If you have a android device, and you want to transfer your contacts from android to iPhone then you can follow this step by step Android to iPhone contacts transferring guide. We have found a way of resetting your forgotten restrictions passcode that will work nicely on your iOS 9 or older iTunes backup. In this article we will walk you through the steps needed to retrieve your restrictions PIN. Warning: These instructions are complicated and can be overwhelming if you are a non-tech person. Take a safety copy of the file 662bc19b13aecef58a7e855d0316e4cf61e2642b as this is the one we'll be editing and you want a backup copy in case anything goes wrong. Use an online SHA-1 hash generator to take a hash of the file 662bc19b13aecef58a7e855d0316e4cf61e2642b - make a note of this hash (it will be something like a6533d4dc9ac9f8af7ba65cb955187f025cfde8b and it will be different for each backup). Use the SHA-1 hash generator to make another hash of the 662bc19b13aecef58a7e855d0316e4cf61e2642b file and make a note of this.
Search for the original SHA1 hash you took in step 4 (make sure you're searching in hex mode and not text mode).
Now the tricky bit - you need to overwrite the old hex value with the new one (that you discovered in step 10).
Once the phone has restarted at the end of the restore you can now use the PIN '1234' to access the parental controls.
Side Note:rom now on, if you back up the phone, the SBParentalControlsPIN is actually present in the backup (unless you disable and re-enable Restrictions, at which point it disappears from the backup again).
If the above method is too complicated and you want to complete all these steps in just a few clicks, try the latest iPhone Backup Extractor with a brand new Restriction Passcode reset feature. Note: After you reset the Restrictions PIN code to 1234 for iOS 5 or 6 backups, you will need to complete the process by restoring backup to your iOS Device. I'm no computer wizard, and even I could follow your wonderful directions to reset a forgotten 'Restrictions Passcode' in my iPad. After 27 failed attempts at trying to guess a code I don't remember setting, I found (and have bookmarked) this solution.

Just did this stuff, totally thought it wouldnt work, worked without a hitch, if when your doing it the part where your writing stuff under SBParentalControlsEnabled and it says you have unsuccesful attempts at unlocking it, just write in where he says to and it works fine. On a first try I used WinVi32 as a hex editor and it didn't work: Couldn't restore the backup file (iTunes said it was damaged). After trying all the steps i can not restore the phone to the modified backup, itunes says the restore cant be made because there is not enough space free on the iphone. How to recover an iPhone Restrictions Passcode from an iTunes backup in a couple of easy steps! Have you noticed that the Apple iOS software update service on iTunes has been rather unreliable today? The all new iCloud Unlock Tool that allows you to remove any iCloud data associated or stored on an Apple device. Our iCloud unlock software makes that you will get rid of iCloud forever in little time using your computer. In the Documents tab, there is a section labeled, “Apps that store documents and data in iCloud will appear here.” At the top of the list will be a new Desktop & Documents Folders listing. There’s obviously a lot for Mac users to like about this new release, especially with the addition of features like Siri, iCloud Desktop and Documents, Optimized Storage, and other time-saving features like auto-unlock and Apple Pay. The bounty for finding a way into iCloud data (you might remember the leak of nude celebrity That battle ended with the FBI paying a third party to unlock the phone, which of course raised security concerns about the iPhone. Tagged with: how to unlock icloud locked, how to unlock icloud on iphone 6, how to unlock icloud account, how to unlock icloud locked iphone 6, how to unlock icloud on ipad, how to unlock icloud locked iphone 5s, how to unlock icloud on iphone 6 plus, how to unlock icloud activation, how to unlock icloud on ipad mini, how to unlock icloud locked ipad air, how to unlock icloud for free, how to unlock icloud locked apple watch, how to unlock icloud iphone 4, how to unlock icloud iphone 6 free, how to unlock icloud ipad air 2, how to unlock icloud on ipod, how to unlock icloud 6s, how to unlock icloud lock free. Click on Restore iPhone to ask iTunes automatically download newest firmware from Apple server. Step 2: If your device has been disabled, or if iTunes does not automatically synchronize, you click Back up now button to be able to continue installation.
Step 5: After turning off the Find my iPhone feature from the computer, you choose Select Restore Backup.
The recovery process depends on the storage space you use on the iPhone, so it can take from 20 minutes to more than an hour to restore the data.

We can't be held responsible for any loss or damage that may result if you make a mistake during the process. Or, if you found other easier ways of resetting your Restrictions Passcode or want to share your Restrictions Passcode story why not share them below?:) Registered users can contact us for further help if they have a hard time in getting along with the above steps. Thank you for sharing it to us folks who forget their passwords and don't have all that technical knowledge.
I did in on a Mac (with Mountain Lion), and since I could not use the Mono framework to run the iPhone Backup Extractor, I needed to use some other tools. You can import media files from the device to your computer from time to time to save space and make your backup smaller. My iTunes was set to automatically back up when I plug in the device, so I ended up editing the files and then needing to do it all again after iTunes immediately overwrote the backup before I could restore from it. While I've used TextPad for many years and have a full paid license, I could not get it to actually *edit* the manifest.mbdb file. Bypass iCloud activation lock system is a most helpful matter for the victims who facing iCloud lock problem.
However, sometimes this is giving you trouble unnecessarily, as when you accidentally forget your passcode. You slide to the right to turn off the machine, and then wait 5 seconds for the machine off completely before continue. You could also run iPhone Backup Extractor, load backup and click on the blue number next to "Folder" section, as it will direct you automatically to the backup location.
To reset your PIN for your iOS 5 or 6 backup, click on the top menu 'Utilities' and then on 'Reset Restrictions PIN'. If you have an iOS 7 or 8 iTunes backup, from the 'Utilities' menu, select 'Recover Restrictions PIN'.

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