloud Drive offers much of the functionality of Dropbox, including clients for iOS, Android and Windows. Apple iCloud is Apple’s answer to the very tightly integrated cloud services Google has offered Android users, for some time.
Box focuses primarily on sharing large files or groups of files between two people and as such, has become popular with businesses and other organisations who regularly need to share documents too large for email, easily. MediaFire attracts the users with their 50GB of free storage that you get, which is more than most. Google Drive, on Google based devices such as Android or Chromebook, is probably the tightest integrated service of them all. Google Drive (or GDrive) also allows users to edit documents of varying types, natively, within the web interface and allows sharing with non GDrive users. Mega was born out of Kim Dot Com’s MegaUpload service, which grew to immense popularity a few years back, as it allowed users to share any kinds of files and was promptly turned into a haven for piracy.
Unlike virtually all other services on this page, Mega is effectively just a web based file sharing and storing site and is very limited in functionality.
Ubuntu One, despite its name is available to users of other operating systems other than Linux and it offers 5GB of free space. After snagging almost 5 million in funding, last month, ownCloud is gaining popularity rapidly.

About the AuthorRodneyI'm a veteran of way too many years of IT (although I still love it) and I currently head up the techincal work over at Host One (major sponsor of this site), where I'm also a partner. If you have been thinking about storing your ebook library in the cloud then I have some good news today; one of your options just got a lot cheaper. There was a time where I had my ebook library backed up to Dropbox, but there came a point where it grew to big to fit into the free 2GB.
Google has Google Drive apps for Android, iOS, OSX, and Windows, so syncing your ebook library to the cloud is as easy as simply setting it up the first time. One thing that remains still a competitive advantage of Dropbox premium is that their packrat feature which allows unlimited versioning.
I’ve had my huge ebook library synced to my Google Drive account for some time and it works perfectly with Calibre Cloud by Intrepid Logic on my Android Tablet. Unless you need to restore the files on Google Drive to use with Calibre on your desktop, I think you should be fine.
Please Donate or SubscribeThis blog is largely funded by advertising and affiliate fees, but donations will always be gratefully accepted. These desktop applications make it easy to keep your music, videos, pictures, and documents available online via any device such as a computer, a smartphone, a tablet, a media player or even your television. With the explosion of tablets, smartphones, SSD laptops, more and more people want access to all their files anytime. We’ll give you an inside look at what phones we like, why we like them, and how to get the most out of your mobile service. All of them are mature services, each with its  own strengths and weaknesses, but Microsoft is offering something that literally cannot be compared when it comes to value for money.
The price reduction last week (actually ten times as much storage for the same price) came along with some nice security improvements, including the ability to wipe out the Dropbox folder from a lost or stolen laptop when it comes online.
The Office programs are tightly knit together with OneDrive, and Microsoft has made OneDrive and Office available on every platform that matters – computer (PC or Mac), tablet, and phone. There are constant improvements to the online versions of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and OneNote for editing, sharing and collaboration – now including simultaneous collaboration, allowing you to work with someone else on the same file at the same time from two different devices. The business version of OneDrive is improving but continues to lag behind the consumer OneDrive in stability, features, and the number of platforms where it can be used. Being one of the earlier providers, Dropbox benefits from name recognition, a large user base and a simple and efficient user interface. As with Dropbox, the client allows changed files to be synchronised to a centralised server and offers up to 5GB for free.
Box offers good version control of documents but has also aggressively marketed itself to 3rd party apps, such as SugarCRM, gaining integration with other applications and platforms. Many Android users are pleasantly surprised to find that when they upgrade to a new phone or device, all their documents, contacts, settings, applications and even wifi passwords (among, many other things) automatically transfer to their new device – and this is in large part due to the very strong cloud services Google offers. After being shut down by American authorities, with a warranty issued for Kim Dot Com’s arrest, Mega eventually managed to find a home in New Zealand.
It remains popular, however, as all files are encrypted in non-reversible encryption to which Mega does not maintain the keys, meaning users’ data remains (relatively) secure. OneDrive is completely integrated with Windows 8 devices, offering Google like device content sharing – right down to wifi passwords and even user desktop backgrounds. This individuals or organisations users to effectively offer as much capacity as they can afford to, on their own infrastructure.
Configuration is incredible easy and will run on shared hosting environments, making it very simple to set up.

And since I didn't find the idea of paying for storage all that appealing (not when I am going to carry my ebook library around in my laptop anyway) I largely stopped using Dropbox. I'm currently only using about 3GB of the free 15GB allotment, and that is mostly taken up by my Gmail account.
Except for Google Docs files, Google Drive only allows versioning for 30 days (even on paid versions). I’m used to creating archival backups as a solution to versioning, and it would be nice to be able to stop. It’s very handy in the middle of those sleepless nights to download a new book to my tablet. I only ever created the copy on Gdrive for use with my tablet and I keep another two copies of my library on a couple of external HDD which I would use to restore from if anything went wrong on the desktop.
Public libraries limit the audiobook titles theyJohn Stanton on Did You Know Audible Will Steal Away Your Credits If You Cancel Your Membership?Audible is Amazon, like Good reads. Now music, video, ebooks, documents, spreadsheets, powerpoint presentations, movies, and much more can be easily access via cloud services like Dropbox, Box, Amazon Cloud Drive and Google Drive.
Last week Microsoft updated the Android OneDrive app with a glimpse of the future: the app allows access to either set of OneDrive folders and makes it reasonably clear which one is which.
It’s a nice website, but I want those shared folders right here where I can see them with my other files. Offering both free and paid services with a variety of plans, Dropbox has a large and loyal following, which in turn allows their marketshare to grow. Unlike Dropbox, Amazon Cloud Drive is integrated with other Amazon products, such as Amazon Cloud Player, allowing users to store their Amazon purchased music in their drive. Administrators can control user access controls and quotas via a web interface and it scales very efficiently. I’m hoping this will still work as the Calibre Cloud says you can email books to others. It’s a simple process, but if you want to add multiple MP3 files, Amazon recommends you Launch Cloud Player.
It will be helpful if Microsoft continues to bring the two services together in a way that reduces confusion. Dropbox has always synced shared folders, and there have been rumors for months that Microsoft would step up with a similar feature. None the less, the integration with recent iOS and OSX operating systems has improved and the product is making headway.
Once you install the drive, it immediately syncs all your online Google Docs to the sync folder on your computer.
Julie on Did You Know Audible Will Steal Away Your Credits If You Cancel Your Membership?"balked at the idea of paying" At least that way, though, I didn't lose my credits.
To sync a file, simply drag a file or folder to the Amazon Cloud icon, and it will instantly begin to sync the files.
Started with five creditsLola on Did You Know Audible Will Steal Away Your Credits If You Cancel Your Membership?Their hold policy is annoying as well.

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