WeA have mentioned a few Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant cloud services briefly before, but in this post we will attempt to create a comprehensive list. That said, merely handling some medical data in the course of your practice does not require you to comply with HIPAA. Box, which also provides non-HIPAA-compliant storage to the masses, states that it specifically supportsA HIPAA regulations and can sign HIPAA Business Associate Agreements (BAAs). CareCloud is a medical billing software company that also offers HIPAA-compliant cloud storage.A  CareCloud says its healthcare software exceeds government security standards for data transmission and storage, although it is unclear what standards they are referring to.
Carbonite states it is a HIPAA business associate and follows the security protocols of Massachusetts’ Data Security regulations. ClearData, which specializes in healthcare data, offers a free 60-day no obligation trial so you can assess their HIPAA-compliant storage.
Google was not always HIPAA-friendly, but as of about a year ago, you can now request a BAA that covers Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and Google Vault. As with Google Apps, if you are already heavily embedded in the Microsoft ecosystem, going with Microsoft Office 365 as a HIPAA-compliant data storage solution may be wise.
Egnyte is an enterprise file services provider that integrates file serving, cloud storage, and file sync and share. TrueVault is designed for the developer side and has an API to facilitate secure healthcare software development. Iron Mountain, long known for those enormous trucks that come to your office and take the giant shredding bins away, offers a number of white papers about HIPAA-compliant storage, but it does not appear that you can learn anything more about their data storage options without contacting them directly. FolderGrid offers HIPAA-complaint file sharing for project teams and also offers FTP access.
MyVault has a lengthy explanation of HIPAA requirements and states they are HIPAA compliant. Connectria has both server and desktop software that will assist you in encrypting and syncing your data to their HIPAA cloud storage. CrashPlan, one of the most well-known backup services, provides what is probably the most cautious explanation about being HIPAA compliant. Online Tech states that it recently completed an independent audit that found it to be 100% HIPAA-compliant. Ocean Acidification $2 million XPrize Mike Adams and a€?natural biopreparednessa€? against Ebola and pandemics [Respectful Insolence] The Small Business Advantage in Omni-channel Marketing Can Your Bra Tweet?
This week the news trickled out that Iron Mountain, the big records management company, is apparently planning to close two of its cloud-based services, Virtual File Storage and Archive Services Platform. Savvy observers noted that Iron Mountain’s move follows the 2010 closure of two other cloud storage service operations, EMC’s Atmos Online and Vaultscape, a start-up.
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Seagate will co-locate parts of its data center operations to Iron Mountain's National Underground Data Center. Iron Mountain will offer Seagate EVault cloud backup and cloud DR services with the benefit of their data being protected in Iron Mountain's National Underground Data Center near Pittsburgh, PA. Smart solutions for anytime access to your vital business information, preparing for disasters and unexpected failures, managing costs of protecting increasing data. A comprehensive suite of services to help you transport, store, manage, relocate, and retrieve your backup media from a secure, offsite facility operated by trained experts.
Enables you to restore and deliver data from legacy backup media, or convert historical data into usable formats for secured retention and easy access, so you can quickly identify the information you need, when you need it. An Information and Records Management program requires making policy statements about the creation, use, maintenance, protection, preservation, and eventual disposition of your records and information. Iron Mountain Consulting guides your records management governance team through a series of best practice areas covering the information lifecycle, prompting them to make policy decisions that address both paper and electronic records.
Iron Mountain is a world leader in information management services, assisting more than 156,000 organizations in 35 countries on five continents with storing, protecting and managing their information. What are you doing to make sure your data is protected and available for recovery when the time comes? Today Iron Mountain Incorporated and EMC Corporation announced a strategic relationship to deliver cloud backup and replication services.
This partnership seems natural, as EMC is the leader in purpose built backup appliances and Iron Mountain is the leader in off-site data vaulting. Iron Mountain Cloud Data Replication hosts fully managed Data Domain and Avamar replication targets in secure and compliant Iron Mountain data center facilities.
Iron Mountain, a US company known primarily for its records-management services, unveiled a portfolio of data center services Tuesday. The company is offering wholesale and retail data center space in its underground property in Boyers, Pennsylvania. While Iron Mountain has leased data center space in the cavern to a few tenants selectively over the last ten years or so, this is the first time it is making a major push into the data center market, establishing the Iron Mountain Data Centers business unit. Mark Kidd, senior VP and general manager of data centers at Iron Mountain, said the company was packaging services to make it easier for enterprises to outsource. In addition to space, power and cooling, Iron Mountain is offering migration services, installation and remote hands, network services, off-site tape storage and IT asset disposition.
The limestone mine is 220 ft below ground, with ambient temperatures in the mid-F50s achieved by geothermal cooling and natural protection from extreme weather events.

The company was started as Iron Mountain Atomic Storage by a US businessman named Herman Knaust in the 1950s. After the war, Knaust established Iron Mountain to store documents in his underground facilities for companies who were afraid they would get destroyed in case of nuclear war. Read a DatacenterDynamics FOCUS feature on Knaust's mushroom empire and another one of his caverns that is currently being marketed as a data center site. Not having the physical storage on-premise eliminates the costs associated with managing and upgrading this infrastructure. This view is based on the pragmatic acknowledgement that it is nearly impossible to not have some data live in the cloud (good luck trying to say email sans cloud) combined with the equally sensible belief that cloud storage can be less than ideal for security purposes.
Data storage and transmission services can fall under the law, and failure to appropriately protect data can result in fines as high as $1.5 million per year with the possibility of criminal charges.
Minnesota’s Bench and Bar reviewed the 2013 changes to the law, and discussed when law firms become business associates that are covered under the law. The company says their HIPAA practices have been evaluated by an independent third-party auditor (there is no government HIPAA certification) that detailsA information aboutA how Box conforms with the HIPAA requirements. They encrypt traffic during transmission, use a commercial-grade firewall, and store data at maximum security centers inside a private cage (no, really). They determine what you need and create a custom Business Associate Agreement, a risk management plan, a backup plan, and a disaster recovery plan. They also promise 100% redundancy, 100% network uptime, 100% business continuity, and 99.999% server uptime. However, firehost is clearly geared toward healthcare entities that need the full range of data management; their centerpiece offering is a bundled service that covers hardware, software, security, and managed services. Microsoft has a lengthy white paper you can read about how their cloud services conform to regulator requirements.
That model, according to Egnyte, allows easy HIPAA-compliant file sharing besides just providing compliant storage.
They offer HIPAA-compliant storage with clear access control policies and restrictions, data backup and disaster recovery, and encryption during data transmission.
They also offer plain old HIPAA-compliant storage that is searchable and allows for file sharing. However, they also explicitly state that because they are an automated digital online data storage solution provider, they are not considered to be a business associate under the law. They will enter into a BAA and will provide desktop backup, server backup, or enterprise backup as needed.
They will sign a BAA, but only for CrashPlan PROe (enterprise) plans and only if you are using an on-premises master server instead of a fully-hosted public cloud deployment.
They provide a number of HIPAA webinars and can provide HIPAA-compliant cloud storage, managed servers, and full colocation. However, with the recent changes to the HIPAA law, Amazon began signing business associate agreements with covered entities. Three closures in the “infrastructure-as-a-service” (IaaS) realm and you might have questions about the viability of the model and cloud computing, or at least cloud storage in general. Iron Mountain is going through some serious self-examination these days as a result of 1) continued disappointing results in its digital business and 2) an investor proposal to covert itself into a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) and to slow or stop investment in the digital part of the business. Additionally, Iron Mountain will resell Seagate EVault cloud server backup and cloud DR solutions. Jeremy Zhang, director of product management, Iron Mountain ,discussed, at Gartner's Data Center, Infrastructure & Operations Management conference in Las Vegas, NV, on December 4th, 2014, how the two companies have come together to help customers solve their backup and DR problems.
The formal Policy addresses roles and responsibilities, ownership of information assets, use of social media and electronic communication tools, chain of custody, legal holds, confidential destruction practices, and more.
With Iron Mountain, your information will be protected by the most robust security processes in the the industry. This partnership will help customers optimize both their on and off-premises data protection strategy.
This provides secure, high-speed, reliable network connectivity making replication efficient over the WAN, securely replicating data offsite. The data center is located in a former limestone mine the company has owned since it started as a document-storage business after World War II. The company said it was actively exploring additional data center locations on its existing properties in other markets.
For organizations needing a smaller footprint, its retail colocation solution provides a shared environment with scalable space, power and cooling.
In 2008, Marriott leased 12,500 sq ft of space to establish a data center there for disaster recovery purposes. Before and throughout WWII, Knaust owned one of the world's largest mushroom-growing companies, called Knaust Brothers, which grew mushrooms in underground caverns in multiple US locations. Knaust's Iron Mountain went bankrupt in the 1970s and was sold to a private investor, before re-emerging and growing into a large publicly-traded corporation it is today.
Iron Mountain states that this offering will offer a cost-effective, scalable repository for organizations needing to protect and preserve data retained short or long term for compliance, legal or value-creation purposes. Some companies must comply with regulations on data retention but more and more realize that the data being collected can provide valuable insights to give them a competitive edge. This solution also eliminates the need of migration from one generation of tape or disk to another.

In looking for a HIPAA-compliant data storage provider, you should determine if they can sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA). Box provides data encryption, restricted physical access to servers, restricted employee access to data files, training of their employees on security controls, and a formally defined breach notification policy. Carbonite’s HIPAA-compliant storage prices begin at $269 per year and all plans allow for an unlimited number of computers. If you give them your email, they will send you a white paper on best practices in cloud computing for the healthcare industry.
You will need to be an administrator for Google Apps for Business, Education, Government, or Unlimited, which are all paid services. Microsoft will sign a BAA and connect your data to the full Microsoft cloud, including SharePoint. Egnyte is a Business Associate to covered entities and will sign a BAA detailing their safeguards. Symform will give you 10GB of data storage free and, in a very Dropbox-esque way, allow you to earn more free cloud storage by contributing your own local drive storage. They also offer a webinar on when companies need to sign a BAA and what questions you should ask of your HIPAA data storage provider. Connectria will also help migrate existing Amazon S3 customers to Connectria’s HIPAA-compliant service. Cyborg Chopsticks Detect Fake or Poisonous Food West Elm To Open First Store In Michigan Hiring A VAR? The news was communicated by an analyst firm and was out of the bag by the morning of April 11. The digital unit, despite a huge investment in acquiring technology and people over the last decade, has never been especially profitable or shown significant organic growth. The partnership also helps tackle the challenge of exploding data growth, stringent availability and security requirements, and tight IT budgets. This solution can scale to meet customer needs as their data grows while keeping everything secure and easy to access at Iron Mountain’s Underground Facility in Boyers, Pennsylvania. The largest problem companies will soon face is that their SAN and NAS storage won’t be able to scale in a quick enough or cost-effective method. A BAA is a contract between an entity covered by HIPAA and a business associate that will be accessing personal health information. Box does not break out the HIPAA-compliant storage pricing, so you will likely need to contact them directly for a quote. Pricing for the cloud storage appears tied to their general medical billing software and starts at a heftyA $449 per provider per month. Their white paper may prove useful if you are deciding how to manage healthcare data in your practice. If your HIPAA-compliant data needs are minimal, Google may provide a low-cost solution if you are already invested in the Google Apps ecosystem.
They will also provide internal practices, books, and policies to help you determine your HIPAA-compliance. Symform boasts it is the only storage solution that gives you HIPAA-compliant storage for free, which very well may be true. Green House looks more geared towards providing you with a complete IT infrastructure solution, and for that you will need to contact them for a pricing quote.
You pay based on how much data you need to store, but you will need to contact them to find out what that cost will be. Pricing starts at $60 per user per year and scales downward if you commit to a two- or three-year term. In the event you are considering using AWS, you should set up a free account to see how their storage system works. You can get two gigabytesA of storage from SpiderOak for free, while business pricing starts at $100 per year. Most recently, in FYQ4:10, the digital segment revenue fell by 3 percent year-over-year, as gains in back-up and archiving services were offset by the divestiture of its domain name management product line and a drop in E-discovery revenues. The collaboration gives customers the ability to protect data offsite, with improved disaster recovery, and the scalability and efficiency the cloud provides. This will lead to more and more companies looking to cloud storage, such as the Iron Mountain Cloud Archive.
Pricing is based on how often you call to their API, rather than the size of the data stored, so you want to be familiar with how that works before taking the plunge. You can keep free storage for one year, but it is unclear as to whether that type of storage would be HIPAA-compliant. The company’s digital strategy has always been to help move its physical records customers to digital information management and drive business through every step of that transition.
But the company has run into serious competition from technology companies on the digital side, and in the past year it has moved to re-integrate the digital business back into its traditional physical business and abandon “Iron Mountain Digital” branding.

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